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  1. For years Kane has divided support. I really don't know why, as he has been so clearly out of his depth for years it is untrue. The simple fact is, he is still here as he is cheap. He was obviously a cheaper alternative to Cummins and McMillan. He is nowhere near as good as those two players. I would not say he is "shite" he is better than that, but the paltry number of Saints fans still kidding themselves on that Kane is a Premiership player are becoming increasingly embarrassing.
  2. Played brilliantly at times. Thought Swanson being subbed was rather strange - he was brilliant. After a terrible penalty, May was excellent for the rest of the game. Kennedy different class - Spoony awful. As for Kane...when that ball was played in by Mikey right at the end, you would have wished it to have fallen to anyone rather than Kane, a sad reflection when he is a striker. Signs of hope. Clean sheets needed in next two games. Saints fans singing was continuous and supportive- great effort.
  3. That penalty miss was worse than Tanser's last week. Pathetic.
  4. Mikey on bench and Spoony in....don't like that. Duffy has a huge game in front of him. A bit nervous now.
  5. They will be the new Sevco if they are not careful. Staying in the top league is vital.
  6. I do think Saturday had that kind of feel to it. Terrible defending, misplaced passes and thousands of Saints fans not bothering to turn up and support their team. Time to move on and get three points in Dingwall. Imperative we get at least a point. COYS!!
  7. What was the attendance yesterday?
  8. In every interview, everything was just a big joke for him. Be very careful what you wish for.
  9. Clark, Gordon and Kerr are not small. They should all be dealing a lot better with crosses at the moment. We can't defend and can't score goals. Worrying times. Penalty strike was poor. A defeat in Dingwall and I fear for us.
  10. A rather pivotal game. Must avoid another defeat.
  11. Scotland's shame. Terrible to hear what your granddaughter was subjected to - hope she is OK. Their behaviour and hatred is on a different planet. Disgusting.
  12. True. Add a heavy slice of a disastrous League Cup campaign and an inept pre season and the picture is a lot clearer. Think the only clean sheet we have achieved since mid July was against Brechin City who sit bottom of League Two. An immediate run of clean sheets is imperative.
  13. We're leaking goals for fun at the moment. That situation must be addressed if we want to stay in the league.
  14. Anyway...moving on... A clean sheet next week has to be priority Number one.
  15. Sevco.....The Saints are coming!!
  16. Exactly. We've given Kane years of a chance. At least give Madis a few months.
  17. May, Ralston and Holt is a strong trio if no more.
  18. Linfield fans didnae think much of him. We need to finance Holt.