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  1. Kilmarnock v St Johnstone Saturday 4 August 2018 Premiership

    Well it’s that one day of the year you head off to a match in hopeful expectation... will it be our year? :-)
  2. Early days.. these games are not the best kind to be making judgement on.. the pitch for one.. they looked far more at ease.. we on the other hand spent half our time trying to control or keep the ball in.. the telling time will be when we hit league duties. Let’s hope Hamilton & Dundee are worse than us!!
  3. Macca Memories

  4. Chris Millar Testimonial

    I didn’t see it ...please don’t tell me it was a done deal before it was out to Joe Public.. first I knew was when there was a chance to win 2 tickets to the show! (That’s after a sell out) If it was advertised I hope subsequent events are promoted in a more obvious way :-(
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Was sad to hear the pre contract news tonight, especially when MacLean made it known not that long ago he would be happy to see his days out at McDiarmid. I note what fellow postees have said and to be fair hard to disagree with much of what has been said.. However, don’t underestimate his input/work rate attitude to our team, he is a winner.. it would be a good move for him .. probably better money, chance to coach, the odd game, closer to home.. He will go down as a legend in the history of Saints and should be applauded for helping us win the cup.. wish him all the best
  6. John Lambie RIP

    Yes Mr Robertson is with us no longer :-(
  7. John Lambie RIP

    I think Jim Donaldson has not yet departed.. sure I saw him Scone post office last year looking fit & healthy?
  8. St.Johnstone v Motherwell - Saturday 7th April

    They are physical.. so let’s hope we get a ‘strong’ referee!!
  9. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Deffo ;-)
  10. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Yeah I agree and attended against my better judgement... my point was .. restricted view further restricted by folk standing... we moved then some more folk stood up... we did shout ‘sit doon’ which was ignored.. I am not a killjoy so didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but by the same token didn’t want to spend the game moving around. It has to be said the stewards weren’t telling folk to sit down either.. still stick to my point these folk were particularly selfish... they could have ‘stood’ at the back...
  11. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Keep saying this and one of these days I will actually do what I say and give the god forsaken place a miss... first of all the away fans are herded in to restricted view seats, with no protection from the North Sea.. it was miserably cold with wind whistling in across the stand.. then we had some Saints fans who decided to stand, no problem with that provided they had stood at the back, not only was it irritating to the folk behind them who had to move seats.. it was irritating to us further back having moved and still being denied a good view of the pitch. I thought it was only the old firm who had no regard for anyone else... still no one said Saints fans are perfect!!
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    McGowan... no just plain no..
  13. Tommy definitely should, if you can’t beat them join them... it is ridiculous the way we are treated and held in such low esteem... it really gets my goat.. Tommy is good at backing his players and hopefully will get a chance to have his say.. time to ‘man up’ and stop being everyone’s whipping boys...
  14. I am a Murray fan, can normally be relied upon to rally the troops with his guns ho attitude but sadly off form.. no criticism from me tho merely an observation
  15. I agree he jumped up in a flash and stamped his feet like a petulant toddler not getting his way! However, I surmise had he rolled about on the ground Alston would have walked.. Alston 1 - McGinn 0.. how dare Alston dare to challenge the mighty McGinn