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  1. Nah, we"ll win the league next year.
  2. Massive game. Should take a big following through. Let's go for it. COYS!
  3. It's been a remarkable season. Some turnaround by the team - actually playing like a team in 2020. Some of the early criticism was fair and honest and you know what...sometimes we all need a little bit of that to improve. COYS!!
  4. British Biased Corporation. Worse than useless.
  5. YASSSSS!! GET IN. Massive, massive game at Easter Road next Saturday. Horrid game, but we took our chance. Great cross in to Callum.
  6. Top 6 totally up for grabs after tonight. Come on Ye Saints!
  7. Come on ye Saints! For Henry Hall... For John Connolly... For brothers and Saints sisters across the globe. Stand free and equal. COME ON YE SAINTS!!
  8. Was hoping for extra time to tire them out. Some extreme naivety from them after equalizing, For some of their players and fans, this will be a massive psychological scar. If we play like we can, we can do this. Let's get right behind the boys from the first whistle. Your treble is on a shaky peg Celtic! Come on ye Saints!
  9. His comments regarding fan numbers in spite of huge success are absolutely spot on.
  10. Keep them behind for 15 mins after game. Job done. Wonder how many seats they would break though?