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  1. Recall being at Somerset Park for Scottish Cuptie 17 Jan. 2007. Pre match refreshments in Northfield Bowling Club (within sight of the Park) Ayr 1 Saints 2 after extra time. Jason Scotland after 5 mins., Ryan Stevenson (remember him) after 77 mins. Winner on 116 mins by Peter McDonald. Bus home was stoned by schoolboys on the outskirts of Ayr. Braw day oot.
  2. Dundee apparently have a dodgy keeper.
  3. Sorry to hear that mate , hope it gets better soon.
  4. Explain yourself man. Tester for the bus? Tester for the price? Tester for week? Tester for ???????? Your New Year resolution, "time that you stopped annoying Donna".
  5. Scone bus leaving Kinnears 45 mins. before k.o. for Morton Cup Tie picking up at Barossa Saints club. Only a Fiver & Kids go for free.
  6. Ha ha. Cagey is allowing Sixtiessaintee to affect his thinking .
  7. At Berra's age he needs games every week . Just saying.
  8. Went to McD for match ticket. Stood for 10+ mins. behind a couple haggling over price of admitting Adults plus children. Shocked to find a group of 10 ( Adults + children ) Only cost £45. What a deal. Reckon no other club can match that. You won't see those figures on any media comparison site. Well done Saints.
  9. Yep. Not accepting S/T barcode number.
  10. The Kristen effect has started. Got a message from the Club (as I expect most S/T holders did) explaining arrangements for Septic and Sevco games with a "frequently asked questions and answers".
  11. If Matty wants to go early and Saints agreed , instead of a fee , who do you reckon on the Dons playing staff could benefit Saints in a swap deal?