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  1. That is another story doing the rounds who? However lets just take one thing at a time .
  2. Sorry for the diverse posts Sixties to take away from your original post, I agree in simple thinking/philosophy Shut up or Put Up!
  3. I am not getting into arguments over advisers gents, My own personnel company has survived for 22 years now and is based on a cash rich model! due to many years of personnel hardship/ no wages to make it work to where I am today. In my two case examples I was "parachuted in" advisers had been involved 2 and 4 years in advance! it is shit to deliver the news to people who work their arse off for companies and they are told this it finished! whilst I appreciate non of the both you had any part in these cases(I presume) it is not such a open/closed situation as you are making out.
  4. Point Taking Valentino you hit a nerve! True! However and lets just say for argument sakes! the old Bridge of Earn hospital site was a great investment of money and a greater return in two/three years time? That particular development I understand is not actually going to plan I hear. As I have said it is a hypothetical opinion for debate!
  5. Not the way it came across/ I read it to be honest, I have had to twice now through no blame to the workforce or my self in any of the cases but in both cases reckless use of funds in what were cash rich company's ended up in liquidation they also had many adviser involved who always got there invoice paid by the way ! and I have been left to tell young men/women with mortgages/family's to support there is no jobs for them and no money coming, in you kind have a different outlook on these things.
  6. What a ****ing stupid statement that is! I would assume you have never been an owner of a business or indeed run a business? I have and seen, and had the misfortune to be part of " Bad Management of money" and I can assure anyone who thinks the above bold statement is absolutely nonsense. Company's who are "cash rich" are the successful way to go. Company's should have minimum 2 x months running costs in cash to cover any down turn or any eventuality due to not your fault. So No spending tomorrows money for today is not a great idea, What the OP point was valid. Moaning Chunts love to mouth off especially when it is some cunts else's money but don't ask me to put my hand pocket ****ing Raging at this
  7. Jermaine Beckford will do for me! FFS the Jermaine Beckford! On the level of a DUBS Signing like! Get it ****ing done TW/SB
  8. Aye I was meaning that! I am sure there is a few others over the years, who have been at Aberdeen and then come good in the lower leagues and score goals,
  9. So the moral of these' facts is no **** can score for Aberdeen but can score elsewhere! interesting.
  10. Tomorrow the 1st August is moving/signing day for all the greedy bastards that wanted a month longer of their large pay. It could be worth ( £100,000/£150,000) to some of these English championship players who are out of contract and wont sign for another club until they get their extra month pay Steve Naismith for example! Steve May I think will hold out until the last day of the transfer window 1st September? until he gets a move could be worth (£10,000) to him in wage difference.
  11. Okay so we can assume then if MOH is still 17 then that was shit he had been reregistered him with SFA under a new number??
  12. Wonder what number MOH will have on today? Also there was a bit of a mix up with the substitution I think when MOH cane off on Wednesday night and they had to change it? What number was MOH on Wednesday I canny remember 17???
  13. Will Grigg would be nearer than Lafferty I would think, he was kind of Lafferty's stand in at NI, we only deal in cast offs and stand ins never the main player
  14. News from a NHS Tayside employee yesterday has said that, it May not be the best move for Steve! The hysteria being shown on social Media (Especially one poster on WAP??) has Steve thinking he May not be able to carry the burden at Saints. Looks like he Shat the bed when he read WAP on Tuesday night!
  15. This was Rowans Vine agent by the way!