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  1. I remember league cup game at Tynie early 90's 2-0 down came back to win 4-2 (Raith beat us in the next round then went on to win it) also semi win against Hearts was braw
  2. Celtic Saints Dundee Utd Hearts Motherwell Aberdeen ICT Ross County St Mirren Kilmarnock Dundee Hibs
  3. I cant remember the mart at Riggs Rd but do remember the one in Craigie (Hays Mart)I lived just the other side of West End Bowling Green. Some of the staff were right grumpy barstewards if I remember. Used to be great fun walking through the mart on market days and watching all the drunken farmers staggering to thier cars (what was drunk driving in those days?!!!!)
  4. The one of Dewars: what are the buildings where Riggs Rd is now?
  5. hearts 1- 3 saints Murray D 15351
  6. Yesterday was agreat day all round it should act as a reminder to everyone what a great time you can have at a football match. Congratulations and thanks to ALL involved in organising everything. Seriously looking forward to the season now. COYS
  7. just looked at the tables on bbc website heres hoping that is how they finish come May!!!
  8. im going up to perth early (visit my mother before sportsters etc) heading back after game. maybe 2 seats on way back (city bypass area)
  9. I now live in Peebles and there are maybe 10-15of us here although I am the only one with a ST these days.
  10. 2-0 (Saints win 5-4 on pens) Hasselbamk 7932
  11. anyone who has ever been to a football game in this country could have told the Olympic commitee they were effen useless!!!!!
  12. frenz the butcher was where the entrance to St J shopping centre is now in south st. John Ferguson shop in county place has never changed either inside or outside(that is the one on the opposite side of the road from the county hotel) The one on the same side as the County Hotel used to be a small supermarket (Lows or presto?) where the county hotel bar/restaurant is now used to be the COOP coal and milk offices I remember going in there with my mother late sixties early seventies
  13. I have been on holiday for the last week and been unable to book anything yet. Hoping to get something booked in the next couple of days if so Iwill be happy to join you all on the bus Istanbul-EsEs (x2) wed or thu going fri coming back
  14. SB and the rest of the board have made a good decision to vote no to newco in SPL and I renewed my ST on the basis of hearing that news. I will be extremely disappointed now if he is complacent in placing rfc, newco, the rangers,sevco666 or whatever the f*** they are called (they...ie...thier fans will always be the ****)in the 1st division. If rangers are now placed in the 1st I for one am finished with Scottish football after this coming season. I am still looking forward to this season knowing there will be no rangers, ailthough Iwouldn't be surprised if they are voted back in even at this late stage notwithstanding what all these clubs have said (unlikely I know but as I said I wouldn't be surprised). Anyway Turkey(somewhere) here we come COYS!!!
  15. I dontn know if this is the right place for this comment but here goes.; I have just been on BBC website AKA weegie media of the eleven cuurrent SPL members only Ross County have got a club specific topic on thier page every other club has "Club 12 open against............ how is this fair unbiased reporting?
  16. I dont think St J will ever go into admin (as long as the crem is always next door) they are too well run for this to happen. Saying that I dont think SB should be too complacent and he MUST vote against....... newco.....club 12......currunt buns....... rangers......the rangers....... or whatever the f*** they are called today, and must do it NOW and tell the fans he is voting that way
  17. :)we can all just hope that there is some signifigence in the fact that we are down to play club 12 as our New Year "derby".Nothing (other than Saints getting through the qualifiers and then being drawn against a decent English,French and Spanish team in the group stages) would be better than spending New Year in Dundee (just this one though). I am not even going to think Amsterdam Arena in May!!!!!!!:laugh::laugh:
  18. Michael Moore was the one JC signing Iwould have liked to stay, as someone has already said stillat Stanraer.
  19. I voted no. Unfortunately the people who's vote count, I think, will vote yes. Hope I am proved wrong on that point though.
  20. ejksjfc

    Jody Morris

    Yes he will be missed but please remember NO-ONE is bigger than the club. But all the best Jody and thanks for some great memories you will always be a legend here.
  21. The ideal scenario would be they get refused entry to SPL, have to apply to SFL and get knocked back in favour of Gala Fairydean or Huntly.
  22. in fairnes I answered your 1st post and I was too busy with my sheep to notice your smiley sorry:laugh::laugh: