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  1. Saints 1 Sevco 3 Tavernier (pen. assist by Dallas) 6345.
  2. Ah , but will Tavernier miss his third penalty on the spin?
  3. Real Saints u18 2-0 Fakes. Scorers Jordan Northcott 22 mins. Bou 50 mins.
  4. For Sunday's game vs Sevco the Home bus will leave Scone at 11.15 for 12.15 k.o. calling at Barossa Saints club enroute.
  5. Septic's Ryan Christie mumping about home fans appealing for decisions & swaying the Ref. Now he knows how players & fans of other teams in Scotland feel when facing the Ugly sisters.
  6. Tribute night for Ricksen got to about 28 minutes before being marred by some muppets singing about Derrys walls. That'll be another 3,000 empty seats.
  7. Gary Caldwell gets the tin tack from Partick Thistle.
  8. Kerr , Gordon , Vihmann & Duffy perhaps? Tho' Duffy was shoved into fullback due to Foster's mis-demeanour.
  9. AND till next weekend Hibees have bigger goal differential.
  10. Life in the Old dog yet. Call off the paramedics.
  11. Prediction date-May to score before he was even signed. Let's hope the crystal ball is working ok.
  12. Introducing him to me won't improve his keeping.