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  1. Thanks for that. Can't keep up with the changes these days!
  2. When the referee restarted the game after reversing his own "mistake" at the penalty award I can't understand why Aberdeen were awarded an uncontested drop ball. Saints were attacking when the ref screwed things up. Surely we are at least entitled to contest the drop ball. Can anyone explain this decision for me?
  3. Tommy & Liam were absolutely raging at each other for the last 20 mins of the first half. Don't know what it was about but it looked like Liam wasn't following Tommy's instructions. Wasn't surprised when Liam failed to appear second half
  4. Probably my all time favourite Saints player. RIP big man.
  5. Zander is a great keeper waiting patiently in the wings for Alan to slip up. He slipped up badly last Saturday. What does it tell Zander if he is still on the sidelines this week? Everyone acknowledges that we have two great keepers of virtually equal standing and that's what keeps them on their toes.Even Mannus and Clark acknowledge that they know they can't afford a mistake or they lose their place. In all fairness, Clark must get his chance this week.
  6. Saints were awful, sluggish, lethargic, no fire, Dundee had more energy and covered a lot more ground than Saints, that's why every loose ball went to them. But still, at the end of the day it was two absolutely crap refereeing decisions that deprived us of at least one point..
  7. The fact that both Dundee and United were also rumoured to be after him suggests that he may have something to offer.
  8. Agree with this. I thought he looked very promising. Would put him on before Cummins anyday.
  9. Sadly, I think it is time for Steven McLean to be reduced to an occasional cameo. Great player in his day, but this has to be his last season. And Cummings should not be on the pitch. He is just not a striker. How many gilt edged chances has he missed this season? And how many has he scored? If we are to have any sort of decent season, we need to get a proper striker on board. If the Board has some sort of an emergency fund, now is the time to produce it and sign a genuine striker. Without one, we will be in trouble this year. For what its worth, Murray Davidson was the only man on the pitch worth his shirt tonight.
  10. Would vote for Mikey and Spoony if I could
  11. Last trialist that impressed me as much was Momo Sylla. He didn't work out too bad.
  12. Hope we sign that French trialist. He did more in 15 mins than Zippy gives us in a whole game. He looked sensational to me but I suppose the question is Can he keep it up for 90 mins and can he score goals.? An exciting prospect at last.
  13. I suspect we may not be getting all he facts on this one.