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  1. Ha ha. Gave it a miss to allow you time to catch up mate.
  2. Am going. Ticket office open till 2pm today for Season Ticket holders to purchase extra tickets. C.o.y.s.
  3. Arabs v I.C.T. John Beaton at his best. A warning for the guy who returned the ball would have been enough.
  4. Just noticed that Tractor F. C. triumphed 4-1 in an Iranian Cup game.
  5. I too am more pragmatic. Will support the team evermore and will attend home and away while in a position to do so. Ticket will be bought Tomorrow. C.o.y.s.
  6. 89th min. O.G. put Exeter 2-1 up against Portsmouth and looking like getting to the final of the E.F.L Trophy final at Wembly , Until.............Pompey score in the 91st and 96th minutes to go through. Play up Pompey, Pompey play up.
  7. Aye. That's raising the bar though.
  8. Someone on the wine gums again?
  9. The Ref. never even thought it was a foul. Shocking.
  10. Full game on BBC Alba at 6pm Saturday. C.o.y.s.
  11. Yes agreed. I've remembered your on the bell mate. And.....remembered when you got the Japanese Rear Admiral's Uniform from Fergusons , you'll no be able to get intae it noo.
  12. Only kept open for sixtiessaintee's shopping when he's up from Manchester. Manchester has nothing comparable apparently.
  13. Naw, it's keeping its head above water.
  14. John Ferguson County Place closing 2 shops , on the move to South Methven St. Former Pricecrushers premises. Sixtiessaintee please note. That's the place you got your String vest, gas mask and Japanese Rear Admiral's uniform from.
  15. P.D. Malloch fishing shop closing after 149 years in business. The rumours that sixtiessaintee officiated at the opening are unfounded. Just saying.
  16. Try "FotMob" you get games from any part of the world, Lineups, subs., scorers & times, cards, where & when due/played & attendance.
  17. Keep at it , your apprenticeship will soon be up.