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  1. Strawman

    Free week

    The adidas top 1979/80 on the historical strips link, did Saints ever actually wear that ? I have no recollection of it don t don t think I ve even seen it in old photos or books etc. I would only have been 7 but I remember having the Umbro one from the following few years.
  2. One of the problems from Thursday night was that we got a quick glance at these slides and took various things from them. I would have liked the opportunity to look over them again or for Saints to publish them, although I understand why they might not want to. I thought we had the 8th highest average wage though rather than 8th highest overall budget which would be different, I may well be wrong though.
  3. Was lucky enough to be there and thought it was excellent and very interesting. I ve always been a bit sceptical about Steve Brown but I thought he came out of last night very well as did all the board. when you sit and look at the figures it is a very hard job. Not going to go over the whole night as Paulo has already done that very well and has provided a very comprehensive coverage. I was genuinely surprised to find out we d under 700 adult season ticket holders. Steve Brown definitely hinted that he is looking to move on. I didn’t understand the lad who seemed to get terribly upset about Rangers fans abusing St Johnstone’s catholic players, maybe just me but I never even consider what any of our players religion is. Like most of society I imagine the majority of the Saints team aren’t religious at all. It was a definite hatred of Rangers from him though, no mention of Celtic. To me the crap that surrounds the old firm is equally as bad from both of them, one is no worse or better than the other. My own opinion is that if it helps our team trade in the black rather than the red I would happily move my seat over to Main stand for the day. As Brown himself said, the ground and Scottish football don’t come out of it well when TV is looking at an empty ground. Maybe not for a league game but I fully expect it to happen if we draw either of them in the cup, think they hinted as much. I ve seen us beat both Rangers and Celtic with them having 3 stands in the past so don’t think it disadvantages the team too much. Night was a great success, the board very open and honest, the night finished when there was no more questions, there was no rushing through things. It would have been good if more could have been there though or if they posted some of the presentation for all to see.
  4. The Saints TV bit just annoys me, its £5.99 I think for a UK subscription, I don t know anyone that I see at games who subscribes though. Its not I cant afford it , its just it seems silly, the Montrose game particularly annoyed me, I paid to get up there, paid to get in, we were crap and lost but you then put the managers and players interviews about the game on a channel I ve no access to unless I pay.
  5. £100 million ? I m not sure the Browns could put their hands on that much but even supposing they could why would they want to. I can find information online that shows Geoff Brown on the Times Rich list valued at £52m that was in 2008 and I imagine takes into account how much his business and assets are all worth. While wealthy the Browns aren't super wealthy they could be bank rolling a football team I don t think. Even within Perthshire there will be wealthier families.
  6. I read it that its a £20 reduction to a £540 a month pay
  7. I m guessing from this that Saints pay the young lads minimum wage of £4.35 an hour for an under 18 then as £540 would equate to around a 30 hour week ? To make it in football now you almost have to come from a relatively wealthy background. I would guess every full time young player at Saints can only do it because their parents support them.
  8. Through my work I ve been a guest in the boardroom a few times in the past and would totally disagree with this. On a match day the directors are very hands on and busy, they certainly aren’t sitting back eating free hospitality as your post infers. In the boardroom there is coffee/tea , sandwiches, soup etc along with the usual alcohol you would expect to have there to offer a guest. On my visits it’s been Stan Harris who has poured me a drink himself and made sure we had everything we wanted, much the same way as you would treat a guest in your house. If anything I ve thought there’s not enough of them to play the host role but from my experience they are hardworking and do it very well. Its not a bunch of guys sitting scoffing freebies, I imagine most of the directors are lucky if they have one drink and a bowl of soup before a game as they make sure guests are ok. They give up their time for no pay from the club, while I don’t always agree with everything the club do, it’s wrong to portray the guys running it as anything other than hard working individuals. I actually am of a total opposite opinion, if like some teams we had paid directors or certainly more paid staff I think that would make a difference, ourselves and football clubs in general rely heavily on volunteers, that’s fine but with a volunteer you are always going to get a doing my best approach rather than outcome you can target to a paid employee. I get it’s money though and there’s only a certain amount of money the club generates.
  9. Was at this, young lads did well on a horrible wet night. I suspect the plan was to give Liam Gordon 70 mins and it was more a priority to not risk him for longer than it was try win the game as he looked good and I don’t think was injured or anything when he came off. The defence didn’t look as good once he came off and no doubt it influenced the game.
  10. Restricted view tickets was the way to go, so few of us that nobody had to sit behind the pillar that means your view restricted. Celtic stewards weren’t letting anyone up there anyway and in fact it ended up with Celtic fans there. Three quid saved. Total utter pish , I didn’t go expecting us to win but to at least try, I don’t remember Bain having anything to do, one Liam Craig effort miles over the bar from distance the only shot I remember. Defence was poor but we offered nothing up the park. Celtic played well but we stood off them and allowed them to.
  11. Dundee v Inverness today surely a cock up by SFA ? I d have thought all group Final games needed to be played at the same time. If I ve picked this up right, if either team wins then East Fife are through, if it’s a draw though then both teams go through and East Fife out. Means both teams can play out a draw and go through. TV money more important then fair competition ? Or just as likely, nobody cares as it’s just East Fife.
  12. Only saw the second half of this but cracking game, 6 goals and a sending off in last 25 mins or so, couple of really good goals as well. Jeanfield have been a really good watch over the last couple of years.
  13. Strawman

    Betfred Cup

    I think Saints have their SaintsTV package wrong. Greatly needed for overseas and to be able to watch live matches, that part is fine, but to hide highlights and interviews away for only the few who pay to see seems silly to me. Surely these are things that promote the club, show the goals against Brechin, let everyone hear the interviews, use the clips to advertise the next game or events at McDiarmid. I have no idea numbers, how many people pay for SaintsTV ? I suspect not that many Perth based people but could be wrong.
  14. Between the medical being passed and the contract being signed something has changed. I struggle to believe it involves a fee for Vine as if that's all it was surely they would come to some arrangement. I m also struggling to believe its to do with money as Aberdeen will be paying more on his current contract then either Saints or Dundee offering so if only interested in money then he d sit tight. Whole load of things it could be and I m guessing, he passed a medical, could the medical have thrown something up that Saints wanted to put a condition in that Stevie had to play a certain number of games in season one before the 2nd and 3rd year went in place ? Have Aberdeen changed how much they were giving Stevie to leave his current contract, I presume he wouldn't leave for nowt. Whole load of reasons the deal could have been off with all parties involved walking away with heads held high, there doesn't necessarily have to be a good guy and a bad guy in this.