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  1. Dont be silly he plays for St Johnstone. In any other country of comparable standard YES YES YES YES........FTOF (and the sfa)
  2. it would have hit the bar bounced of mcgregors napper and rolled 2 inches over the line
  3. just watched the highlights online were the BBC at the same game as all of you and most of todays papers? chick the prick must be missing all his cronies!!!!!
  4. couldnt agree more with pops comments the of are crap and there for the taking. COYS go for it FFS
  5. paul gallacher at pars Jamie Langfield at dons neil alexander at **** reserves jamie macdonald at edinburgh **** etc etc... ALAN MAIN FFS but not please not CRAIG FECKIN SAMSON a bloody joke!!!!!
  6. craig samson being called up is embarassing..end of story!!!!
  7. Its agood decision but why the feck could they not have made it months ago?
  8. I am always interested in ex-saints players but if doobs loved us so much why did he not move his family up? Perth is a decent place to stay these days (says someone who moved away 35 years ago)
  9. sorry finger slipped on keyboard previous post but please get it sorted (whoever it is) before Aberdeen game. I for one will support whoever it is. In GB we trust!
  10. Dasovic and Blackley has agood feel aboput it but PLEASE GB get it sorted ASAP
  11. jordan tait was the player that showsd me JC didny have it as a manager (great player that he was and I for one will never let his crappy management season sour his fantastic contribution to SJFC as a player. PS He is your manager
  12. agree with TBTA's team apart from MM the ONE JC signing I would have liked to see given a proper chance
  13. When Iwas going to Muirton in the 60s and 70s iwould get a lift over the turnstile from random strangers.This was accepted by everyone.. police, club, punters and kids. Perhaps now is the time to reintroduce this perhaps in amore controlled manner. I for one would be more than happy for this to happen. Introduce the kids when they are still at primary school likely as not you will have a fan for life.