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  1. I'm dreaming of a clean sheet this Advent..... Are we hopeful comrades?
  2. Surely it is what St Johnstone deserves rather than what Wright deserves?
  3. Exactly. Long contract so doubt Broon would pay out. St Mirren at home before Christmas is massive....for all the wrong reasons.
  4. A sign of desperate times when fans are arguing amongst themselves. Plenty not right at club at the moment sadly.
  5. Our defence is abysmal Our fans don't turn out to support the team We don't score goals Brown wont sack Wright Relegation... Here's where the story ends......
  6. Fantastic feeling to get the draw. Immense character from the 9 and support.got behind them....a real collective feel. We need to show that determination at the start of each game. Long balls up to Stevie May is garbage....that really requires to be addressed.
  7. I know the defence is shambolic at the moment, but Ando is not the answer.
  8. I love our pre match build ups.
  9. Geoff won't do anything. Jeff could be as much of a liability as our defence.