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  1. Is he not a vice captain as well?
  2. Isn't that pinned to youth development anyway? Never sure if that is a rumour or not.
  3. Looks like Johnny B was just being pedantic about the way your worded it originally. Fairly slim pickings really.
  4. On the highlights it looked like he was fouled when he got shoved in the back before the ball started bouncing off people.
  5. Seems the fans have decided Swanson should go but I don't think Tommy has.
  6. How many fans will leave at half time? We can't come back from one never mind two.
  7. It does feel we have been left behind these days with the roles of chief executive being the face of the club above the manager, even when we had a general manager it wasn't as much a focal point as Motherwell and Hibs operate.
  8. It's hardly a beard. Not seen a good one at Saints for quite a while.
  9. Blueheaven covered most of my thoughts but just a couple of observations on your reply. The lottery winners at Patrick were only ever interested in helping on the youth and infrastructure side they didn't want money going towards the playing budget. They were keen not to have the club living outside their means which is exactly the same approach Saints go by. Inverness isn't a wee city, it's bigger than Perth and the reason they struggle with fans stems from the old firm strong hold which took hold when Caley were in the Highland league. These days they struggle for the exact same reasons as Saints. County will probably have bigger crowds than us this season but they will also have a bigger playing budget as they are bankrolled by a multi millionaire. If he left they wouldn't go the same way as Gretna but they would have to control the playing budget. The Browns have said they don't invest any money and that is why we run on a self sufficient basis. Who knows if they would ask for money if they sold it, the hands it lands in woul be more important to them. As Blueheaven queried, which clubs in Scotland have benefited from rich investors? Not many. You can't even look at Celtic as that is a whole different ball game.
  10. Genuine question, are you taking the piss or being serious?
  11. Here is a photo of Tommy Wright still at Saints, that could count as good news after yesterday
  12. Not to be pedantic but they wouldn't through us out of the league structure for having a bad season.
  13. Not sure Steve even owns any shares unless Geoff gave him some? Geoff is still the majority shareholder.
  14. I don't think the Browns have put in a penny that they have not recuperated.
  15. One game v Celtic was a game in hand so ultimately had no bearing on our league standing, there was a cup game of which Celtic haven't lost one in a long time. So there was one league match to play for - why the players and manager supposedly took it all to heart shows you the mindset is not right and it should have been sorted out after those three matches. It has been used as an excuse to cover for our dire form.
  16. Unbelievable stuff from Steve Brown if this story is correct. It's not even short sighted as surely he understands how badly the place needs a lift. Tommy will be absolutely furious.
  17. Oh the Dunfermline fans I know still hate him. My favourite player when I was growing up.
  18. Campus has a few bits along with strips
  19. Every game I remember being in there it was mixed but couldn't tell you an exact start date. Certainly remember it more v Celtic as they had more fans in there than the rest of the clubs.
  20. Ormond stand was always mixed even for the old firm games.
  21. Three goals in the last 11 minutes for Cove. 1-4 with Twitter having a few mentions of Liam Gordon looking lively. Was 1 all when he was subbed off.
  22. He must have read on here how many suggested Mitch Megginson was a player so knew he would be drawing a big crowd!
  23. If we did that we would no longer be sustainable? We aren't run by tight bastards for any old reason we are run to try and balance the books as we don't generate very much income even when we have won the Scottish cup and have numerous European runs. I can't imagine a change in owners will see any upturn in the number of folks coming through the gates. Numerous schemes have been attempted to attract more of a crowd - even free tickets doesn't seem to get more bums on seats.