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  1. Indy Ref 2

    It is a highly offensive misuse of the English language
  2. Indy Ref 2

    You believe that the European Union has more political power over Scotland than Westminster. That is exactly the opposite of the view of many Scottish Nationalists.
  3. Indy Ref 2

    Oh bloody hell. Should he not be banned for using this term?
  4. World Cup 2018

    How long did everyone manage through the 'What if England win the world cup' video? 20 seconds for me. Then I was happy I pay no licence fee.
  5. Other games on the go

    Earlier the BBC said they could have been drawn against Spartak Trnava. Have these team raised their game or is that how low Scottish teams have fallen in the rankings?
  6. New Assistant Manager required

    Come now, you have posted on here long enough to know
  7. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Beat Dunfermline 6 - 3 in the second round of the cup.
  8. 2018/2019 Fixtures announcement

    Our fixtures in pdf format:
  9. 2018/19 friendlies

    Bit of a misunderstanding if you follow the trail.
  10. Indy Ref 2

    People now have a lot more choice with streaming and on demand and those shows don't stand a chance. Same with the declining newspaper circulations - people don't need to go to the shop to get their news.
  11. Indy Ref 2

    I see @stevensan would now vote Yes after being a no voter in 2014. Be interesting to know if any others would vote differently given the chance?
  12. World Cup 2018

    He got announced as the new Real Madrid manager two days ago. The Spanish football authority took a sulk over not being informed of the discussion so sacked him.
  13. World Cup 2018

    Spain sacking their manager two days before their first game is a bit of a shocker.
  14. 2018/19 friendlies

  15. 2018/2019 Fixtures announcement

    Unless the games are played on different days.