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  1. I dont think I've ever enjooyed BBC Alba as much asI mdid last night!!!
  2. Airdrie 1990 hearts at tynie in league cup 1994 hearts semi at easter rd trip to brechin couple of seasons ago in cup trip to dumfries 1978 we won 4-1 last day of season to stay up all the european nights in perth john brogans 5 goals at brockville 1982
  3. It was league cup we got gubbed by raith next round the year they won it
  4. Yes I agree according to the BBC Celtic had about 90% possession and they think we are paranoid going on about west coast bias in the press. Anyway I dont give a phuck only one statistic matters and that is 2-1
  5. Until Fletcher comes out and says he wants to be considered for Scotland selection everyone should get off CLs back on this subject. Fletcher chose of his own free will to say he did not wish to be selected that should be the end of it until he says different. (arsehole that he is)
  6. ejksjfc

    Levein Tenure Up?

    I dont like him and I think he should go NOW............. but please spell his name correctly
  7. Scotland were ok in the first half (and not any better than ok). Second half we were shocking my M o M was Greegs which says it all in my opinion. Serbia were there for the taking today if only we got our tacticts right but once again CL failed miserabley. In fairness to him we are not over supplied with quality players just now.
  8. I normally drink magners but Muirton Lounge didnt have any big bottles on Saturday girl behind thr bar persuaded me to try mixed berry Kroparberg and must admit it waqs very nice.
  9. there was at one time 3 butchers shops in Craigie 1 opposite Abbotsford another one a couple of doors down on the same side and 1 on corner of St Leonards Bridge and Glover Street.
  10. This may well be off topic and if so I apologise but it should be remembered our worst performances in the last 5 years have all been under Del Especially Motherwell semi!!!
  11. It is only going to be for 2 games this season hopefully if it means more money for the club then I am all for it. I would like to have every game pay at the gate. I remember cup finals and internationals when you could just walk up and pay.I may be wrong but I think there was only ever 1 all-ticket game at Muirton(Saints v the now defunct Rangers 3-3)even semis played at Muirton were not all ticket.
  12. Steven is aa Peebles boy and the attitude round the pubs here is very positve (even though they are all **** jambos hibees or ****) this is from people who have known him all his life even pre rangers when he was just a kid. Did Del not try to sign him a couple of years ago? Decent signing in my opinion but now we have to use all these decent signings properly!!!!!
  13. In the early eighties Saints did a preseason in the Borders. As they were staying in the hotel I was working in at the time I met up with some of them. I was on holiday for the week after they left and got a lift to Perth on the team bus. Frank Christie and Alex Rennie were great guys. I was invited into the players card school but as i was pretty skint declined the offer
  14. I think we did it against rangers once both replacements appeared on one of these "Top 10 best" videos the sun used to produce at christmas (early 90s Ithink)
  15. were peter thomson not the wholesale booze company they had a warehouse at the corner of graybank road and gray street?
  16. I seem to remember leaving Muirton after his first home game (stranraer put us out of the Scottish cup after a replay) and the crowd were suggesting his parents had never married!!!!
  17. I really dont know where I stand on the Lomas issue. It should be rmemembered that it is only a few weeks ago we are all raving about the Euro games ( I posted on another thread about the home game saying that we should all remember what a great time we can haqve following Saints). But obviously things arehappenning in Perth which us exiles are unaware of (a wee PM anyone?).As has also been mentioned on another thread we have had a bitch of a run of 13 games. Yes Aberdeen at McD was crap but the other games this season we have been very unlucky. Even last seson after the split we didn't play badly at all even though the results were crap ( even the 5-1 against the arabs wasn't as bad as it appears).Yes we need to improve but is this the time to change managers I dont think so. I believe if we have at least 7 points at the end of September(Ipersonally think we will have a lot more)we'll be doing alright. Anyway onwards and upwards COYS I've predicted 3-0 0n saturday against the Arabs
  18. It is the typical west of Scotland humour that BBC seem to think that the whole of Scotland likes. Not without its funny moments but certainly not laugh a minute.
  19. 6-1 away at falkirk JB scored 5