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  1. You have the power to end their misery. Be a good Samaritan, please.
  2. Wow one of the most corrupt organisations in the world put the SFA to shame.
  3. I wasn't saying anything is wrong with having an online system. I was interested to hear what was so different between making one phone call for a season ticket that put someone off doing it until an online system was available.
  4. Just out of interest what makes it easier about buying online than just calling the ticket office? I always find them extremely helpful when I have bought one off tickets for away matches and am yet to use the online system.
  5. Any word if this event is being streamed on saints TV? I don't have it but see no reason for not expanding the audience, even if they didn't get to ask questions.
  6. If Tommy wants a dozen goals from our wingers what do you suggest a good return from our main striker is?
  7. Is he not a vice captain as well?
  8. Isn't that pinned to youth development anyway? Never sure if that is a rumour or not.
  9. Looks like Johnny B was just being pedantic about the way your worded it originally. Fairly slim pickings really.
  10. On the highlights it looked like he was fouled when he got shoved in the back before the ball started bouncing off people.
  11. Seems the fans have decided Swanson should go but I don't think Tommy has.
  12. How many fans will leave at half time? We can't come back from one never mind two.
  13. It does feel we have been left behind these days with the roles of chief executive being the face of the club above the manager, even when we had a general manager it wasn't as much a focal point as Motherwell and Hibs operate.