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  1. Bertha Park

    Not sure Sixties! 3000 houses being built I believe initially, then up to 10,000??? basically from Bertha Park, just before the A9 roundabout ( Caithness glass roundabout I used to describe it as) right around the River Almond to almost Methven! even Stanley is being subjected to 500 houses being built? my question is what the fucque is everyone going to do/work at? more importantly lets get them all full of Sanities;
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    All the above is true 541, but it could be argued St Johnstone is in a similar position with little scope to improve, I would think the NI job does suit TW and his ways, so I would think if offered he would take it.
  3. I was there. made 6shillings and thrupence of the empty Coca-Cola bottles that day, game was shite, we really need to remember where we have come from.
  4. Youth Academy News

    It is a interesting situation developing here and for me a very expensive exercise to boot, While I see the principles in all of this I also see the negatives there is no doubt young players who go right through the system 10-24 years old I will say are a poor return on the money they have cost clubs, a lot of these players seem to regress as they pass 16-17 years to a point they actually go through the motions in a game rather than contribute, I would use rightly/wrongly Liam Cadis, Scott Brown and even Chris Kane as examples always full of promises now struggling to be involved in games possibly burn out, confidence shot to pieces with underachieving, fed up with the game familiarity with training etc etc, I do not know the answer either however I am close to a situation which is developing and interesting to see how it develops. we have an apprentice serving his time fully qualified/time served next August he was in pro youth until 16 he wanted to go back play with his mates in youth football, he has two friends who continued in the game and both are now on loan at bottom league 2 teams and set to face the stark reality of what to do next when released this season I would think (Both are not setting heather on fire either), our young lad is" banging them in for a junior team" just now being noticed by senior teams of all levels and is really in a great place enjoying his football and possibility to step up to senior level and has a career to look forward to outside football as well.
  5. Tommy for Rangers

    Not me on the contract Front? Random, however positive if they are discussing contracts, then again maybe a lads piss up in Dublin? Ha Ha just remembered who we were up against for their signature .
  6. Tommy for Rangers

    **** me Random just saw who there manager is, maybe TW introducing SB to his replacement
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Keep your Memories Smarmy, They may be all you have in the future!
  8. Tommy for Rangers

    Hope he brings a striker with him (Or a pre contract striker) sounds positive ?
  9. Tommy for Rangers

    It is all speculation of course and I am reliably informed that the Stubbs approach was made and "deemed to be derogatory" to him the other contender has indicated he would be prepared to accept the same offer, and yet the TW speculation reappears on the scene, So does ST thinks he can get him this time and at a cost he is interested in( St and SB are very good friends away from football as well and discussions over a pint/Chardonnay will happen I am sure) , my information is not from Jim Spence but through one of the united players agent so a bit removed I confess but closer than Random Guys Pie and Bovril information I think.
  10. Tommy for Rangers

    My thinking is SB may be a few weeks/months away from having to make a decision on TW if we continue on this run. That would also be a cost to Saints if he decides to remove him. (SB does not like to lose/spend money on any thing remember). So compensation may not be as much a problem this time as you all think, any approach from United could be met with a speak to the manager answer this time, TW must have some thoughts on the way his future could pan out here so he may want to hear what is on offer then decides to go then compensation can be discussed a bit out of the normal way of doing things but for The Browns it may be they look at it like selling a failing racehorse for a profit before the inevitable decision is made. Only a opinion on my part and I do not want to see TW sacked but I am also of the feeling it would not really bother me either this time that is all. I also think nothing will happen until this round of managerial movement is over but I still have a gut feeling TW will be on the move somewhere in the next few weeks!
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    It is in United's court now I believe, Steve Brown will definitely take any compo on offer and avoid/being put in a situation of making a decision on TW, TW will also think about moving as he has done as much as he can and the united gig will give him a four year improvement plan to look forward too .
  12. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    We have been through it all before, so I am not too worried to be honest, I am not too worried we have been through this all before , so to be honest I am not worried as we have been through it all before , **** it I am worried !
  13. Tommy for Rangers

    Interesting views of this particular round on manager merry go round, I have a strange gut feeling this time TW will depart somewhere to the three clubs mentioned, Gers if they get knocked back by Del. Dons if Del does move and I still think Arabs if they made move this time he would go, as said above it is gone a bit stale here for all of us, United could potentially give him three to four years of seeing improvement building them up to where Saints are just now. Yogi is favourite with the board but not wanted by the fans, The Snake needs to get it right this time TW would I think be a more satisfying appointment for all. Fingers crossed he is still here this time next week.
  14. Saints v Ross County

    TW told Calum to change Mickey probably about 20mins before the change took place, I think the time it took for the sub (Spooner) to get ready, Mickey had that run, (To be honest still looked like our most effective way of getting a goal) kept him on for those 20 mins. Really pisses me off these subs nowadays in that it take so long to get ready, need complete strip change from warm up kit to playing kit some even need to put on their boots watched Gilchrist on Saturday when Gordon was injured he took as long as Gordon to get bandaged up to get ready.
  15. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Wonder how Jim will get on at Forfar. Has he done the 4 Angus teams now as manager? Think Tommy Campbell did the 4 as well and got a hard time off it if I remember correctly if the team's was not performing little patience was shown. However good luck Jim.