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  1. What will be better on and off the park in 5 years?
  2. Could we have afforded Shankland? Tommy is shopping for a three course meal with a budget for a small fish supper.
  3. Just imagine the noise if we had the other core 1000 who appear to have disappeared. We've gone from a core 4000 to 3000 to what now appears 2000. How do we combat this severe decline? FCU contine to be a huge miss. Rallied well second half; but spine of team is a concern. There was a lack of leadership in the first half hour. Vihmann, McCann and Kane all very poor for this level. Hendry continues to come on and help us out of a hole, the lad has been great. Pace of Mikey and skill of Kennedy pleasing to watch. Our strength in character second half cannot disguise an inept first half, devoid of chances and littered with players frustrated with each other. Time to fix ahead of Hibs and all being well a bigger crowd v Killie. Bring a pal! COYS!
  4. The open forum has to be welcomed. Could be a lively evening.
  5. I know people have probably read this before, but his views on leadership are so dated. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-johnstone-chief-steve-brown-11886892
  6. Think this image sums up the problem, created by one person from what I can see.
  7. What is the source of the press conference rumour?
  8. Brown's recent silence is deafening. Atrocious. What a stale and unpleasant situation we find ourselves in. Tommy must have the patience of a saint. The current playing staffs morale must be low, judging by Muzz's recent comments and our performances. We need progressive action.
  9. No May or Hemmings. Right. Lafferty. Go on Broon.
  10. Just saw Hemmings news. Blood was draining out of Tommy with the May saga, this is now draining the blood out of all Saints fans. We are gonna end up with Iwelumo part deux. Shambles if all true.
  11. Havana Saint


    Can you buy kit and training gear on the official website? Might be looking in the wrong area, but Club shop looking a little empty of merchandise. Rather paltry selection.
  12. Team overall played well. Marky Munro I thought was excellent. Hamilton also good. Max Johnstone between the sticks was rather nervous to put it mildly. Good experience for them.