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  1. Think I say the same thing every season! Could we have been given worse fixtures? I doubt it!! West coast conspiracy to have no Tayside teams in the league! Always thought the old premier league was set up to suit the WC and I still believe that! Anyway I suppose you have to play everyone so it shouldn’t matter the order, however we did do a bit of a dive last season. After 3 maulings from ‘Tic!!! COYS
  2. I do believe TW is ‘scouting’ for possible signings on an ongoing basis.. last term I was excited to see him bag Swanson & O’Halloran two players we know can produce the goods! Drey Wright imo was his best signing however, and for me an unknown quantity to start with. Who would have thought what a gem he would turn out to be, just unfortunate he picked up a serious injury :-( I think on the whole TW picks us up good signings considering we offer one of the lowest wages! Pre season wait for possible signings is just part and parcel of being a Saints fan ;-)
  3. Like all good prospects at Saints it was/is only a matter of time! However, look no further than Mikey?! Is it a chance worth taking? I suspect he would? I was sad to see Mannus go, and now I believe Clark is more of an all rounder, my point is, no player is bigger than the club...Players move on and the space is soon filled... I think we will get another season or two out of him, Saints would be mugs to give him away for nothing!
  4. Days like these are rare, so you just want to soak up every second! It’s not often Saints manage to get back at a team that’s not only given you a drubbing but mocked your star player. This match was satisfying on so many levels... enjoyed this just as much as the final if not more! I was too uptight to enjoy the final properly, whereas this match I had low expectations and just hoped we could keep the score down... as much as I detest Ibrox, the location, lent itself to our small support.. Certainly a satisfying game to be at ... don’t think I have ever been as proud of a Saints team Happy Days
  5. Have to agree with you Foster is master of the perfect weighted cross, if only we had a decent (tall) centre forward to get on the end of them... Hendry is keen as mustard, should definitely get a run until the end of the season. Foster in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit, I know sometimes it looks like he is playing with his baffies on, but he is a winner... plus I like the fact that you never know when he’s going to fall out with someone ... adds to the edge of watching Saints ;-)
  6. Was sad to read this as I think in general he battles with his demons depression wise. I too saw the documentary and he came across as a good soul, certainly not a thug anyway, just someone looking out for his chum. Newspapers in general never let the truth get in the way of a good story (I have personal experience of how low the press will stoop... they don't get the tag gutter press for nothing) Even if he had squared up to a bouncer I am wondering what part of the bouncers knee he could have damaged ;-) I think on each of his stints with Saints he's done ok for us so I don't understand folk wanting to write him off so quickly, certainly this stint he has hardly been given a chance, and anyway a team struggling isn't one I think his talents would thrive in.
  7. Most posters have a valid point one way or another ... this is only my view as a biased long term Saintee who has watched Saints for over 50 years up and down ALL the divisions. As a glass half empty person each season I wonder if it’s our season to be relegated. I do think we have the makings of a good wee squad for our budget, just looking for the right blend. Disappointed folk shouting for Tommy to go but hey it’s all about opinion. We should be very careful what we wish for. If next season we start as we finish this season then I will be worried but until then I am sorry to say a successful season for Saints is avoiding relegation.
  8. Bit of all of the above... I still dip in & dip out.. obviously if nothing much happening you won’t generate any interest...I would hate to see it wither on the vine. We as a wee club have much to be proud of, however, and I know this is a general sweep, but I personally think Perth folk top the league in apathy... not just in a footballing domain but in a civic way too...
  9. Can’t believe some folk are moaning not here but on other sites. Already an accident on the M8, weather certainly not conducive to playing good football, we need all the help we can get, and a soggy pitch certainly won’t do that. Think we should use the free Saturday to get Zander fit and push on from our next game. Maybe an age thing but I was not disappointed at all at the game being called off!
  10. Sometimes a team is just out of kilter, and I think this is us just now. Losing Drey was catastrophic for us he certainly made us tick. Just looking for the right blend... hopefully no relegation worries so Tommy should start working on a team for next year, I fear if we were ever to be relegated we’d never get back to the top league. I wasn’t too worried regarding defeats to Celtic and the so called bigger clubs, but alarm bells sounded when we couldn’t defeat Hamilton the other week, it is imperative we beat the teams below us... How did we manage a draw at Ibroke!? Think we need to get behind our wee team, they need all the support they can get. COYS
  11. Kiss of death being on the box!?
  12. Need to find what our best team is and stick with it! At the end of the day as much as I love Tommy Wright he is a goalkeeper so you have to wonder about tactics... but hey it is Saints we are talking about! We aren’t going to be relegated so Tommy should concentrate on building his strongest team... disappointing to think we can contain Sevco then buckle under a substandard Hibs side...
  13. Treble Treble that should be enough motivation! Fecks sake it was boring enough when it was a two horse race, now we have a one horse race it’s even worse... it wouldn’t be so bad but they still expect everything and get everything... wonder how many penalties/50/50 decisions they will get whether they need them or not!! So come on Saints you can do it.... we must stop the mascara man and his fake humbleness! Called Saints an honest team... we’ll see how long he takes to change his mind tomorrow.. COYS
  14. We have turned in to ‘Saints’ again. I agree think we have had too many changes, that aside I don’t think the plastic pitch helped. Foster looked like he was playing with his baffies on! Apart from being instrumental in our goal, it was one of his poorer games. No one got pass marks from... but hey it is Saints we are talking about so anything can happen. COYS :-)
  15. On paper, with the money they have, this game should have been a cakewalk for them. The fact it took two errors from us to break us down says more about them, than us. I was disappointed in the result as I think we did enough to merit at least a draw... we all know you don’t always get what you deserve.. Third time lucky ...