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  1. Aye....FAIR CITY UNITY are a massive miss. The handling of situations by club did appear rather dictatorial on the face of it. Very much doubt they were Sevconians tbh. Club does a lot in primary schools at the moment to try and recruit , but not sure how much is done to connect with youth at the High, Grammar, Academy and St John's.
  2. Superb chance of last 8. Great day out. All aboard the choo choo.... COYS
  3. Absolutely. 10 quid for an adult and 2 children yesterday.. It's not all "the club" it's a continual indifference of fringe St Johnstone supporters. Pretty pathetic.
  4. Good solid second half performance and a goal fae Stevie May
  5. Quality from Booth. Morton getting back into this. Drey Wright got out of the wrong side of bed today I think - giving ball away for fun...
  6. At least he stays until the end of season. If he went now you'd be looking at a very likely relegation. His assists and goals should get us out of the mess we are in.....I hope.
  7. Should have had him on a longer contract which could have protected us better financially. All the best. A super talent.
  8. Very very difficult to replace. A cut above.
  9. Not for me. Rather inept these days.
  10. I detest Sevco. Don't go to home games v them. Can see this deterring even more Saints fans. The almighty dollar has spoken.
  11. If it wasn't for Hendry scoring goals I would be more concerned. Kane and May are really struggling to find the net. That shot from May today from outside the box was just bizarre.
  12. Don't think we can blame authorities, if we have a paltry and at times somewhat lethargic fan base.
  13. Feeling confident. Good run of form, big game, festive period...hoping for a big crowd. Let's get out there and get right behind the lads!