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  1. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    I can't think of a better match to get back on track with winning ways!? The negativity surrounding the club right now is palpable.. a few disappointing results/performances and the doomongers are frothing at the mouth! Makes me want to ask the question 'how long have you been watching Saints?' Predictably unpredictable! I am hoping that a bigger than average crowd will generate a bit atmosphere in our otherwise soulless stadium & be a lift for us! A strong ref & our team performing at their best is all we need to secure 3 points ;-) COYS
  2. Richard Foster

    Disappointed but not surprised with the result! He pulls on the wrong colour of blue jersey! For all his flaws I still have time for him. I think the decision is disgusting for all the reasons mentioned in previous posts! We already know as a wee diddy team the powers that be can do what they please. Hopefully Foster will come back stronger with a point to prove.
  3. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    In an ideal world it would be a capacity crowd for every recipient of a testimonial. Small window of opportunity to actually play.. like previous posters, international break start of school holidays etcetera! No question DM is most deserving of this accolade ...the game was only a small part of his testimonial year and at the end of the day I am sure the fact he got a chance to say cheerio would have meant just as much as any money he may receive. He could have been treated like Willie Coburn & released before his testimonial year! Now that was shabby! Saints are a club not reknowned for high wages so a wee payday is better no payday at all.. great night no matter how low the crowd was! Sheerin/Morris definitely different class.... Goodbye & Good Luck Mr MacKay it has been a pleasure
  4. Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad! Saturday was bad so hopefully against Sevco it will be the good.. I had hoped Tommy would have used the same gameplan as Motherwell in the cup! Sometimes other managers do the homework for you! Sadly I didn't think Aberdeen were as good as they would have everyone believe, unfortunately we didn't challenge any part of their game?! Onwards & upwards as they say!! COYS
  5. Richard Foster

    Probably... But in the bland one horse race that is Scottish football, you take your entertainment where you can. I suppose he could be doing a Scott Brown every week on the park, 'assaulting' players and verbally abusing referees...I don't think he is a dirty player? Vocal perhaps but certainly not a hatchet man... ;-)
  6. Richard Foster

    I wish the referees concentrated more on their 'day job' ..ok so perhaps Mr Foster should have more self control, but I can't help but think the incompetence of the ref contributed big time to the situation. Only good thing was the fact Dundee got a taste of bad refereeing last night! I like the fact RF has a bit passion about him.. I think it shows the person is a winner... I bet TW felt like booting the ref's head in never mind his door in
  7. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    I think I have been a Saints fan too long :-(
  8. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    I'm not sure I saved it off the internet around cup final time.. can't remember where? Sorry
  9. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Who would have thought sitting undefeated, gave Sellick a fright, new signings fitting in nicely, O'Hallaron scoring in every game?! So we should be confident? Why then do I have this feeling of impending doom :-( Hope I am wrong?! COYS
  10. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    Can't help but think after the game on Saturday that one team has paid a lot of money to be average? Ok so probably better than the rest, but I feel it will be more difficult to prove their invincibility in Europe. Imagine a wee diddy team like ours with the budget the size of a pea, leaving their ground disappointed we only got a draw! The man in the make up (too much eyeliner! What is he thinking?!) can be as condescending as he wants, but I know which team I would rather support ... COYS
  11. MOTM Celtic 1 - Saints 1 - 26/08/17

    I was there and he was immense today! I gave him my vote but to be honest it was a brill performance by everyone.. not derailed by the injury to Murray...proud very proud
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Rinse your mouth out with soap
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    You think Pedro would be talking him up not slagging him off! I think if I was looking to get money for him at the end of the loan I would definitely be 'bigging' him up! Just shows how stupid he is! Keep the goal scoring up Mikey!
  14. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    In his defence he is the best worst ref in the league ;-) I find he can be equally inept to both sides .. surely an unique feat
  15. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    Would love to see them win! I did see them win in 2011 when Dave McKay scored! It felt brilliant there is no better feeling for sure! David Goliath n all that! I am a typical Saints fan & never feel confident but hey you never know! A strong referee etcetera.. won't be at the game on this occasion just have to send positive vibes ;-)