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  1. Round 40 - Partick (H), 28/04/18

    SJFC 3 PTFC 1 Stevie MacLean 3456
  2. As has been said the end of the season cant come quick enough. It is going to take one almighty horrendous sequence of results to drag us into the play offs. in saying that I have many Hibs supporting friends here in Peebles who were saying that a few seasons ago before they met Hamilton! Anyway us Peebles Saintees are mobilising for the rest of the season Fartick and Cunty at " home " and Motherwell for our final awayday of the season. COYS
  3. I think if we had played a goalie we might have a chance.
  4. I would really hope Saints do something about this. Is there not some rule that says opposition players and staff have to be “accommodated”. McCann really is an obnoxious individual is he not?
  5. Old Saints shirts

    I just take bad photos of them and post on WAP
  6. Old Saints shirts

    Strangely its my older ones that that has happened to all the ones that are more than 5-10 years old no longer fit me they must have shrunk without doing anything to them.
  7. Macca Memories

    I am sorry but what exactly is it with this article that has upset you? The EE is an ABERDEEN paper so therefore can justifiably refer to Stevie as an ex Don. Nothing in that article either “quotes” from Stevie or input from EE is any way derogatory to either Saints or Stevie. As an ABERDEEN based paper they are perfectly entitled to slant any story towards ABERDEEN F.C. In my opinion Hearts have got a great player but I do think Stevie has got perhaps the best of the deal.
  8. Dundee v Saints

    Zander Tommy and the kit man need to have a huddle on the touchline after we scud by hopefully more than 4-0.
  9. Alan Mannus

    We are fortunate that we have Zander who in my opinion is a better all round keeper at the club. Alan has been a fantastic servant to the club over the years and deserves to go with our good wishes. Along with all the other cup winning heroes he will forever be a legend. Mannus did every bit as much as Macca and Ando in winning the cup for us on that brilliant day in May 2014.
  10. Macca Memories

    Now that my holiday on Arran is over I can give a "Peebles pub" perspective on this. I have just spoken to the main man himself (and his dad) at Peebles Bowling Club open day, He is gutted to be leaving Saints but Hearts offer (a 2 year playing contract at 36?) was just too good to turn down. He also said he is going with the good wishes of the manager and the Chairman which I think is good as it is never good in my opinion if any club legend leaves acrimoniously. I have subsequently heard from other sources that Kyle Lafferty is on his way out at Hearts so press speculation about a Macca/Lafferty combination is not what Levein is looking at. Macca Hearts main strike threat next season could be interesting. But anyway good luck Macca you never know a future Saints manager.
  11. Macca Memories

    1) Celebrating with him in The Crown in Peebles after the semi final ( which I had missed because I was flying back from holiday when the game was on) 2) In Lucerne post match along with other team hotel escapees. 3) Penalty shootout v Lucerne 4) Scoring against Hibs at Easter Road this season (yes there have been some good times this season) 5) THAT goal on 17/5/2014 6) The celebrations after THAT goal when he ran to the part of the ground where a large contingent of Peebles folk were. 7) Seeing the Peebles Saints flag on the pitch being held up by Stevie and his lovely kids is something I will never forget. To name just a few.
  12. Round 39 - Dundee (A), 21/04/18

    DFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 4567
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Unfortunately this Peebles pubber has been on Arran all week so I know nothing.
  14. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Is it not the case, as his employers and for tax reasons the club cannot take anything to do with testimonials?
  15. Top 6 gone now.

    Just as a matter of interest who does anybody consider to be “the top six” clubs in Scotland. Like it or not I don’t think anybody can argue about Septic Sevco Sheep Hivbees and Hertz. So who is the “sixth” team. There would be lots of candidates, Saints for what they have done over the last near 10 years, the 2 Dundee teams although if you take the 1980’s and 1990’s out of the equation (unfair I know) Utd are no better than Saints really, Kilmarnock Motherwell or Falkirk because they are from sizeable towns and relatively successful historically. Ayr Utd although not successful over the years a big town who I think could support support a big team. St Mirren Dunfermline Morton all got a decent fan base. Any other candidates? Personally I don’t think the premier as it is this season is far off being the top 12 possibly change Accies Thistle and Ross Cunty with Falkirk/ St Mirren /Dunfermline/ Morton and probably find space for the Arabs somewhere close