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  1. Systematically destroying the beautiful game.
  2. There's a world outside your window a famous song once said: As has been previously pointed out by other users we don't need to break the bank, just be more creative. Motherwell have recruited very well in this area historically. Limiting our market to solely Scottish or Irish players is extremely insular and as you rightly identify - limits the quality available.
  3. May has done nothing since leaving Saints. He was magnificent 5 or 6 years ago, but he is dreadful now. You can't let emotions guide your thinking. The club has clearly identified that we need a quality striker. To follow that up by signing May shows a lack of rational calculation in thinking. "What do we need goals...let's sign someone who doesn't score"....not great business sense for me.
  4. May scored less goals than Chris Kane this season - that is in nearly 2000 mins of football - those stats are pretty comprehensive. The poor lad is a ahadow of what he was 6 years ago. I woudl be pretty shocked if Tommy woudl be pursing him.
  5. When we sign our 15 goal striker you and others will sign up again! COYS!