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  1. I guess we can't expect some one that is bulletproof to change unfortunately.
  2. Wasn't it the case that we offered Easton a new contract? ( Don't recall you, or many others seeing a massive worry in Alston going? Gallagher (replacement for Shaughbnessy) and Polworth were targeted but turned us down. Tommy watched Vihmann in March. Holt was supposedly a long term target for Tommy as was May. From the outside it certainly seems the targets are thing on the ground but you seem to be missing my point - even when we have targets we can't get them or in the case of the last window spent the whole time trying to get them. It is a very eggs in one basket system.
  3. Indeed not numerous targets for one position but numerous throughout the team, it did seem Motherwell signed them all.
  4. We are arguing the same point here. We had numerous targets that never came here in the last year and have gone on to be solid players at our level. My point was even if we did have scouts etc we still don't have the ability to translate that into signatures.
  5. I am in no way defending the Saints set up but I was illustrating that we have identified good targets but not been able to get them. The points in the article seemed to just aim at the recruitment side of problems.
  6. We were solidly linked with quite a few players who chose other clubs. Was that down to finances or that they didn't like our recruitment process?
  7. The stats say 11 attempts with only 2 on target.
  8. From the BBC: "St Johnstone are without Murray Davidson and Callum Hendry who complete two-match suspensions, but defender Wallace Duffy is expected to recover from a knee injury."
  9. Wish the right wing of our team was as strong as our support
  10. Not quite sure why Holt should retain his place, he didn't really offer or do anything against Motherwell. Whether that was more or less than Spoony is a fairly miserable debate though.
  11. He may have experience but is he any good and can he speak much English?
  12. I disagree with not winning anything in the air - defensively we won nearly everything in the air in the first half outside of the box but went to absolute pieces inside it. Tanser won every single aerial battle outside of the box with Cole in the first half it was incredible how he folded for the goal. Tommy is also wrong, we did win a header in our box - it set up the corner which they scored that awful third goal from.
  13. Saints gaining points isn't as obvious as other teams gaining points right now