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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    BBC just reminded me we signed McClean from Forest. Any of the ITK brigade know if TW plans for him to get a sniff of sub appearances or is he to be a Saints youngster.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    To be fair, the second was a penalty and a dive
  3. New Kit launched

    Wouldn't mind the away if it didn't clash with the home. The home is absolutely horrific. Who at the club Okays this?
  4. Rise of the Tories...........

    Sorry smarmy you aren't allowed to question peoples' statements, it alienates people and will lead to people voting snp just to protest against your post.
  5. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    I actually quite like Trump compared to brexit
  6. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    I agree unusually with your entire post, but in the unlikely event that the above is another tired reference to me, which I'm sure it isn't I just wanted to remind you and cagey that back when we were discussing brexit I agreed with you many people had legitimate concerns over things like immigration - and save my insults for where they are deserved, not for holding a different view but for being outright offensive - I. E some of your past posts and near all of Paul's. Very different to cageys accusation. Doesn't mean it's true of the left at large, especially in American colleges whose culture in my mind is well on the way to inviting society's demise.
  7. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    I don't see it as an attempt to insult me and I believe it's factually correct (as is my post). Seeing as its all in the past now, I'm at the stage though that the fleeting satisfaction I get from pointing out idiocy outweighs the damage it does. But yes, lefty wanks cost both votes. Of course, it's ****ing pathetic that big hardman rightys like Paul shark protest vote because they can't stand being made fun of, but I quite agree it's what happened.
  8. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    I did try and balance it with a new compliment, you'll see I admired his bullish ability to post something moronic, be torn to shreds for it, and then move on to the next moronic subject as if nothing ever happened. I'm sure we'll all agree that sub(ob)jective opinions on moronicism aside that I something I would never manage to do. Top work Paul shark - keep spouting those lines the tory billionaires you support are laughing at you for falling for.
  9. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    That's an utter nonsense and sheer hyperbole. I'll retract my allegation if Paul shark explains what makes Obama lazy. He's anything but, and based not on wild speculation but on numerous previous examples of Paul's posts the burden of proof of what exactly he meant is on him, not me. Might be otherwise if it was a different poster, but it's from this ignorant t***.
  10. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    I admire your blanket ignoring of your previous shitstain of an attempted point. Learning from your tory masters. As for your latest ramble, don't actually disagree with most of it other than the classess reference to Clinton's private life and casual racism re the stellar Obama. Trump isn't an admirable business man though. He has escaped liability for numerous bankruptcies by exploiting the corporate veil. Not illegal sadly but miles away from being consistent with good business. Hilary would have been an awful president and both Clintons should be in jail. The social damage done by both brexit and trump victory in giving pricks like you a misguided sense of shared victory and false superiority far outweighs the ills that will stem directly from the policies ensuing either result.
  11. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    Check this subversive liberal schmuck from 2012! Just accept the result Donald, SAD!
  12. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    Check this weak left-wing liberal chicken - saying the election is rigged because he doesn't think he will win! Why can't he just grow a pair of right-wing balls and accept his impending defeat like a man! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-elections/donald-trump-claims-hillary-clinton-is-protected-by-a-rigged-system-as-us-presidential-election-a7401671.html Doesn't seem to me like they did a very good job of rigging the actual thing. Aware of the extent to which 'your' a hypocritical weasel yet?
  13. U.S.A. Presidential Campaign.

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nigel-farage-wants-second-referendum-7985017 These facists are nothing but liberal pinkos hiding in 'there' disguise
  14. Flags and Human rights are provocative

    It doesn't really matter for the purposes of whether or not it is a political symbol whether the British Legion think it is or not. I understand their view and completely agree it isn't a political symbol in their eyes, correctly reflecting the fact it shouldn't be one. But it is. It is for other people all over the world, or more importantly, as war memorials in general are all over the world. The FIFA ban is on the category rather than the individual item itself. As I said above, the message of the poppy has now been stolen from the British Legion to the point where their opinion on it doesn't matter. Middle-Englander c*nts (all over the UK......) have stolen it and made it a political message used to intimidate and persecute people who aren't as UK-nationalist as they are. The last few weeks have proven that more than ever. Goons who can't see that are exactly why the whole world rightly ****ing hates our cesspit of a group of nations
  15. Flags and Human rights are provocative

    You are confusing it being not supposed to be a political statement, and it not being a political statement. It wasn't intended to be one, and it shouldn't be one, but it categorically absolutely is, and this week has proved that more than ever