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  1. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    I have to admit to a bottle of wine hic! Gin! Hic! Now doing kamikaze runs round the drinks cupboard! But wtf are Saints fans looking for in a fecking manager!! Another record gone!! Three brill goals at Ibroke!!! I luv my team! GIRYU sectarian low life
  2. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    Hakuna Matata... in Tommy we Trust right enough
  3. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    We are definitely a team in transition. More seasoned managers would find this a challenge! Couple that with a frugal board & you know the outcome isn't going to be good.. Not that throwing copious amounts of cash around is the answer either! Personally injuries/suspensions/aging team/reluctance to invest in the team have all conspired to provide the perfect storm! I think we are a team who are playing with no confidence & once on the park whatever direction they are given is promptly forgotten! It was difficult to take any positives from last night, suffice to say Aberdeen will not be handed an easier 3 points! My fear is Tommy gets hacked off & moves on as I don't think we would be able to attract a better manager!! Even he looked a bit defeated last night.
  4. No room for sentiment in football .. Lennon would be playing to win chum or no chum :-)
  5. OMG On TV... Craig Thomson ref! We are goosed :-( On the other hand we are predictably unpredictable?!? :-) COYS
  6. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Manager of the month a few weeks back.. Unlucky with injuries etc.. All other reasons well documented in previous posts. No one likes to see their team in free fall, but it is cringeworthy ready some reactions on here... If the truth be told I'd rather he left for Ibroke than suffer the indignity of being sacked from a 'diddy' team!!
  7. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Was at the game today. My hope going in to the game was not to let in an early goal & some O'Halloran Magic .... Not much to expect? IMO not much between the teams ... Then the confidence sapping goal. I think we are a team with no confidence, blighted with an aging squad, half fit injury prone players. A manager unable to field the same team 2 weeks in a row.. It's a sure fire recipe for chaos. I have to remind myself that I came away from Celtic Park a few weeks back DISAPPOINTED with only a draw!!! Think we should get behind the team in their time of need! Not nice to hear punters in the stand today shouting abuse at Anderson, who for the record quite rightly gave it back! Still not good to witness tho... So COYS ;-)
  8. First Round of Games - Poll #2

    It's all about balance ...as long as it doesn't descend into a total moanfest I don't see much wrong with sharing an opinion! Folk are being asked to state 'disappointment' not hate...
  9. Saints v Dundee - Christmas Day 1971

    I was at the game but was still school age so was unaware of any trouble afterwards as just headed home to Letham, via the Crieff Rd afterwards...tbh if Kevin hadn't mentioned the score I could not have told you! I do remember that it felt strange leaving the festivities tho!!
  10. Saints v Ross County

    O'Halloran looked like his injury hadn't cleared 100% on Saturday... his obvious keenness to play did him no favours as everyone could see tonight. Of course he wants to be here?! Why would he want to still be at a place where he isn't wanted? We have given him an opportunity to get in the shop window... Everything was going according to plan until his injury at Dundee which is sad really.. the wheels have come off our bogey since then!!! COYS
  11. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    I think TW does know, the difficult thing is enticing players to come to Perth.
  12. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    I can't think of a better match to get back on track with winning ways!? The negativity surrounding the club right now is palpable.. a few disappointing results/performances and the doomongers are frothing at the mouth! Makes me want to ask the question 'how long have you been watching Saints?' Predictably unpredictable! I am hoping that a bigger than average crowd will generate a bit atmosphere in our otherwise soulless stadium & be a lift for us! A strong ref & our team performing at their best is all we need to secure 3 points ;-) COYS