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  1. Round 46 - Rangers (H), 21/5/17

    SJFC 3 The team previously known as Rangers 1 Stevie MacLean 6789
  2. Round 45 - Hearts (H), 17/5/17

    SJFC 3 HoMFC 1 Stevie MacLean (if he plays if not Liam Craig ) 3456
  3. Run in for Europe

    I think on balance and all things considered I would rather be in Europe!
  4. Our New Council

    Is that bhoy vhermin or..........oops sorry wrong cheek of the arse.
  5. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Unfortunately working in a school my holiday dates are decided for me............or maybe I am just a pessimist.
  6. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    You could always find a stream for me or failing that text updates. I will actually be mid air somewhere in the southern hemisphere when the first game is on (the last time that happened I was flying back from Lanzarote when we were playing Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup semi final).
  7. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Obviously a lot depends on what happens tomorrow (cmon the Jags) but I do think if we win our 3 home games we WILL be third. Next weeks game with Plastic Whistle is the one where I think we might f*** up third. I honestly think we have fourth in the bag already................ (which being entirely selfish I am a bit pissed off about because I am away in Oz when the first, second and first leg of the third round are on )
  8. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    I don't think so obviously if we had won today it would be easier but in reality today was a nothing game for us as it was last week for that team from Weegieland who masquerade as the now defunct Rangers. If we win all 3 games at McD I honestly think we will be third Thistle doing us a favour tomorrow would be great. Would it not be great to go into the last game knowing that if we win we overtake the tax dodgers from govan.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I see in today's paper that May is back again!!!!!
  10. Round 43 - Celtic (A), 6/5/17

    CFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 45678
  11. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    I am not bothered that Swanson is leaving, it was always pretty inevitible overgrown Hibs came callng breeds would be away. I am however pretty pissed off at the way he has strung the club along as regards his contract negotiations.
  12. Round 42 - Aberdeen (A), 29/4/17

    Didnt realise Macca was suspended can I change first scorer to Liam Craig.
  13. Joey Barton

    The SFA will certainly not do anything against the bookies then!!!!!
  14. Round 42 - Aberdeen (A), 29/4/17

    AFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 12345
  15. Run in for Europe

    Simple mathematics says if we win all our games we will finish fourth (and possibly third if the the drop other points) and will probably finish fourth even if we lose two games. To be perfectly honest on current form I would be more worried about Plastic Whistle over Hertz possibly catching us.