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  1. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yes I think I have said that he has been shite up to now, I think Tanser came with much the same tag and he has improved! anyway the clue was in the " would you think " and "may get a turn out of him" in my question.
  2. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would you think, TW might take a gamble on Storey from Thistle to fill in for the pace now missing through Wrights injury on the right, he has been a horrendous signing for them but you never know TW may get a turn out of him?
  3. Center Half

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Danny was not out at the half time "keepy up session",
  4. Center Half

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Dens Road just outside the Derry, face towards the Kingsway when you park, it is then a 5mins walk up to the way end and the same at the end of the game, Parked there for must be 40 years now never a problem and always a straight run out to the Kingsway.
  5. Center Half

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    Can some of our Canadian/American exiles let me know how to get the BBC sport sound online over here?
  6. Center Half

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Had to catch a early flight after Saturday game to get there John hence why he could not hang around for the interview! St Johnstone making an effort to gain new fans drum up support! If Perth don't support their team then need to look else where! Amazing how some of the questions being asked on here can be answered now!
  7. Center Half

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Sixties I like your standard, today was possibly the best all round performance in the top league I have seen! I was 10/11 years old Ormond era and that was the benchmark for me. However the old man who is a 91 year old season ticket holder said today that was the best St Johnstone performance he could remember then that was how good we were today, (he even saw Paddy Buckley FFS), Today irrespective of what level of football you play in we were good.
  8. Center Half

    Stefan Scougall

    Could also simply mean he was the next available midfielder for the bench, as Swanson suspended and Alston injured would both have been in front of him I would presume, The end will be the same of course he will be away but it is obviously more his form/attitude/displays that have caused it than any massive fall out with the management. IMO
  9. Center Half

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Still need to the swim the Tay to get to the airport
  10. Center Half

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Missing this game! thought it would have been the normal 12.30 so booked flight for 19.00 . Fecking Feck up!
  11. Center Half

    Cup-Tie looking for work outside football

    Hopefully he found a day job. Punted ,
  12. Center Half

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Probably to honest at the penalty shout! if he just ploughed into the keeper then a penalty is given but he hurdled the keeper and do not think the keeper touched him in the end!
  13. Center Half

    Hamilton & the Plastic Pitch V St.Johnstone 1st Sept

    Hamilton signing about half a outfield team today!
  14. Center Half

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ross Callachan from Hearts on his way I am hearing today
  15. Center Half

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    I can verify Tommy shook his hand,