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  1. I think McDiarmid in general can be soulless at the best of times... a ‘young’ band would be good to generate some atmosphere... if young folk can’t be encouraged to come along our club is doomed... You see it with golf clubs, no junior sections, so no youth coming through to replace the older members when they leave.. you can witness the same thing happening at our club, unfortunately a fan lost is normally lost forever... maybe new CEO will have the answer? Hope so
  2. Most definitely... I don’t understand why you would want to keep it quiet! As an aside ..I recently had to contact the club on a Saturday match day.... called the numbers listed on the club website.. tried between 9:30 & 12:30 and no answer & no answer machine or message facility. Eventually arrived at the ground and told that the ticket office are too busy to answer! Really! Not impressed...not the way a club should be run ..
  3. Anyone who was at meet the chairman event will have gotten a pretty good idea how precarious our finances are. It’s documented already that some season ticket holders boycott the old firm matches, so you can’t blame the club for trying to utilise the ‘free’ seats. A bit disappointed with some fans reaction on Twitter tho... as a Saints fan I’d love if the OF were given an allocation of 200 and the rest of the stands were filled with Saints fans, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Club damned if they do damned if they don’t ... I like my season ticket seat so it’s not the best thing for me to be scrambling around the West Stand looking for a seat... but hey suck it up... you never know we may just get a result and we won’t be caring what seat our bum is sat on!!
  4. Personally I feel it’s paper talk.. if you were at ‘Meet the Chairman’ earlier in the season, those present were given an insight to how re-signing players worked. Pretty much if the player hasn’t agreed in principal by the end of the year it’s unlikely he will. The club knows it he knows it. It was more or less confirmed that it’s down to agents and whether they are willing to pick up the phone... I’d say Matty is looking for something bigger and better... could be wrong?!?
  5. You can’t deny supporting Saints is never dull, you never know what side is going to turn up. However Havana Saint is right, avoiding defeat against Hamilton & St Mirren is vital. We certainly need to rack up some points before the break. Points in general...
  6. I’m not getting at anyone .. I’m like everyone else on here.. have a view not saying it’s right or wrong.. just hoping/wanting the best for our wee team :-)
  7. Tommy wants O’Halloran ..gets him... doesn’t play him Tommy wants Swanson ... gets him...doesn’t play him Tommy wants May ... gets him...plays him as a lone striker ... really ... in many cases it’s the player not wanting to come to our club
  8. I don’t think we are far apart in wanting the best team we can have.. all you want as a fan is to watch your team playing well and being successful.. it’s getting to that point which seems to be the problem ... you perhaps understand the intricacies of the budget better than me and for that reason bow to your superior knowledge :-)
  9. Not at all, but I think folk need a dose of realism... I would love if my team could flash the cheque book to buy themselves out of trouble, however 2 million in the bank, and annual loss of 150 thousand, what kind of player/players do you think you’ll get with what’s left over? I take it your a season ticket holder? So you will see how few ‘bums’ are actually sitting on the cold plastic seats on a game day. I doubt the gate receipts would cover the electricity never mind make the club rich.
  10. Anyone who attended the ‘meet the chairman’ event earlier in the year will know it’s a miracle we are functioning as a club at all. The utilities alone would dent any budget. I saw our club in a totally different light after that meeting, the chairman, directors didn’t dodge any questions regarding the finances or why some decisions were made... personally I’m forever moaning about the state of the car park, only to find out the club had been quoted £100,000 for a small strip of car park to be resurfaced, needless to say club have to prioritise... striker... defender etc. Sometimes we can be too hard on our wee diddy club. I’m proud that we are fiscally sound unlike some other clubs...
  11. Same guy that TW told to F off after TW had been getting a heapful of abuse from him .. I actually thought he was banned for a while (someone told me that don’t know first hand)
  12. Waited until today to post because I was angry with some of our so called supporters on Saturday! Wanted to make sure I was a bit more rational. I don’t adhere to ‘I’ve paid my money I can shout what I like’ Zander was receiving pelters to the point where he turned round to the Saints fans to show his displeasure! Honest to goodness what are some folk ‘on’! Do you think that’s going to help a team so obviously low on confidence! It made me feel uncomfortable so can only assume players must feel the same.. Am I happy with the way things are going? no I am not, but we are called supporters for a reason! If I’d felt as bad as the person who was doing the shouting .. you know something I just wouldn’t come back simple! We’ve had a good run for ten years so 10 week 10 month slump.. suck it up! Relegation well why not us .. not too good to be relegated.. In general I think we have a loyal wee bunch of fans .. just a shame there are a few ‘nougats’
  13. I only hope we build on the success of the last two games.... the draw we got at Easter Road felt like we’d just won the cup! I feel if we go out with the same attitude then Hibs have everything to fear... COYS
  14. The final indignity being beaten by St Johnstone! Are we really held in such low regard ... the stats say yes... don’t have total recall but Liam Brady got the sack after Saints beat Celtic at McD in the 90’s ... Paul Le Guen, Jackie McNamara, Craig Levein... I’m sure somebody more on the ball will be able to fill in all the blanks... Gloriously underestimated since 1884/1885 ;-)