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  1. stanley saint

    Saints exiles Flag

    I'm in if you still require funds.
  2. stanley saint

    Exiles Potys

    Hahaha I'm back in the UK, well Norfolk.
  3. stanley saint

    Exiles Potys

    Recieved my programme today, thank you very much.
  4. stanley saint

    What's everyone doing right now?

    sorting out some hand over notes as my time here is almost up.
  5. So Watt and McMillan up front? Will Tommy put out his strongest team or will he use this as another friendly?
  6. stanley saint

    Exiles Potys

    pm sent @MySpazz
  7. stanley saint

    Round 4 - Forfar (A), 28/07/18

    2-0 saint kane 1676
  8. stanley saint

    Round 3 - Falkirk (H), 24/07/18

    1-1 joe 2319
  9. stanley saint

    Round 2 - Montrose (A), 21/07/18

    3-0 saints watt 1587
  10. stanley saint

    Round 1 - East Fife (H), 14/07/18

    saint 2-0 Kane 2000
  11. stanley saint

    League Predictions 2018/19

    celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hearts Hibernian Saints Kilmarnock Motherwell St Mirren Livingston Dundee Hamilton
  12. stanley saint

    League Cup Group Predictions 2018/19

    Saints - 10 pts Falkirk - 10 pts East Fife - 4 pts Forfar - 2 pts Montrose -1 pts
  13. stanley saint

    Rangers Match - London Saintees

    are we planning a meet up this season, i'll be back in East Anglia in August. @MySpazz
  14. stanley saint

    Exiles Potys

    well done to all. not back til Aug.