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  1. Friendlies

    I was going to go to McD on Saturday but I think might just make the shorter trip to Penicuik and see the U20s. Peebles Saints (this part of them anyway) first match of the season.
  2. I always said I would give my right leg to be ambidextrous!!!!!!
  3. League Predictions 2017/18

    1..Celtic 2..Aberdeen 3..Saints 4..Hearts 5..Partick 6..Hibs 7..Rangers 8..Dundee 9..Kilmarnock 10..Motherwell 11..Ross County 12..Hamilton
  4. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    As I have said before any disabled person (whatever their disability) should be accommodated and welcomed by the club but they should not receive this accommodation free just because they are disabled.
  5. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    I have already commented on this thread saying it is justifiable for the club to charge for disabled parking spaces, and I stand by that comment even in the light of some well thought out and put forward arguments to the contrary. I tried on the whole to ignore the less well thought out comments. As regards the 30 minutes rule, I do however think the club are wrong there. Initially I wasn't that bothered as very seldom do I arrive at the game as late as it would affect me but I can fully understand why people would be upset. It does seem wrong to me to take two payments for one product.
  6. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    I was actually making a serious point but your post AS just comes across as unnecessary and disrespectful. I am disappointed to have my post quoted as such.
  7. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    I am not meaning to be disrespectful or spiteful to anyone who is disabled but why should it be free. I fully accept that disabled bays should be close to any access points and should also be of a suitable size.
  8. Europa League 2017 - 18

    According to UEFA site our games are Wed 28th June and Wed 5th July . I know its probably a mistake but this would be fantastic for me as I could just about squeeze a wee visit to perth in before I fly to Oz on Thursday.
  9. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    The one in Hospital Street was pretty rank in the 1970's don't know what it is like now though.
  10. Craig Whyte. A man never out of court

    Thanks form that AS........................................ I just wish they would hurry up and go tits up for ever .
  11. Craig Whyte. A man never out of court

    Please excuse my ignorance but is this a good or bad result for The The Rangers. I am a tad confused because they went to the wall (almost) before because they were spending money they didn't have and now in this close season they are doing the same. My apologies to any pedants out there I do realise present day The Rangers are a different entity to the old co.
  12. Round 46 - Rangers (H), 21/5/17

    SJFC 3 The team previously known as Rangers 1 Stevie MacLean 6789
  13. Round 45 - Hearts (H), 17/5/17

    SJFC 3 HoMFC 1 Stevie MacLean (if he plays if not Liam Craig ) 3456
  14. Run in for Europe

    I think on balance and all things considered I would rather be in Europe!