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  1. garydavidson

    Dundee At It Again?

    You would think that the opinion of someone that failed as a manager would be meaningless - instead he will pick up a wage for it.
  2. garydavidson

    MOTM Game 14 Saints 0 v 6 Celtic

    Results 3 points - Zander Clark - 23 votes, 59% 2 points - Steven Anderson - 8 votes, 21% 1 point - Blair Alston - 5 votes, 15% Results to date: 15 points: Drey Wright 10 points: Zander Clark 9 points: Liam Gordon 8 points: Richard Foster 7 points: Blair Alston 6 points: Tony Watt + Liam Craig 5 points: Jason Kerr + Matty Kennedy 4 points: Steven Anderson 3 points: Scott Tanser 2 points: Stefan Scougall
  3. garydavidson

    Taxi for Tommy?

    It does indeed and his post says he saw him more than once "I'm sure I seen him three or four times for them" when he was mentioning the Saints v Livi games. Nothing wrong with discussing Saints but you seem to only ever discuss post by randomguy or any associated with him.
  4. garydavidson

    Taxi for Tommy?

    To be fair you did read his post wrong. He said he never saw highlights but full live games when he played for Livi v Saints and also a live cup game. So he saw exactly the amount that he mentioned. Also you should be fighting for him to stay on the forum so that you still have a purpose.
  5. garydavidson

    Job vacancy at Saints

  6. garydavidson

    Job vacancy at Saints

    Manny is still listed on the website as a staff member, although I doubt that ever gets updated. Please tell me he didn't have a jacket on?
  7. garydavidson

    Youth Academy News

  8. garydavidson

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Another youth loan move:
  9. garydavidson

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Interesting to see Robertson saying that both he and Tierney are out of position. We have two great left backs and play neither of them at left back!
  10. garydavidson

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Utterly void of any imagination. It is great that we have two great left backs but one of them should be on the bench not shoehorned into a team. Israel got the ball and ran at us - we got the ball and passed it five yards to ourselves making no progress up the pitch.
  11. garydavidson

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I thought Scougall looked very promising in a dire team last season. There are a lot of stats about his lack of contribution but he didn't really have anything inspiring to work with. With the width and threat we have upfront this season it is disappointing not to have seen what he would be capable of in this team.
  12. garydavidson

    Player Contracts + Transfers

  13. garydavidson

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Good on the Dundee fans for doing this, Steven McLean has had his impartiality called out a few times on here for games against Kilmarnock as well - "Dundee fans groups have lodged a complaint with the Scottish FA against Steven McLean, who awarded a penalty to Kilmarnock for which winger Jordan Jones has been subsequently cited for diving, claiming the referee should not have been in charge of their side's 2-1 defeat because his dad is a former Rugby Park player."
  14. garydavidson

    Taxi for Tommy?

  15. garydavidson

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    And Airdrie!