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  1. Can somebody tell me what he brings to the team? Needs dropped.
  2. Stevie May was definitely at the stadium on Wednesday morning.
  3. Been a passenger recently.
  4. I think you're being very harsh on Alston and Watt. Blair's first game back in a couple of months and he's straight in at wide midfield - tough shift at the best of times (and fitness). Thought he read a couple of loose balls well and always offered himself for a pass and he did take his goal very well. Was always going to look slow and tire easily. Tony Watt again was fantastic, his hold up play is superb and his ability to beat a man whilst staying in complete control of the ball is Sanadza esq. Agree that his long range effort in the first half was the wrong decision but over the years we've been screaming out for folk to just have a pop at goal.
  5. Marshall made himself "unavailable" for selection a few months back.
  6. So you wouldn’t put Murray Davidson straight back in?
  7. We've had a good record against Accies for a number of years now, especially at home, but we can't afford to get complacent. I'd play Danny from the start, either on the left with Kennedy playing up top with Tony Watt or in the middle of a three playing behind Tony and have Kennedy on the left. COYS
  8. It'll be years, probably a generation or two, before we see any significant rise in attendances from people moving to Bertha Park, etc, from outside of Perth(shire). If at all!
  9. Let's be honest, you'll not get a good view of the pitch regardless where you sit in that shambles of an away end. Did you ask the supporters standing up to sit down or move?
  10. I'm a big fan of Denny Johnstone and if the option is there to sign him permanently in the summer then we should definitely pursue it, in my opinion. Don't agree there will be "better options" to pursue - that way of thinking normally leads to missing out on targets and then making a panic signing.
  11. Sir Steven MacLean. However I'd like to give a special mention, again, to Darnell Fisher. I think the guy is absolutely terrific, totally different player from six months ago.
  12. Easton and Macca assisted the goals today.
  13. Oh sorry, never realised you'd spoke to him. His contract at Celtic is up at the end of the season.
  14. Wonder what TW is thinking regarding the out of contract King of Spain. Been superb recently but isn't getting any younger and maybe the manager will see him as one to free up wages for next season. Would anyone give Lappin a new deal? Or maybe just give Liam one? Or perhaps both?