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  1. I presume he meant Glennon , but can he (Sixties) name the other keeper who scored for Saints?
  2. Well said Citizen Sixties. Power to the people bro.
  3. You remember more about him than me , as I'm slightly younger (ha ha). Must have been around the time my Pop started taking me to games . Remember my Pop raving about him and Willie Peat , who I don't remember seeing. Buckley left at the end of 1951/52 season. 1952/53 was the season I remember players like Jimmy Woodcock and Roy McLaren. This was the season that Johnny Patillo (who took over as Manager ) played for Saints. By 1953/54 I was a regular attender , watching Roy McLaren , Woodcock , Clark (or Montgomery ), Ewan , Riddick , Baird , Newlands , Steel , Rodger , Landles and Carr. Hard to believe, Saints had big crowds for the League Cup against Cowdenbeath (7,000) , Alloa (5,000) , Third Lanark (6,000) and B Div. fixture against Forfar (6,000) all at Muirton. Great boyhood memories.
  4. Still waiting all these years later for you to stand yer hand.
  5. Thanks. Was about to post something similar from the Office of National Statistics . £217,222.02 Won't quibble over a few quid.
  6. Strikers of my time. I have been blessed with seeing some good strikers in my time of following Saints. (Maybe should be in Saints thread) My earliest recollection of seeing Paddy Buckley must have been at the end of his Saints career . Before my time , Saints were vying with Celtic to sign him from Boness United . 23 year old Buckley opted for Saints , tho' Celtic claimed to have signed him. Aggrieved, Celtic took their claim to the Football governing body , who ruled in Saints favour . In August 1948 He made his scoring debut for Saints in a 3-0 win against Dundee United at Muirton park in front a 6000 crowd. (In the old B division) He remains 4th in the all-time Saints list of goalscorers , netting 105 goals over 4 seasons and was the clubs leading scorer in each season. In 1952 he was transferred to Aberdeen for £7,500 (don't know what that would relate to today), and helped the Dons to their first ever Scottish league championship in 1955.
  7. As it says on the Shop, "Fashion Wear". Trend Setter , not a dedicated follower of fashion. Sixties- they seek him here , they seek him there.
  8. Saints Lotto suspended including tomorrows.
  9. Would that be a field hospital?
  10. HOODLUM65

    Im steaming

    Voddy garden it is then slf , with the music at full volume. Railroad , steamboat, river and canal...... C.o.y.s.
  11. Fair doos, report I read must have been incorrect.