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  1. He’s a *** and a feckin big one
  2. Give the BBC a couple of years and they will have *** Henman back as GB’s greatest ever tennis player.
  3. ejksjfc

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    A win would make for a nice new year. Play to our potential and I could see a similar storyline to our last visit to Dens. This could potentially be our last visit to Dens given relegation and relocation issues. A big crowd of Saintees including at least 2 from Peebles. COYS
  4. ejksjfc

    Round 27 - Hamilton (H), 19/01/18

    SJFC 3 HAFC 1 Tony Watt 2345
  5. ejksjfc

    Your Auld School Teachers - Like and Dislike

    Very sorry to hear this, "airchie" was a great teacher and we gave him a pretty hard start to his teaching life (circa 1972-76) but he survived that to carry on to a successful teaching career.
  6. Nice to see Jeanfield doing well. Just as a matter of interest what would happen if they get promoted does the ground comply for lowland league (or the next step up). Also does the East of Scotland league change next season or do they stay with the "conferences" ?
  7. ejksjfc

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Sorry about that I will put it down to my excessive intake of apple juice over the last few days....
  8. ejksjfc

    Saints v Sevco 23rd Dec

    I thought the ref had a decent game today one of the better ones ive seen this season, yes he let some pretty robust tackles go and probably favoured Rangers but nothing game changing...……. 7/10 instead of the usual 2or3/10
  9. ejksjfc

    Round 26 - Dundee (A), 29/12/18

    DFC 1 SJFC 3 David Wotherspoon 5678
  10. ejksjfc

    Round 25 - St Mirren (A), 26/12/18

    SMFC 1 SJFC 3 Matty Kennedy 4567
  11. ejksjfc

    Round 24 - Rangers (H), 23/12/18

    SJFC 3 The team previously known as Rangers 1 Tony Watt 5678
  12. ejksjfc

    Top 10 complete Saints marketing fails..

    I think the tartan strip was a great top I would certainly put it in my top five all time Saints tops. Overall the match day programme has always been fine it does the job, probably a bit like Witherspoons pubs...….. nothing great but nothing awful but the potential is there for either criticism or credit depending on your mood that day.
  13. ejksjfc

    Round 23 - Motherwell (H), 15/12/18

    SJFC 3 MFC 1 Matty Kennedy 4567
  14. ejksjfc

    Round 21 - Hearts (H), 05/12/18

    SJFC 2 HoMFC 0 Tony Watt 4567
  15. ejksjfc


    a decent performance and good goals I personally thought the first was the best of them
  16. ejksjfc

    Round 20 - Kilmarnock (H), 24/11/18

    SJFC 2 KFC 0 Matty Kennedy 4567
  17. ejksjfc


    She certainly wouldn’t be any worse.
  18. ejksjfc


    I wish we had appointed Jordan as manager when we had the chance. Sadly I have now lost interest in Scotland. I still hope they do win but gone are the days when a defeat for Scotland upset me as much as a a defeat for Saints.
  19. ejksjfc

    MOTM Game 19 Saints 4 v 0 Hamilton

    Unfortunately there is only another two Saturday games this year at McD.
  20. ejksjfc

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I would be happy with 1-0 tomorrow courtesy of a last minute own goal. Keep your 5-0 until 23rd December.
  21. ejksjfc

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    From Craigie Cross looking down Priory Place.
  22. ejksjfc

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Danny Grainger scored a screamer for Carlisle at the weekend
  23. ejksjfc

    Round 19 - Hamilton (H), 10/11/18

    SJFC 3 HAFC 1 Tony Watt 2345
  24. ejksjfc

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    HFC 1 SJFC 3 Matty Kennedy 16789
  25. It was no better driving I had a fair idea where I was going but got to the first roundabout and took the wrong exit and ended up on a magical mystery tour of polo mint city.