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  1. Gary Irvine making headlines "Dundee FC's manager James McPake and Forfar player Gary Irvine have been charged following a disturbance in a Dundee pub. The incident is alleged to have taken place in The Braes bar, Perth Road, in the city's west end at about 23:30 on Sunday. Police Scotland confirmed that two men, aged 35 and 34, had been charged in connection with the incident. They are expected to appear at Dundee Sheriff Court."
  2. "JIM SPENCE: Tommy Wright is the man to get St Johnstone moving up the table There have been mutterings of disaffection from some St Johnstone fans about manager Tommy Wright after Saints’ dire start to the season. The club’s current position propping up the Premiership table needs quickly remedied. Wright’s side on paper is equipped to move further up the league but the table doesn’t lie. Without a win in their opening seven league games, and only five goals scored with 18 conceded, it makes grim reading. However, these are early days and Wright is a smart operator who has been over the course before. His team are down but far from out. Saints aren’t isolated, with Hibernian only two points and Hearts just three points, ahead of them. Both of those clubs have budgets which Wright can only dream about, and their plight proves that no club, irrespective of reputation or previous achievements, can rest on its laurels. Restoring Stevie May to his previous full potential, tightening up a defence which needs to deal with set pieces better and ensuring that better possession in games like last weekend’s defeat from Motherwell translates to goals, are all things which need to be addressed. However, some Saints fans who are thinking a change of manager is required should be very careful what they wish for. Managers can’t rest on their record or live on previous achievements, but Wright is doing none of these things. He is going through a tough period, and at times scratching his head as to how to fix things, but his pedigree points to him being able to correct the situation. Knee-jerk reactions in changing managers can have very long lasting and seriously damaging effects on a football club. A miserable period of form, which a team can eventually emerge from given patience, is infinitely preferable to a fashionable change of boss, which can lead to a club rapidly losing its way, and taking years to recover from. The old saying you never miss the water till the well runs dry is very apt. Supporters who think a new man at the helm is the answer might find if their wish was granted that a long period of drought followed, leaving them thirsting for the many good times they had previously enjoyed."
  3. Interestingly Wallace Duffy has said he isn't much of a right back Duffy said: “I was a centre-half all through my youth and then I have only played a year or two at right-back. “Being back at centre-half, it was different but I liked it and it’s what I prefer. I felt more comfortable there. “I am not much of an attacker for a right-back these days. “You need to be up and down, crossing and dribbling, things like that. “I don’t think that’s particularly my game but I have tried to learn.” Does Tommy need another right back now?
  4. How can you continue to debate this? One scored one fell on their arse, twice. We are hardly going up to him and the street and shouting abuse in his face by having a debate here. His stats don't lie - he isn't cut out for this level.
  5. Fairly damning there Cagey considering May scored with fewer chances as you put it.
  7. If only the Dumbarton manager had made the case in the press he would have done. This trick doesn't work for Saints managers. Just those of clubs such as Motherwell and probably Livingston now too.
  8. You get live games though, don't get that in the UK. Cheaper than going to a game as well isn't it?
  9. Having seen the BBC highlights I feel the pass from MOH to Kane was a touch to far behind him. If that was in front of him and the conclusion was the same I can understand the anger from those on here who watch him a lot. It almost seems the difference with the goal May scored was that the pass for the assist was perfect - going the direction of the goal and the right weight, Kane had to take too much of a touch on his. Still not sure the foul for the County goal was a foul. Murray never even saw the guy and was clearly jumping for the ball rather than climbing on the guy. Richard Foster trying to celebrate in front of the Saints fans was quite funny - either do it or don't. Half a celebration and then he ran away. Classless.
  10. These stats are unreal, a bit worrying that all that pressure didn't result in three points.
  11. The difference being that Killie didn't sack a manager and were on a great run of form. Will the same candidates be willing to go for a team that hasn't won a game having played three quarters of the other teams?
  12. Matty Kennedy has been called up to the Northern Ireland squad -