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    left perth in 1983 aged 25 used to drink in the corrina
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  1. i moved back to Perth in 2013 after 30 yrs in London,but being mortgage free means any job will do, although its recommended moving back.
  2. league cup.would look nice beside the scottish cup.
  3. after a summer of abusing the **** rightly so getting them relegated to div 3 the chairman backed the fans gives accomponied kids free entry all season and now the season is about to start all the bollocks is coming out about not paying £24 thats what it cost to see the **** at McD last season its now time to payback your club i will be there on saturday and i have not been to an away game since 1984 so its time to decide are you a saints fan or just a old firm hater or a typical perth moaner YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU MORE THAN EVER coys
  4. lomas is 6/4 clear favourite for first manager to be sacked must be some truth in it the bookies usually get it right
  5. dundee are club 12 9 easy points and a good day out:laugh:
  6. how about a human sacrafice eric orpenshaw 1 week soupa saint the following week the list could be endless
  7. this is part of the reason i think we could be better off without the sky tv money not just saints but the whole of scottish football
  8. rickman52

    ramsden cup

    :)did rangers get a bye in the 1st round of the ramsden cup
  9. rickman52


    aint it funny how for years rangers have been trying to leave the prem league and now they have they hate it :laugh: come and join the diddy teams:laugh:
  10. so it would be agood idea to get off the train at edinburgh then
  11. rickman52

    how many

    for next seasons derby queens park v rangers at hampden what do you predict the attendance would be 20.000 plus ????? on a lesser note if saints went down to the 3rd would you stop going or like me would you still go even if just to go to grounds youve never been to before
  12. i really missed the scottish humour:D
  13. sometime before the 1st home game
  14. you dont understand what these are:laugh: maybe thats why you live in the borders:?