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  1. The stats say 11 attempts with only 2 on target.
  2. From the BBC: "St Johnstone are without Murray Davidson and Callum Hendry who complete two-match suspensions, but defender Wallace Duffy is expected to recover from a knee injury."
  3. Wish the right wing of our team was as strong as our support
  4. Not quite sure why Holt should retain his place, he didn't really offer or do anything against Motherwell. Whether that was more or less than Spoony is a fairly miserable debate though.
  5. He may have experience but is he any good and can he speak much English?
  6. I disagree with not winning anything in the air - defensively we won nearly everything in the air in the first half outside of the box but went to absolute pieces inside it. Tanser won every single aerial battle outside of the box with Cole in the first half it was incredible how he folded for the goal. Tommy is also wrong, we did win a header in our box - it set up the corner which they scored that awful third goal from.
  7. Saints gaining points isn't as obvious as other teams gaining points right now
  8. As your post proves it isn't just the defence letting us down. Set pieces involve near enough all 11 players, all fail to win battles. We can't stop headers not score any. Holt is such a disappointment.
  9. Wasn't it Easton who decided to leave? Tanser won every header against Cole outside of the box but completely crumbled when it mattered.
  11. As Random said he was standing on the left touchline watching. Our best chances were when they were both on the 18 yard line.
  12. Only Tommy could play two strikers and still only have one up front. Awful stuff for all four goals absolutely amateur. My first game of the season and probably last. Stuff spending money watching guys not giving a care. How did Motherwell manage to get more fired up at half time than we did?
  13. Ended Saints 1 Aberdeen 2 according to the Twitter feed.
  14. Saints Under 18s currently 1-0 v Aberdeen:
  15. Are you able to just pay at the gate for this one? I notice tickets are on sale from Saints.
  16. They will be effective this weekend as we aren't appealing.
  17. Watching the highlights neither should have been a red card as both had fouls against Saints players just before them which play should have been stopped for. Taken out of real context though both are red cards. If we had Rangers lawyer we would have grounds for appeal surely.
  18. Have we played Morton in Perth since we beat them ten years ago to get promoted?
  19. Those are some thick blue specs you have on. It wasn't melodious but it was late, studs up, contact on the players ankle. Reverse it and you would be screaming for a red card.
  20. We don't have to wait until January to sign Ambrose. There are a vast number of reasons why players don't instantly sign for Saints when we come knocking.
  21. Just what we need, someone else to make stupid errors that lead to goals.
  22. I don't think we will ever know the inner workings as the chairman says one thing and the manager says another. We have had gaps in the squad for long periods of time ever since Chris Miller was frozen out. Defence, central midfield and striker have all needed attention over the last few seasons. The fact there was never a suitable person filling it can't all be down to the budget that Brown sets.