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  1. HOODLUM65

    Dundee At It Again?

  2. HOODLUM65

    Dundee At It Again?

    Yes! Today.
  3. HOODLUM65

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    McCann parts company with the Dees.
  4. HOODLUM65

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Last time I had a fish supper it was devoid of Beef.
  5. HOODLUM65

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Gee, bit of knicker wetting after a 6-0 humping. It was only a matter time before Celtic clicked into top gear, unfortunately it was against us. The fact that Broonie was absent was to their advantage, as McGregor who filled his role recycled the ball quicker, instead of posing and never wasted a pass. Followed Saints since the early fifties and seen it all. WE SHALL RETURN. Keep the faith. C.o.y.s.
  6. HOODLUM65

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Attendance 5993
  7. HOODLUM65

    Taxi for Tommy?

  8. HOODLUM65

    Round 14 - Celtic (H), 07/10/18

    Saints 1 Celtic 2 Griffiths 6655
  9. HOODLUM65

    Round 14 - Celtic (H), 07/10/18

    On behalf of a geriatric forummer who can't give his Prediction due to dropping his mobile in a Spanish pool, here is........Sixties saint Prediction for Sunday's game against Celtic, Saints 2 Celtic 2 Griffiths 6840. The aulder he gets, the worse he gets.
  10. HOODLUM65

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    I believe so.
  11. HOODLUM65

    Youth Academy News

    13 year old striker Finn Regan from Shetland has signed on for Saints. It will mean a 700 mile round trip, (for training/playing) with his parents footing the travel bill. He is looking for Sponsorship. Any businessmen out there able to assist?
  12. HOODLUM65

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Any pics of Wilsons Tobacconist & Confectionery shop in South Street. Must have been around where Greyfriars pub is now. JOHN.W will surely remember it.
  13. HOODLUM65

    New pub

    It opens today at 4pm. Bar, Restaurant & Accommodation. Check them out on Facebook.
  14. HOODLUM65

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Steve Bruce sacked by Aston Villa.