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    A schemie, Letham-born. Schooled at Goodlyburn & Academy. Left at 16 to see the world. I visit Perth often to see Saints and my auld cronies.
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  1. European travel

    I'm on the Luton-Vilnius flight
  2. European travel

    We're on that Luton flight too.
  3. Round 2 - Trakai (a), 6/7/17

    1-1 3333 Scougall
  4. Round 1 - Trakai (h), 29/6/17

    2-1 Macca 4140
  5. European travel

    Aye you're right my bad.
  6. European travel

    Aye that's the point - they're aw taking bookings to Vilnius but the flights will go to Kaunas. Maybe it's just my shitey budget airline.
  7. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Yes I was hoping we'd go to Vilnius.
  8. European travel

    I think Vilnius airport is closed in July, flights go to Kaunus instead. It's less than 20miles away.
  9. European travel

    Yeah my flight went up £60 cos I let the session expire. Barstards can see ye coming.
  10. Europa League 2017 - 18

    And I can collect that pint.
  11. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Old Town.
  12. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Yeah same but on Weds. When you heading back?
  13. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Have booked up anyway. 400 quid including flights and three nights hotel. Beer is just over a quid a pint
  14. You going! Thinking to leave tuesday and stay in the best western.

    1. babychunder


      Am going but will leave Weds as I need to do something on Weds am. Will stay till Sat though. Not thought about hotel yet.

    2. MySpazz


      best western....250

  15. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Home first.