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  1. Will there be any forums out with Perth ?
  2. Kinnoul will be in Peebles on league business this season come and enjoy the delights of some Peebles boozers, assuming there is not a Saints game the same day of course
  3. The week after that 7-0 gubbing we beat Septic thanks to a brilliant cross from the bye-line from Riseth(?) Sorry we must have commented at the same time. Someone with a better memory might be able to confirm who put the cross in, I don’t remember it as being last minute though.
  4. ejksjfc

    Euro Memories

    In all that crowd of drunks and reprobates (including fellow Peebles Saints my son and pal) only one person gave chase with me when my flag was knicked and he is still with Saints now.
  5. ejksjfc

    Euro Memories

    The two games against Luzern will take some beating. The away game was just a fantastic experience from every point of view, fantastic company at Edinburgh airport prior to catching the official charter, the flight itself a great booze filled experience, Lucerne is a stunningly beautiful city, the locals and the Saints fans I met there were brilliant company, the match was pretty good, the after match bus back to city centre was something else, Pickwicks after will live long in my memory and a pre referendum ear bashing from S. Cosgrove cemented my political thinking, the roadhouse street party including the team escapees was not spoilt for me despite having the Peebles Saints flag knicked after getting a whack on the head. The home game waslso pretty special
  6. Craig Swan in the Daily Record has us finishing top six says Tommy will get it right in the end.
  7. Watching BT Sports this afternoon the panel at the Dundee v ICT game seemed to think the Saints/ Stevie May deal may not be dead.
  8. NEWSFLASH FROM THE PUBS OF PEEBLES the deal is still on but then again that’s just me living in hope because nothing officially announced yet
  9. Stevie and his faither won the bools tournament at the bowling club down the road last week.
  10. Did we not win the Scottish Cup with Steve Brown in charge?