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  1. Round 30 - Celtic (A), 18/02/18

    CFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 55555
  2. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Why has this been moved to chit chat surely if we are to be seen as an inclusive club this deserves to stay in Saints Chat. Anyone not interested can simply ignore the thread.
  3. So a song which is from the 1970’s is an old fuddy duddy tune but a song from the 1930’s or before is ok. Both excellent songs in my view.
  4. Round 29 - Hearts (A), 10/02/18

    HoMFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 16789
  5. Captain Fantastic

    I don’t get the clamour on here and elsewhere wanting Dave McKay back. He has a long way to go to prove himself as a Premiership level manager ( and before anyone says it I know the Championship may be looming). Has everyone conveniently airbrushed out of their memories the managerial reign of John Connolly, a club legend as a player but a disaster as a manager, who had previously done ok with Queen of the South. I would rather leave my memories of Dave as a club legend intact and if and when Tommy leaves let the board make the appropriate appointment. Let us remember the board under the Browns have a pretty decent record of management appointments. In my view the only real failures have been as mentioned John Connolly and Billy Stark. The present management team may well have had its time but personally I think there is still something there, see this season out and yes with some investment from the Browns in the summer the good times can continue

    Win 5-0 we go above Motherwell..........win 7-0 we go top six ........simple.......COYS
  7. Round 28 - Motherwell (A), 06/02/18

    MFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 4567
  8. Round 27 - Hearts (A), 03/02/18

    HoMFC 1 SJFC 3 Stevie MacLean 16789
  9. Round 25 - Partick (H), 27/01/18

    SJFC 3 PTFC 1 Stevie MacLean 3456
  10. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    When I was at the Saints game in Lucerne it was so hot I couldnt sit down on the metal barriers in fact it was so hot that I just had to go and get pissed to dry to rehydrate myself. So summer footballs a no for me.
  11. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    The Peebles Saints (well me Andy and Maccas dad)are going to this. COYS.
  12. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    It now says on the OS that the ticket is for either the stand or terracing. First come first served for the stand.
  13. Danny Swanson

    One of three players disciplined by Hibs on their tour for breaking a curfew.
  14. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Please excuse my stupidity here but are the tickets for the stand or the terracing ( or just anywhere like at Brechin) ?
  15. cross keys pub

    Is there not something on the roof facing the river indicating the name?