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  1. Really? How? Hibs (A), Aberdeen (H), Rangers (H), Livingston (A), Ross County (A), Hamilton (H) or Celtic (A), Livingston (H), Hibs (A), Kilmarnock (H), Aberdeen (A), Rangers (H) No comparison for me.
  2. A dreadful fixture list in general. An away match against Celtic to kick things off. Five of our six opening matches are against last season's top six sides. Not long after that, we play seven fixtures against last season's top six in close succession (plus Motherwell, the best-performing bottom six team outwith ourselves) between the end of October and mid-December. Absolutely dire. And the Christmas/New Year fixtures are an utter non-event. Bring on the new season. I'm buzzing for it.
  3. You think? I reckon the most impressive thing about Steve Clarke's reign has been the way he's managed to get the best out of a very average Scottish Premiership squad (with maybe one or two exceptions). I can't envisage them finishing much higher than us unless they appoint another exceptional manager.
  4. When a Livingston keeper's being included in the Scotland squad, I'd fully expect a St. Johnstone keeper to have a shot as well. Especially when the latter has the best stats in the league over the past season. I'm a bit bemused by it. If they were only selecting keepers from 'big' Scottish clubs, I'd at least be able to comprehend the flawed logic.
  5. Happy 5th anniversary, everyone! Here's an alternative version of our cup song Fair Maid, put together by Saints fan Ben Freeman, which includes snippets of Liam McLeod's commentary from the 2014 Scottish Cup semi-final and final. Hope you like it! If you do, it's available for free download at
  6. He's a striker. A bit harsh/factually incorrect to say he got a big money transfer off the back of a wonder goal. He made 26 appearances for Kilmarnock and had a goal-scoring record of almost 1 goal every 2 games. He then scored 6 goals in 9 matches for Al Ahly before the well-publicised issues which followed, presumably resulting in his lack of football during the past couple of seasons. His stint at Partick Thistle has been a bizarre one, arriving as a marquee signing and then not making a single start for the club.
  7. It's probably the main position we need to fill, no? Assuming that David McMillan doesn't return, we've only got Chris Kane and Callum Hendry. God knows how badly Coulibaly might have deteriorated as a footballer in recent months though. Still, it's a tempting one.
  8. Anyone else having trouble accessing the live audio coverage for today's match on SaintsTV?
  9. Reckon we should try Sean Goss on most set-pieces for the moment. Looks like he has a very good range of passing.
  10. I get what Saintly Child is saying. I've subscribed for a month as a sort of trial period and I'm not sure if I'll renew at the end of it. The full-match replays are very good for away games (when presumably we're using footage from other clubs' TV channels), but the camera quality is considerably worse for the home match v Hamilton. Even in 'HD', I can hardly decipher which player has possession of the ball at any point. I wouldn't consider it worth the money until they improve the camera quality.
  11. Not sure why it isn't allowing me to edit my post, but it's now Kane - 273 mins and McMillan - 81 mins
  12. Personally, I'm not sure why it would be necessary to get rid of Kane or McMillan. Don't recall many deeming it to be necessary at the start of the season when we also had Drey Wright and Stefan Scougall available. Drey Wright is now injured and Stefan Scougall has been told he can leave. So even with the addition of O'Halloran, we're actually one attacking midfielder/winger short of where we were at the beginning of the campaign (albeit O'Halloran is also capable of playing up front if necessary).
  13. Kane - 183 minutes McMillan - 80 minutes It was probably a rhetorical question but I decided to calculate it anyway.
  14. Likewise, I find your line of thinking to be quite incomprehensible. You talk about Michael O'Halloran's 'heyday' as if he wasn't playing quality football for us a mere year ago. I really doubt he has degraded into a hopeless case in the space of twelve months. Stevie May, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. Given the nature of his damaging injury and subsequent performances since then, it would sadly be more accurate to suggest that he may fail to capture the form of his 'heyday'. However, given certain players' propensities to reserve their best football for when they're employed by St. Johnstone FC, one must never jump to conclusions. In the case of MOH (and Danny Swanson before him), surely it's a sensible thing to sign players who we can be pretty sure will do a good job for us? I don't really understand any thinking to the contrary. Stefan Scougall is an example of someone who we took a gamble on. By our standards, he was on a very high wage. Ultimately, his signing was a waste of time and money. There's nothing wrong with that. You win some, you lose some. As far as Tommy Wright is concerned, his recent attacking acquisitions (Kennedy, Wright and Watt) have all surpassed expectations thus far. But when there's also an opportunity to bring in a tried and tested player of attacking quality, Tommy will quite rightly be interested. Especially when you take Drey Wright's injury into account. Granted, MOH's Ibrox move was a blot on his copy book. But it's no secret that a large number of their supporters took against him from day one (mainly for unedifying reasons). His performances didn't set the heather alight, but he wasn't given too many opportunities to impress and he was very much treated like an outcast during the Caixinha era. He moved as far as Australia to escape their stranglehold. It hasn't worked out for him there and he now has the opportunity to restart his career in Scotland without the constraints of Rangers and the negative influence of their prejudiced fanbase.
  15. This was my first look at the new-look Saints team. It's clearly still a work-in-progress, but we already look significantly better than last season. Tony Watt still caused a couple of problems despite having something of an off-day. David McMillan scored again and looks like a good option to have. Blair Alston might actually be a genuine candidate for a regular central midfield berth. Drey Wright really impressed me in the first half. Jason Kerr and Scott Tanser were stand-outs at the back, combining solid defensive work with surprising technical ability at times. In terms of the other new recruits, Kennedy will do well for us but might be one of those players who regularly floats in and out of games. It's too premature to judge Callachan at this stage. It's pleasing to see him getting into good attacking positions, but I highly doubt he'll solve our most pressing issues in central midfield. Interesting to note that he's currently above Tristan Nydam in the pecking order. It looked like a penalty to me, but a draw was probably a fair result overall. Neither team could really get a hold of the game for an extended period of time. Willie Collum was desperate to make the match as stop-start as possible. As is regularly the case, he seemed keen to be the centre of attention. Aberdeen look a shadow of their former selves. This St. Johnstone team could quite fathomably finish in the top six. Looking forward to seeing how we develop over the course of this season.