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  1. Starting to remind me of Billy Stark. Not much of a plan B and arms folded. Next 2 games are really important.
  2. No he just picked the team that did all of the above.
  3. Paul Hartley? I don’t have answers. All I can see is my team bottom of the league and a manager that never has a plan B........
  4. Broom broom.....engine running
  5. Unable to go today. Is it possible for anyone to film the ovation the boy gets? Would love to see the crowds response!
  6. May not even on bench tonight.....
  7. The press conference was a good rumour! 10 points to whoever started it.......
  8. Another farce. Is Panto season and I have snoozed through 4 months?
  9. Is this press conference for real or speculation?
  10. Season starts next week.....we were always getting beaten today. There’s no excuse for 7 though.