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  1. Neil Lennon is getting boring. He must infuriate Hibs fans...moan, moan, moan and eh moan. Asking for Alston to be sent off and no mention of McGinn's absolutely shocking assault on Spoony.
  2. haha! Love it. He took that well. The debate surrounding Kane will go on, delighted for him, but lots to work on if we are all being pragmatic. COYS
  3. That chance epitomizes Kane sadly. He's a grafter, not a goalscorer....and we need goals.
  4. A distinct lack of creativity and belief. Too many passengers. Come on Saints, some fight and belief and a goal please.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Some decent players, but also an incredible list of poor players who are destined for Championship at best.
  6. Dundee v Saints

    Hard for these young managers
  7. Dundee v Saints

    Oh It's such a perfect day...
  8. Dundee v Saints

  9. Dundee v Saints

    Superb!! Win this, we stay up !!!
  10. Steve Brown interview

    His interview was extremely revealing and for me sadly only confirmed the doubts I had in addition to the feedback I had received from past employees. A leadership attitude that publically states the values, thoughts and opinions of those closest around him are a threat to influencing decision making; is strikingly similar to that of a capitalist Dickensian industrialist.
  11. Dundee v Saints

    Our recent record against them is pathetic. They on other hand are utter dire. Anything could happen. Struggling to think where we are going to get a goal from though?
  12. Well done to the 75 Saints fans in attendance.
  13. Marketing Wrong?

    Yep, think they have binned this, but no communication. I don't get them anymore anyway.
  14. Marketing Wrong?

    They try with the free tickets to Schools, the family deals are quite good, but I do agree our marketing this year has been pretty dire. 7 days notice for an all ticket game is poor planning. Our very poor home form, mixed with a general apathy from many of the missing 15,000 at Parkead joined with poor marketing from the club, is a pretty toxic mix ahead of next season. Can't see the Ormond opening again.
  15. Alex Rennie

    RIP Alex. We're Saintees until we die. COYS