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  1. Doesn't look like Scott Brown is signing for them: McInally said: “Scott phoned me on Saturday after he spoke to Dunfermline and I didn’t think it would go well for us. I think he had accepted he would take their offer. But he’s come back saying he’s not made his mind up and will not be showing any more interest in it. “If nothing better than Dunfermline comes up then hopefully he will be coming back to Peterhead. It gives us a bit of hope as we couldn’t really get another Scott Brown. From that aspect, he hope the club being so good to him comes back and you get a wee bit of payback.”
  2. Matty Willock 'supposedly' chooses signing for Gillingham over Rangers:
  3. I had never said it was, I quoted Mainstand in agreement that it was an unofficial site.
  4. Indeed, here is a direct link to the post
  5. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    Sorry the way I read you initial post was that they could turn down the money just because they were fan owned rather than he is worth more. He will only go for more if he can attract attention from bigger clubs than Barnsley or if Celtic realise what a farce they made with the John McGinn situation.
  6. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    Have they finished off paying the old owners? No idea where I saw it but folk were talking about their accounts recently and how much Boyle was still due. I don't quite see why being fan owned would allow them to just dismiss a bid of 2 million quid. That is a lot of money in this league.
  7. Unfortunately it isn't the decision but the actual rules that are at fault here. They have revised the handball rule and it is going to be greatly annoying from now on.
  8. According to the article he has, my point was more that if Livi are receiving interest in him what sort of interest has been shown in Zander? Surely some must have picked up on his performances or has Peter Grant done us a great service in keeping Zander off the radar?
  9. With Livi saying there was a fair bit of interest in Liam Kelly from the Championship I wonder if Saints have had the same for Zander?
  10. I have seen a few people suggesting Shankland but reading this article it sounds like only one Scottish club is in the running for him and it doesn't sound like us.
  11. Even the Refs have their new kits out -
  12. Hibs have withdrawn as well:
  13. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    I think his inclusion in the last Scotland squad was maybe the thing the won him a place over Zander - a sense of continuity perhaps?
  14. Apart from Ross County it looks like our usual pre-season fixture list.
  15. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    Speaks for itself really.
  16. July 13/14 Betfred Cup MD1 16/17 Betfred Cup MD2 20/21 Betfred Cup MD3 23/24 Betfred Cup MD4 27/28 Betfred Cup MD5
  17. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    From what I can make out from a brief look Zander has more clean sheets whilst playing fewer games than Kelly, has made more saves and conceded fewer goals.
  18. garydavidson

    Jason Kerr

    Neither made the squad:
  19. Here are the totals sorted by total points: And also sorted by total votes:
  20. Winner 33 points: Matty Kennedy 2nd Place 30 points: Jason Kerr 3rd Place 24 points: Drey Wright + Zander Clark 18 points: Chris Kane 17 points: Scott Tanser 15 points: Liam Craig 14 points: Tony Watt 12 points: Liam Gordon 10 points: Blair Alston + Ross Callachan 9 points: Murray Davidson 8 points: Richard Foster 7 points: Joe Shaughnessy  4 points: Steven Anderson + Danny Swanson + Michael O'Halloran + David Wotherspoon 2 points: Stefan Scougall 1 point: Callum Hendry I will post the total vote numbers tomorrow, don't have the spreadsheet handy today.
  21. Results: 3 points - David Wotherspoon 7 votes 70% No other players gained enough votes for points
  22. As was yours. Alston won't be a great loss but was handy to have in the squad. Never quite hit the stride he seems to get into with Falkirk.
  23. If he goes to Hamilton then Alston to score against us next season will be an easy bet.
  24. That sounds like a question that @andrew could possibly know more on.