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  1. anicoll

    Minsk V St Johnstone 1 August 1St Leg Eq Rnd 3

    another 4 mins added on just like last thursday ma nails cannae tak it,COME ON YOU SAINTS..................JUST LUV THEM
  2. anicoll

    Thursdays Pre-match Plan....

    finish work at 5pm,so hopefully there will still be people at sporsters for a while before going up to the game,pikn grandson up as well
  3. anicoll

    The big Turkey staying at home on live stream thread

    sorry post 144
  4. anicoll

    The big Turkey staying at home on live stream thread

    I,ve been trying them all that are on post147 and nae luck maybe just have to chance the plug in
  5. anicoll

    The big Turkey staying at home on live stream thread

    It,s called I Livid, don,t want to download in case it buggers up
  6. anicoll

    The big Turkey staying at home on live stream thread

    Do you have to download a plugin to get the stream,all i,m getting is YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS PLUGIN TO WATCH THIS STREAM
  7. anicoll

    Countdown to Europe!!

    I,m sitting doon belfastsaintee
  8. anicoll

    Moan lads

    Adapt and Overcome Stanley Saint,wot are they teaching you young sprogs nowadays,there must be a way in.......................keep looking
  9. Cheers Kevin, hope to use your Quote alongside the Race For Life Media photos if thats ok.

  10. Looks like it was a good day again and the rain was not so heavy this time.
  11. anicoll

    Evening Tully Survey

  12. anicoll

    Ali-Frazier Doc.

    Watched it after Frazier,s death,it was a cracking documentary,some insight to the tactics Ali used on the run up to the fight.Frazier still bore grudges right up to his death because of that.Did,nt show Ali up in a good light at all,did apologise but it was all to late by then,a shame really cos in the begining they were good friends
  13. Tay Motel in Muirton was a guid place
  14. anicoll


    wow! are you still taking yer tablets ?
  15. anicoll

    Hunters/Muirton 1970's and 80's

    I moved to the Muirton fae the Friarton in 1973,stayed at 10 Ainslie Gardens,had a great teen years there moved out when i got married in 83. My mum 3 of my brothers n my sister still stay there. Tay Motel was a great pub then some characters there,played football on a sunday for them wi Sandy Reid,Frankie Holden,Terry O,Connor,Banksie,and a few others who played if they were sober enough. Went to a lot of Saints games wi Frankie H,Billy Macintyre,Jimmy n Robbie Mckay,Choky Dott(when he wisnae in the nick),Mick n Sonny Foley,went to some away games in the back of Brian Roe,s furniture van happy days. Always went to the berries n tatties wi Shaun Mills great days they were,you wont catch the youngsters now a days going to them.