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  1. Youth Academy News

    Eventually, that was when the campaign turned.
  2. Youth Academy News

    Especially annoying when Strachan wasn't playing anyone from the Scottish leagues anyway.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Depends if Tommy can find anyone. Must be a reason he had signed so many midfield players but continually failed to get a striker. Sure Brown may play a part but doubt he is the bad guy so easily painted by our support.
  4. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Ah yes, embroidery that modern invention.
  5. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    10 years ago no clubs had them.
  6. Time for Tommy to go?

    It still amazes me how much people hate the Brown's. Far too easy an excuse for people who have no clue about the goings on.
  7. Danny Swanson
  8. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Only one not to be sold out, which is amazing considering our majority right wing support. Mind you it is a majority of not very many
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Six points gained by Storey in the last week. Better return than our squad minus MOH. That post was a bit of a jinx
  10. Ando stripped of captaincy

    Yep both are just til January -
  11. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Four points ahead of us with a game in hand. Does seem Motherwell could be up there this season.
  12. Tommy for Scotland?

    The results certainly picked up once he got involved
  13. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Don't forget Motherwell, who are now above us.
  14. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Sore one for Dave as they are knocked out of the cup by Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale 5-3 after being 5-1 down. Peaso got one goal.
  15. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Nice wee interview with Murray about his stint in goals -