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  1. After seeing the fixture list I thought realistically we could expect 3 points from our first 6 games...and that was from Livingston. We are definitely are a team in transition. After holding Sevco until half time I allowed myself to think we may scrape a draw. Sadly not to be... seeing the players celebrate at Hibs, I have no doubt they want to win. Confidence is a big part of our problem I think. Tactics too, no point in playing Stevie as a lone striker it will never work and is unfair to him. Plenty good players, but please, although Tanser has improved he’s not a defender!! I’m not panicking yet! A win is imperative in our next game!! Maybe after Saturday I’ll change my mind! COYS
  2. At this rate an add on for Stevie May’s contract will be a Stannah Stairlift
  3. Sometimes it’s not the defeat it’s the manner of the defeat. Folks are hard on our team, as a fellow poster highlighted there is no comparison budget wise, seriously how are we meant to compete. I remember reading an article in which a professional footballer spoke of what it’s like to play against the old firm. He said the manager had been giving the players pelters at half time, but in his words ‘ try as we might, we just couldn’t get the f***ing ball off them. I don’t believe for a minute professional footballers go out and deliberately not try! Let’s face it Celtic were just bigger & better. Am I worried? You bet!! But honest to goodness all this negativity is doing my head in! Talk about champagne tastes with beer bottle prices... I know I will get accused of being one of the happy clappers but I am not. I still think we have the makings of a good wee team, and a manager who is a perfect fit for us. So COYS... I have always enjoyed our stints in the first division/ championship
  4. Is it just me ...we’ve hardly kicked a ball in real terms and the hysteria is overwhelming!?
  5. Never.. should be inducted into the hall of fame unless he already has
  6. I don’t normally expect to be kept up to speed to be honest, however I do believe on this occasion a wee bit PR wouldn’t have gone amiss, especially since it’s all over social media/ TV that the deal is off. I’m not one of your regular ‘Saints bashers’ I believe most of the time the club do more right than wrong.
  7. It’s either off or on or an update? Doesn’t have to be anything grand.. it’s called keeping the customer happy! We are at the end of the day paying customers with our club at heart.
  8. What about a bonus of a grand a goal ;-)
  9. Everything is supposition until you hear it from the horses mouth! Whatever way you look at it, there is definitely a ‘Charlie Cairoli’ hint about proceedings. I wouldn’t expect anything less! One thing is for sure though, we as fans have been treated with little or no respect. Communication can go a long way in fan/club relations! Personally I feel it’s bad enough that press, SFA and Refs treat us with contempt without our own club doing it too.
  10. Any idea what’s actually happening! (With the May deal?)
  11. It will be down to dosh ..it is a sad reflection when Championship clubs can attract players before Premiership ones! I honestly think Saints are missing a trick by not signing him especially at a time when it is so obvious our lack of firepower.. Tommy is not daft he’s put it out there he is interested in May but not heard from the chairman! I know it will be bandied about low crowds not going over budget blah blah but if ever we need to take a chance it’s now!
  12. I was at the game... don’t know why because although I see the need for friendlies, I prefer a game where there is something to play for, however as friendlies go I thought it wasn’t too bad. Glimpses of the ‘old’ O’Halloran & Swanson to make you feel optimistic and glimpses of the ‘old’ Wotherspoon to feel less so! However I never like to bash any Saints player so nuff said.. Definitely room for improvement but hey that’s why these games are vital. On a side note, loved seeing Foster back to his Mr Angry mode! Personally think he should be the Captain as old enough & competitive enough... he’s a winner. in Tommy we trust