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  1. Real man of the match has to go to the guy from the St John Ambulance. That guy was tremendous at saving a life today did not give up on the Resuscitation First time in my life I have not celebrated a Saints goal. Really glad to hear is going to be ok
  2. Real professional Delivered our papers ona Sunday morning Usually with a black eye and limp Could you just imagine any player in this day and age doing that!!! They were good days
  3. Dont know what happened to that previous post. Can I book a seat on the bus to our latest adventures in European football. Thanks Eric
  4. Someone has said that the flag made the bbc 24hour news channel did anyone see Gary holding it
  5. I, but he was at his best playing for Kinnoull School
  6. Ye we had the same conversation in the car on the way home. What a difference no having to shout at the ref and just getting hoarse cheering on the Saints
  7. I nor the other needless bookings after fulltime. Could regret those rash moments yet if we were to progress in the competition
  8. Great News. But why do they have to take 24 hours to tell us on the official site? Oh ye we were all too busy getting ready for a European game.
  9. Ye but his save just seconds later was a great block. Paddy maybe got MOM but we had some great performances all round the park
  10. Through thick and thin the name says it al
  11. If the ref had played fair it would have been the winner
  12. Hasslebank sitting on the ball during warm up, did not join in the shooting practice when it looked like tommy waved him over. And he did even less when he got on to play
  13. Not bad only half an hour late, no wonder I couldnt see you on the bridge even had the spy glass out looking for you!!