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  1. Surely if the touts have handfuls of tickets Saints have already got the money for these. Unfortunately this decision had to come at some point but there hasn’t been anything close to a sellout for an old squirm game for quite a few years. I also think that fan movement/segregation could be more easily handled by moving the west stand fans to the east stand but that is never going to happen.
  2. Many thanks for your kind words Abernethy very much appreciated.
  3. I may not be the best person to reply to your post but here goes. My wife was diagnosed with MND in July therefore I can appreciate anyone who has been affected by this disease will have strong feelings and compassion for anyone who has been affected by MND in any way. When Fernando was playing for Rangers I thought he was a typical mostly overrated obnoxious individual in much like present day Scott Brown at Celtic. We as football fans should be able to support anyone (or their surviving families) when they are hit with a tragedy such as has happened to Fernando Ricksenns family recently. I would have liked to think that we as Saints fans could have been above such petty behaviour such as your post or the few Celtic fans who posted “ one less *** “ comments or Rangers fan who thought it wise to taunt the aforementioned Scott Brown about his late sister. I 100% back the club for allowing this tribute to FR and can also say it had absolutely nothing at all to do with our defeat today. As I said my personal situation may well be clouding my views but I can see beyond my hatred of all things “old firm” in a situation like this and was happy to support the clubs decision.
  4. I chose not to go to todays game for various reasons. The first impression I got of the ground on tv was a very poor home crowd (part of which I am partly responsible). although by no stretch of anybodies imagination can you say we deserved anything from that match we were again screwed right left and centre by incompetent officials.
  5. I fully agree we got the RESULT we deserved today but the SCORE1-2 rather than 0-4 at the end of the season that goal difference may make a difference, and it could well be in a scenario that does not directly involve us (although refereeing incompetence/bias in our games does involve us)
  6. Is it a rule or just common practice, personally I don't think you should be able to loan a player to a team in the same division.
  7. Which manager are you talking about, Tommy or Gerrard?
  8. As she has seen fit to spout out despite a supposed confidentiality clause I suppose I can do the same from the “Peebles pubs” angle and what I heard was that Ricky stuck the head on Tommy after getting a bollicking at training. Although overall as a decent player for us his temper was always possibly going to let him down. He has seriously fallen out with someone at every club he has been at. In the long run I think we are better off without him.
  9. SJFC 2 the team previously known as rangers 1 Micheal O’Halloran 6789
  10. We will get a result today it will be either a win a draw or a loss.
  11. I don’t know which is more unlikely..........a new world record crowd or Kane scoring