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  1. Center Half

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Still need to the swim the Tay to get to the airport
  2. Center Half

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Missing this game! thought it would have been the normal 12.30 so booked flight for 19.00 . Fecking Feck up!
  3. Center Half

    Cup-Tie looking for work outside football

    Hopefully he found a day job. Punted ,
  4. Center Half

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Probably to honest at the penalty shout! if he just ploughed into the keeper then a penalty is given but he hurdled the keeper and do not think the keeper touched him in the end!
  5. Center Half

    Hamilton & the Plastic Pitch V St.Johnstone 1st Sept

    Hamilton signing about half a outfield team today!
  6. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ross Callachan from Hearts on his way I am hearing today
  7. Center Half

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    I can verify Tommy shook his hand,
  8. Center Half

    Car Park

    As has been said before you do not need to park in the car park if you do not want/need to. we park in the car park as my old man is now 92, and to be honest even on Sunday we were out of the car park and our way in 30mins from kick off. What helped us on Sunday was we did not have to wait on the Police demanding all the Hibs supporter busses get away first as has been the case in the past with larger away supports, The pedestrian walk way has been mentioned and again to be honest we are now held up until that part is clear of pedestrians then basically drive right up to the top gate, on the occasions we are in the traffic lane I am not normally any quicker out so we now sit and wait our turn , There is no doubt and if it works like before when the gate is used to feed the traffic onto the A9 via the slip road it is a far quicker get away, Agree also the authorities and H&S are way overprotective now on traffic management on sports/concerts events yet the pre Christmas shopping rush sees probably more people and cars moving around the Asda/Tesco of this world for a more prolonged period of time yet they seem to manage without any serious incidents, maybe football fans are just becoming moaning, impatient, soft now a days?
  9. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    It looks like Flood is heading to OZ , I just had a nightmare thought, nagging feeling that he would end up at us somehow
  10. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Mind Paul Hartley Cagey, you never Know!
  11. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not having a go at all, just stating that we had 5 quality players that we could attract in the first place, and more importantly was able to keep on the budget we had, we have as you say now 4 players who are probably on the same level of salary so we are still one short in that argument yet we have no budget yet to get the last one in. It may well be not this summers transfer round that the problem but not getting players in previous years summer transfer rounds. The budget is what it is TW I am sure said he was aware and happy? with it earlier in the year so he must have known his limit.
  12. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    That was my understanding it was the whole of England, It may work out for us to wait and see who is available, There will be around 20/27 Matty Willocks (age wise) down there that could be looking for game time finding the one good enough to improve our mid field is an other question though and a short term fix as well.
  13. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I agree Cagey but we never saw a real increase in numbers over the preceding 4/5 years even the cup win did not make a huge difference in upsurge, I do not do statistics so no doubt I will be proved wrong in this but it never felt to me we got any increase. We are now seeing just how good our core of players through the team had/has been and we were able to keep such a core on the budget we had at the time. Mannus , Fraz, Ando, Millar, Macca, just about half a team that we have not or are now needing to replace but I do not think we will get them on the budget we are working with, we will be dealing in the Floods, Kerrs of this world at this rate.
  14. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Shite crowds Cagey that is what is wrong, Falkirk are hitting 4K some weeks and were down in the relegation battle for a while last year for example! we are arguably on the best run in our history and we are scrambling to get 2K home fans.
  15. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Phew! another couple out the equation, we can still live in hope and speculate yet.