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  1. Other games on the go

    Yet tackling is still not allowed! Absolutely mental.
  2. St Johnstone v Hibernian Sunday 12 August 2018 Premiership

    Indeed, their keeper is in the BBC team of the week so must have had some work to do!
  3. MOTM: Game 6 Saints 1 v Hibs 1

    Poll closes Saturday 18th at 3pm.
  4. MOTM: Game 5 Kilmarnock 2 v 0 Saints 04/08/18

    Result Jason Kerr - 3 points - 7 votes 47% of vote Steven Anderson - 2 points - 5 votes 33% of vote Results to date: 9 points : Liam Gordon 6 points : Drey Wright 3 points : Matty Kennedy + Jason Kerr 2 points : Liam Craig + Stefan Scougall + Richard Foster + Steven Anderson 1 point : Zander Clark
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers Wright has brought in midfielders Matty Kennedy and Drey Wright, striker Tony Watt and goalkeeper Conor Mitchell on loan this summer, and is not in any rush for additional recruits. "One or two young players will maybe have to go out, or if we go through in the League Cup next week that could move things along a bit quicker, but there is no panic," he added. "I'd like to emphasise that we have had a really good window thus far. It is getting the right one because there is no point bringing somebody in that is not going to be any better than what we have got."
  6. Ibrox latest...

    Unbelievable that you are now allowed to get away with this, David Beckham must be fuming!
  7. Macca Memories "The manager said: “The reason Macca didn’t play on plastic pitches here was because of me. “I got medical advice and made my decision because he was my main striker. “Macca has got to 35 and is still playing in the Premiership. I’d like to think some of that is down to the way we dealt with him. “He got plenty of Mondays off, for example, and we protected him as much as we could because he was such an important player for us. “Macca always wanted to play on plastic pitches, he was always on at me to let him do it. “But I decided it wasn’t happening. I decided what was best for St Johnstone was for him not to play on plastic and I don’t regret that one bit. I stand by it. “Macca did OK in his time with us, didn’t he? So I’m more than comfortable with the decisions I made.”"
  8. Macca Memories

    Maybe Macca puts himself forward for every game in fear of losing his place with the competition they have in comparison to what Saints had.
  9. MOTM: Game 4 Forfar 1 v 3 Saints 28/7/18

    Result: 3 points Matty Kennedy 8 votes 30% of vote 2 points Drey Wright 5 votes 19 % of vote 1 point Richard Foster + Liam Gordon 4 votes 15% of vote Standings after 4 games 9 points : Liam Gordon 6 points : Drey Wright 3 points : Matty Kennedy 2 points : Liam Craig + Stefan Scougall + Richard Foster 1 point : Zander Clark + Drey Wright
  10. Poll closes at 15:00 on Saturday 11 August.
  11. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    I wouldn't even say that was a marketing campaign since it was so half arsed. I guess we can only see how good Gary is come next close season. He must be aware of its shortfalls surely.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Been reading that he also live streams games and plays champ manager as Saints. Seems to have quite a few followers.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I better stop doing my rain dance, need to cycle home soon.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The deal was done before the injury but even so I imagine most clubs would do the same if all their senior keepers were injured.