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  1. ejksjfc

    Round 23 - Motherwell (H), 15/12/18

    SJFC 3 MFC 1 Matty Kennedy 4567
  2. ejksjfc

    Round 21 - Hearts (H), 05/12/18

    SJFC 2 HoMFC 0 Tony Watt 4567
  3. ejksjfc


    a decent performance and good goals I personally thought the first was the best of them
  4. ejksjfc

    Round 20 - Kilmarnock (H), 24/11/18

    SJFC 2 KFC 0 Matty Kennedy 4567
  5. ejksjfc


    She certainly wouldn’t be any worse.
  6. ejksjfc


    I wish we had appointed Jordan as manager when we had the chance. Sadly I have now lost interest in Scotland. I still hope they do win but gone are the days when a defeat for Scotland upset me as much as a a defeat for Saints.
  7. ejksjfc

    MOTM Game 19 Saints 4 v 0 Hamilton

    Unfortunately there is only another two Saturday games this year at McD.
  8. ejksjfc

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I would be happy with 1-0 tomorrow courtesy of a last minute own goal. Keep your 5-0 until 23rd December.
  9. ejksjfc

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    From Craigie Cross looking down Priory Place.
  10. ejksjfc

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Danny Grainger scored a screamer for Carlisle at the weekend
  11. ejksjfc

    Round 19 - Hamilton (H), 10/11/18

    SJFC 3 HAFC 1 Tony Watt 2345
  12. ejksjfc

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    HFC 1 SJFC 3 Matty Kennedy 16789
  13. It was no better driving I had a fair idea where I was going but got to the first roundabout and took the wrong exit and ended up on a magical mystery tour of polo mint city.
  14. I think the free kids initiative is excellent and hopefully wear bear fruit a few years down the line. Perhaps though this could be extended to high school age kids given a season ticket. I know my own personal commitment was started at latter years of primary school when I had to find someone “responsible” to go with, by the time I was at High School my interest grew to something bordering obsession with quite a few Saintees around. Give 12-16 year olds a season ticket (obviously this would be withdrawn if there was any unacceptable behaviour) and let the interest grow from there.
  15. This will be my first visit for a “proper” game only other visit was for a a preseason kickabout about 3/4 years ago.