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  1. Strawman

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    I used to enjoy the Reserve league east games. Is it perhaps the case that players get out of it in sharpness what they are prepared to put in. I ve only seen the reserves once this season and Motherwell won that 6-0. Motherwell started at a high tempo and had 3 or 4 lads with first team experience who all put in a good shift particularly in first half.
  2. Strawman

    Taxi for Tommy?

    While the way we play isn’t great to watch I think it’s very naive to think a change of style would have the fans flocking back if the results aren’t there or that a new manager could necessarily produce this. If Saints had lost all 10 games you d been at with your son 4-3 would you both be happy ? Bottom of the league but scoring plenty goals. Fans won’t turn out in bigger numbers to watch a losing team either. Certain fans will keep turning up whatever the product , well of course they will because that’s what fans do otherwise nobody would ever turn out to watch any team in any country unless your talking about the top 3 or 4 teams. Take Notts County as an example, second bottom of the bottom league in England, been through something like 20 managers in 19 years yet still get over 5000 most weeks.
  3. Strawman

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I ordered 2 tops on 18th and they were delivered on 20th no problem
  4. Strawman

    What contracts would you renew?

    Voted for Easton but in truth not fussed if any of them stay. Shaunessy and Watt are good players but sure we could replace if they want to go and wouldn’t be pushing the boat out money wise for either of them.
  5. I would think quite a high proportion of season tickets holders have a cup top up
  6. Strawman

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Always impressed by the set up at Kelty. New stand been built since I last visited. If/when Jeanfields new plans are finished their new facility could be used by Saints for games like this in the future ?
  7. Strawman

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Where can I see fixtures for reserves, not working next couple of Monday’s so would go along.
  8. Strawman

    SJFC magazine

    Page 3 is purely a list of contents. So many space fillers, an A to Z of Saints in the Community covers 4 pages for example. 2 pages about Youth development needs a full page picture of Alistair Stevenson on one of the pages and another half page picture of him on the other page with a small piece of actual written content. Agree, if a few kids but it and end up coming to games its maybe served a purpose. For supporters looking for something interesting to read though, doesn't work for me.
  9. Strawman

    SJFC magazine

    I bought a copy lunchtime today. While Gary should be applauded for attempting to revive the magazine and I agree with his editorial comments that he thinks programmes are important to match days, there is no hiding from the fact that this is very poor. The programme on match days has nothing in it and this magazine is little better. 40 pages for a fiver. Page 4 has a picture of Scougall which I suppose has novelty if nothing else. You will read this in ten minutes and there is nothing in it that any Saints fan will not already know. I wonder what the target market is, my first thoughts were it was aimed at kids, its certainly colourful and glossy, the adverts in it don t flow with that though as they are for Joiners, Jewellers and of course the big advert on back page for G S Brown.
  10. While an adult and two 12 or unders is fantastic value at £16 An adult and two 13 year olds becomes £41 and £56 if against either of the old firm. Its a big jump.
  11. Strawman

    Taxi for Tommy?

  12. Strawman

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    They are under the roof of the Main stand as you look from the east. If your sitting half way up East Stand they seemed distracting to me. Don’t think they d be as bad if on roof and facing down on to pitch. Not sure there are any in East Stand.
  13. Strawman

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    Was I the only one that found the new floodlights fitted in main stand very distracting and bright from the East stand. They appear to be far too low to me.
  14. Strawman

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Quite like the polo, way overpriced at £32 from a maker that’s pretty much unknown though. Can t buy it anyway as the x- large I d need is out of stock.
  15. Strawman

    Will You Attend Celtic Cup Tie?

    Season Ticket holder and will go to game, I would understand if they moved the Saints support to just one stand and it wouldn't stop me attending. Ticket price and it being on TV might make me think though, if myself and teenage son are over £40 to get in and we can watch it at home I may struggle to justify on a midweek eve. One thing that slightly annoys me over last couple of years is Saints make no reference to Cup top up holders, having had one on both our season tickets since they were introduced it hasn't exactly been a good buy for the fans, last year we got nowt for our money. I know there a risk attached when buying the top up but a token, Cup top up holders get Celtic game half price, or a discount, even seeing them acknowledge the fact.