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  1. Going early to Glasgow then onto Tradeston ex Sevicemens club Beech Avenue Dumbreck , where we were prior to winning the Scottish Cup. Hopefully getting picked up by Barossa Saints bus. C.o.y.s.
  2. What you trying to say old bean? That he suffers from dandruff?
  3. I was pleased to have met you again last week in the Mallard prior to the Ross County game. You had lost a wee bit of your spark , but your courage shone through. Keep strong and best wishes for the future. Your story appeared in the Courier today. God bless Hannah. Xxx
  4. Dave King given the 'COLD SHOULDER' after his share dealings. Scottish F.A. to discuss if he is a " fit and proper" person. Expect the expected outcome.
  5. Yes , your assumption is correct. In Scotland the choice is limited due to bigotry.
  6. 1st Scot to be named PFA player of the year was ex Celtic player Bobby Collins in 1965 when playing for Leeds United. Which Scot if any would be considered now? Probably Andy Robertson. Any others?
  7. Luis Suarez Barcelona. Another Luis Suarez played for Barca from 1955-1961 winning the FIFA Ballon D'or in 1960.
  8. 4pm k.o. was not suitable for me. What was the score?
  9. Jack Ross shown the door at Sunderland (close it behind you), following 2-0 defeat by Lincoln.
  10. He thought the Steward was gonna ask him to remove the flag. Instead he escorted him along the trackside to position behind the goal.
  11. Agree totally on yesterday's showing. A centre back but not a right back.
  12. Sixties was like a dog with 2 sticks....Sorry, flags.
  13. As if any confirmation was needed...........Dundee United are definitively......SHITE. Totally outclassed by Alloa Athletic F.C. Stung by the Wasps.
  14. Aye, hope to see you in your Sunday best.
  15. Bad enough having Northern and Southern folk cadging alcohol, without Central supporters jumping on the bandwagon. Try the AA to seek help.
  16. You'll try anything for a night in Dingwall.
  17. Matty just been called up for N. Ireland squad.
  18. A romantacist to the last! A night's B&B in Dingwall. C.o.y.s.