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  1. WAP Player of the Year poll 1 of 2

    Just print the winner out on a bit of paper. Wouldn't be giving Muzz a trophy he would have to return.
  2. WAP Player of the Year poll 1 of 2

    I can't say many have been a stand out. Some have been good in small bursts. No defender can win it this season. From what I have seen the most consistent has been Muzz.
  3. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Are those patterned one exactly the same as the Joma one from the invest in Perth season that got quite the slagging?
  4. Post Split

    You will never get a job at the SPFL by showing that much common sense.
  5. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Very sad to hear. I think Joss summed up his presence on here very well and he always seemed a character.I think he let his guard down once or twice as there were a couple of times I agreed with him. RIP Business Class Saintee.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Did the Highland Saints not award the other rapist in that trial their award at the POTY a few season ago?
  7. Dundee F.C. v St. Johnstone F.C. Saturday 21st. April 2018

    This must be our worst season for losing early goals. Don't remember anything this bad.
  8. Dundee F.C. v St. Johnstone F.C. Saturday 21st. April 2018

    "Well Zander got two games and I got one"
  9. Dundee ban Daily Ranger

    Inside out and front to back. A whole month of savings.
  10. Dundee F.C. v St. Johnstone F.C. Saturday 21st. April 2018

    Tommy had said this the other day: Sounds like Tommy will have to take his own wine to drink post-match.
  11. Hampden Park

    Few issues there. Mount Florida is a good bit away and doesn't have anything to do with the football ground. Redevelopment of that would be a totally separate issue. Unless you are going to put in a new rail line there isn't that much that can be done for it. You probably won't get much uptake on planning permission on a car park they would probably go for better bus drop off points. The government prefer public transport options. The hydro isn't squared. Glasgow warriors already have a stadium and training base. You want to level a decent enough setup at lesser Hampden to move queen's to a pitch that would take a lot to get up to the standard of lesser Hampden.
  12. Macca Memories

    What really annoys me is the fact they think we played at Tyncastle twice this season. It doesn't really bother me but just shows a lack of basic research.
  13. Alan Mannus

    Better hide the shoelaces. Going to be a long summer for you.
  14. Dundee v Saints

    Amazing they spent five hours on that. What a waste of time.
  15. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Ah come on. What is everyone going to talk about during the close season now you have started this thread