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  1. I started the Taxi for Tommy thread.....If we hadn’t gone on a wee run, we would have been going down. This season has been piss poor.
  2. Nice to see boys on here resurrecting the Taxi........this Livi team should be blown away by us. We’ve wasted money on M O’H and Swanson........
  3. I have parked the taxi roadside on Balhousie Street, braw free parking, for the rest of the season. This has been a good thread, with everyone making excellent contributions. Anyone fancy a wee cup run? And then the freedom of the city........
  4. Not scoring enough.....3 missed pens is poor. Time will tell.......
  5. I had a feeling there would be a ‘no‘ consensus......
  6. After another embarrassing display of tactical ineptitude and poor player it time for new leadership?
  7. They haven’t had their penalty yet
  8. They should all do a runner at HT......sure that a default win is only 3-0
  9. Someone further up the thread mentioned Celtic giving the league to Sevco......My stomach really couldn’t take that. There appears to be a media love-in with ‘superscouse’.....
  10. What happened to turning up to Ibrox and running at them and pumping them? Feels like the old days when we were hoping not to get humped.... I’ve said it before on the petrol and offer them a 3-0 by telephone......