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  1. HOODLUM65

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Killie appeal decision. Result , charge of violent conduct recinded.
  2. HOODLUM65

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    SPFL reserve cup semi-final takes place on Mon. 25th Feb. at 2pm In Airdrie where Saints take on Motherwell. C.o.y.s. Won't make this as I have a pm appointment.
  3. HOODLUM65

    Round 35 - Aberdeen (H), 23/02/19

    Saints 1 Dons 1 Muzz 4231
  4. HOODLUM65

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    Am going. Using the home bus calling at Barossa Club at 14.30 C.o.y.s.
  5. HOODLUM65

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Was on the Morton site.
  6. HOODLUM65

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Despite Morton going a man down in the 24th minute the game ended 0-0.
  7. HOODLUM65

    Prediction League 2018/19

    For what it's worth , a Super computer has predicted the following places AND points total for the end of the season-: 1. Celtic 88 pts 2. Sevco 75pts 3. Dons 65pts 4. Killie 63pts 5. Hearts 57pts 6. Saints 54pts 7. Hibs 53pts 8. 'Well 52pts 9. Livi 47pts 10 Dundee 29pts 11 Accies 27pts 12 Fakes 25pts.
  8. HOODLUM65

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    I see that John Sutton is Morton's reserve team coach.
  9. HOODLUM65

    Super saints 10 year of success

    Traditional slow starters. Thanks for the Stats G.B. Now for the times we concede early , or is that a myth?
  10. HOODLUM65

    MOTM Game 34: Rangers 0 v 0 Saints

    Thought you might have put this to Cagey.
  11. HOODLUM65

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    ....and Alston to cut out the " Crossbar Challenge".
  12. HOODLUM65

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Tuesday the Reserves take on Morton Reserves at Cappielow Park Greenock k.o. 2p.m. C.o.y.s.
  13. HOODLUM65

    St Johnstone Womens FC

    This is what started the thread.
  14. HOODLUM65

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    If you're stuck indoors on a Sat. night looking for something to cheer you up , type in Bears Den & read Sevco fans opinions. "Kidding ourselves on". "Signing old cu*nts". "We are boring to watch". Buenoz "Wes Fodringham was MOM". Reply:- "Fair shout-but the fact it took an excellent performance from Wes to STOP shitty St.Johnstone from beating us is truly fu*king depressing tbh". Hope for some Saints fans yet after recent comments. Well done today Saints.
  15. HOODLUM65

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    Try and keep up. Manager said after the game he got injury in training.