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  1. Wendy Saints

    Drey Wright

    Like a fellow postees comment ... injuries are part and parcel of the game, however this is particularly sad as Drey has had such a mighty impact on team performances. I truly wish him a speedy recovery and hope this doesn’t disrail our current progress up the league.
  2. Wendy Saints

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    We all know you only get a job in the media if you support either Sellick or Sevco, so really unless you are playing either of them then I doubt very much if Saints and the rest will register any interest at all. Best just to get on with the day job and ignore the detractors who cares what the rest say/do we are Perth St Johnstone and we don’t care ;-)
  3. Wendy Saints

    Zander Clark

    Considering how poor the Scotland team is in general, a good junior footballer would probably not look out of place... as for the Zander & Foster quip, I think that was definitely tongue in cheek, but just reinforcing what every Saintee knows about being totally disregarded. You don’t have to look any further than Callum Davidson, ONE game for Blackburn and he gets a Scotland call up....
  4. Wendy Saints

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    We have the makings of a good wee team here! Folk may say Hamilton were poor, however I have seen Saints struggle against ‘lesser’ sides so don’t want to detract from the result or performance.. I think once everyone is fully fit we will be a force to be reckoned with :-)
  5. Wendy Saints

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I always think Saints are best when there are no expectations... hope this isn’t a would have should have could have result, but hey that’s the cynical Saintee in me.. No reason why we shouldn’t win BUT! COYS
  6. Wendy Saints

    Livingston v Saints Wednesday 31 October 2018 League Game 11

    And the winning lottery numbers are?!? :-)
  7. Wendy Saints

    Livingston v Saints Wednesday 31 October 2018 League Game 11

    Very disappointed... listening to the reports on BBC radio Scotland...still waiting on the Saints report.. considering the good run Livi had been on and Saints ending it you think it would have merited an interview with either managers! 3 games 3 wins 3 clean sheets.. what’s not to like about that?! Arise Sir Tommy ;-)
  8. The old chestnut... hard one to crack.. more than one reason. Product stale, over priced, and run by idiots who pander to Celtic & SEVCO. Even season ticket holders won’t come out to watch Celtic or Sevco, due to all their nonsense, and the majority of idiots who support them... every season reasonably playing for 2nd or 3rd place. Some on this site may disagree but I believe as far as Saints are concerned we need a strong Dundee & Dundee Utd in our league... close for good travelling support... if either playing well always likely to bring a support which exceeds Celtic or Sevco.. Saints are always going to live within their budget which for us means avoiding relegation every season and hope for the odd good cup run. How do you get backsides on seats ... it’s not just the money..sometimes I can’t give my season ticket away.. win every week? I am just happy to follow my wee diddy club.... good bad or totally disgusting!
  9. Wendy Saints

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    These are the games which are a must win... you expect rightly or wrongly to get turned over by the top teams... no excuse for getting beaten from the teams at the bottom... I never like to predict, but I like the fact Muzz is back... he tends to drive things forward...so let’s ‘get in to St Midden’
  10. Wendy Saints

    Stefan Scougall

    Do you think it’s because of the new signings? I heard he’s on £2000 a week ... do you think they are trying to force him off the books? I don’t think there is any indiscretion...
  11. Wendy Saints

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Could not agree with you more
  12. Wendy Saints

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I would rather judge our performances against the ‘lesser’ teams, imperative that we pick up our points there! Not much to smile about today, except despite being 5 goals down the match day officials were still intent in awarding ‘Tic everything... only surprise no penalty award!! Realistically to get a result against the ‘ugly sisters’ you have to be firing on all cylinders.. This was always going to be a transitional year for us...
  13. Wendy Saints

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    This is why I wish they would F off to England where they really want to be...why in this day and age is religion even a concern...I am livid that these knuckle draggers are a cancer on our beautiful game.... no wonder folk are giving football a miss. I only ever go to Ibroke for cup games because you get half the gate! Against my better judgement, and buoyed by our signings and the desire to support my wee team, I am going today... I honestly feel sick at the thought that I have actually given them my money.... aaaaaaarrrrrgh
  14. Wendy Saints

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    In Tommy we Trust.. if Danny is going to warm a bench let it be ours ;-)
  15. Wendy Saints

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Just listened to McCann being asked about tomorrow’s match! What an idiot! Hope we thump his team! You would think after all the previous nonsense he’d just keep his trap shut COYS :-)