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  1. The fact that we are after a 10 goal a season striker and we are shopping around in a market that Partick Thistle are also shopping in is very telling and equally concerning....mmmmh.
  2. As we have missed out on Conor Sammon, should we all get excited next week about a League 2 reserve?
  3. If that is true, we cannot compete near that sadly, primarily due to our support not going to support the team at home. The longer the May link continues with nada happening, the more it would appear unlikely. As for lack of trialists; we are akin to shopping at Bargain Buys fae the club. Don't expect a Mark's and Spencer "dine in for two" quality product, we might need to make do with a pot noodle and half loaf, with a short shelf life.
  4. He didn't look any better than McMillan or Kane...so I'd say...cheerio
  5. We came....we saw...we beat the bigots.... Bloody lovely. COYS!
  6. All about opinion...respect yours...there is a player there.... Kane still cannae hit a coo's arse wi a banjo.
  7. McMillan and Hendry were excellent second half.
  8. 1-0 Belfast Sevco Shite penalty miss fae us.
  9. Thank God...he's been a League One player for years.
  10. It's not been great. Fighting with team mates, stalling over a new contract and not kicked a ball in 2919. He's not what we need moving forward.
  11. Shankland off to Dundee Utd....I hope we would have at least offered something (granted probably not very much).
  12. Looking like good beer garden weather in Ireland next weekend...magic...bring it on! COYS
  13. Systematically destroying the beautiful game.