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  1. Surely if they want equality (the women’s game in general) they need to drop the women/ladies/girls from their names we all know it’s womens football we are watching we don’t need to be reminded by every individual team name.
  2. Celtic Aberdeen Rangers Hibs Saints Hearts Killie Motherwell St Mirren Ross County Hamilton Livi
  3. Saints 11 pts Ross County 8pts Montrose 6pts Forfar 3pts Brechin 0pts
  4. ejksjfc

    Betfred Cup

    With hindsight perhaps I didn’t word my comments very well. I wasn’t having a go at you personally as likewise I am seriously frustrated at the way the draw has worked out. I was looking forward to a legendary “Peebles Saints” awayday Saturday trip. However I will console myself with an afternoon in the Crown watching Saints v Ross County live on the telly. (Sunday games just don’t suit me for travel to Perth)
  5. ejksjfc

    Betfred Cup

    The way you have worded your post points to criticism of the club, it is not their fault the way the fixtures and tv scheduling has worked out.
  6. ejksjfc

    Betfred Cup

    Confirmed fixtures not great for an away day trip on the chooch. Just have to wait for the league fixtures I suppose.
  7. ejksjfc

    Season Tickets

    I have always thought that season ticket holders (of all teams up to an agreed number) should get greatly reduced prices for away games it would improve both attendances and atmosphere at games. Did we not let Patrick ST fans into a League cup game “free” a couple of seasons ago.
  8. Craig Thompson on the whole was probably the best referee in Scotland ( not a great endorsement, I know) over the last ten years, and has been mentioned reffed our cup final very well. Willie Collum has the potential to be either very good or very bad you just never know which Willie is going to turn up, personally I would be reasonably happy for him to be about for a few more years yet. But the sooner Dallas gets to feck out of Scottish football the better he is an absolute balloon of a man and a feckin hopeless referee.
  9. Yes, I enjoyed that he even gives a mention to us drunken bums doon here in Peebles.
  10. Although Muzz was great at no. 8 this season.............8 has got to be Henry Hall.
  11. ejksjfc


    Was that the shop that had the mirrored entrance where you could do your Harry Worth impersonations?
  12. By no stretch of the imagination am I defending either the obnoxious t*** Broon or rangers continuing indiscipline but from the tv pictures it was a clear elbow on the jaw. The referee saw this but deemed it only a yellow although he appeared to have a clear view of the incident. When are referees going to held accountable for their continuing incompetence?
  13. SK was Correct, but did Mickey Lawson not also go in goals and keep a clean sheet (although not a full 90 minutes).
  14. I am not wishing to back up the “authorities” involved but does JK meet the criteria as a “young” player?........... I know he no longer qualifies for the U21’s.
  15. Adams mutually consented at Plymouth (it took them long enough!)
  16. Fakes 1 The Real Saints 3 Jason Kerr 3456
  17. RIP Billy, a true legend from a time when Celtic captains had dignity and earned and deserved respect
  18. ejksjfc

    Winter Break

    Because the SPFFSPSFPL are pandering to the old squirm to allow them to feck off to Dubai or wherever there is a lucrative friendly awaiting.
  19. SJFC 7 DFC 2. (It’s happened before why not again) Callum Hendry 4567
  20. Does Peebles count as all over the world?