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  1. Lifelong Saintee

    St Johnstone V East Stirling 2Nd April 1988

    Nothing required - very happy for you to have. PM me and we will easily sort out. Cheers
  2. Lifelong Saintee

    St Johnstone V East Stirling 2Nd April 1988

    I have this, you can have no problem. The legendary Steve Gavin is on the front! Drop me a line and I will get it to you.
  3. Lifelong Saintee

    A Credit To Our Fine Club

    Gents Thank you for your kind comments. Look forward to catching up soon, I'm sure Wednesday/Thursday. Cheers
  4. Lifelong Saintee

    Match Day Catering

    Overall, better. Service speed could be greatly improved. At Brechin game, big queue at half time (not waiting in that), nipped back down 5 minutes into second half, all shutters still up, still had loads of pies, was told they were closed! Dinky, before I give you my thoughts, what are yours?
  5. Hi Juggernaut, still struggling with that Ayr game. Zorro didn't sign until 87. Only hat tricks against Ayr around that time were at McDiarmid(Roddy, Moorie). Are you sure you're a Saints fan - only kidding! These were good and exciting times. Ayr, Ally McLeod et al, were big rivals at that time.

  6. Lifelong Saintee

    Great Saintees

    Juggernaut - racking my brains trying to remember this game - drawing a blank???
  7. Lifelong Saintee

    Great Saintees

    The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown was a great character on and off the park. All those unsung heroes mentioned by Dougie McIntyre in his recent PA 'memoires', including Dougie himself. Interesting take on testimonials - only Dougie Barron deserving of one over last 20 years or so. Can see where he is coming from - great servant on part-time basis.
  8. Lifelong Saintee

    Open Day

    Anybody up at the Open Day today? Much to see and hear?
  9. Lifelong Saintee

    End of an Era..

    Quoted in annual accounts.
  10. Lifelong Saintee

    End of an Era..

    On an average salary of c. £35k (plus pension contributions) over his 17 years (I guess he would have been unpaid for the six years before that that), I would say St Johnstone had good value out of Stewart Duff. He was working seven days a week. I wonder how much the likes of Peaso have cost the club, for very little return.
  11. Lifelong Saintee


    Usually around start of September, if I remember right, with Shareholders meeting later on in the month.
  12. Lifelong Saintee

    Sheerin for Arbroath?

    Yes, McGowne is the No.2.
  13. Lifelong Saintee

    Looking for the Programme to first ever Saints game?

    This was also one of my earlier Saints games. I remember my sister was dancing at some show that night which we 'had' to go! However, my Dad took me up to Muirton for the last half hour. I have loads of programmes from that era but as we were late in don't think will have that one. Another brilliant memory from that time was the 4-3 victory the previous New Year at Dens. Fantastic stuff!
  14. Lifelong Saintee

    Pre Match Music

    Good effort tonight, Kevin. Keep up the good work.