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  1. I suggest you should phone the doctor and get an emergency appointment to check whether you've got Alzheimer's. This really is concerning.
  2. I think I misinterpreted your ‘Thanks Del...’ post and thought you were sarcastically responding to me saying that both red cards were justified. If you are genuinely thanking Del, I am in agreement with you.
  3. What’s strange about it? Clearly neither of them were hurt. Doesn’t change the fact that they were both dangerous tackles.
  4. Not sure what point you’re making, but I apologise for sterilising the atmosphere of a match which finished over an hour ago.
  5. You know it's possible to analyse a match in something other than a ridiculously blue-tinted way.
  6. It was an absolutely dreadful tackle which could have broken the guy's leg. People really shouldn't comment until they've seen the replay. Both red cards totally justified and considerably worse than any Aberdeen tackles. Edited: Wait, someone has posted the video. How could anyone possibly say that he 'literally didn't touch the player'?
  7. Do you remember when you were young and you thought that your parents were never wrong about anything? Do you remember the day when you first realised that they actually blether absolute shite on a regular basis? Well, I started posting on this forum as a youngster who believed that Cagey’s posts were knowledgable and measured.
  8. That reputation emerged during his time at Celtic. I think it's widely acknowledged that he was generally excellent at Hibs. But as you say, he'd be a huge earner. We couldn't get near his wages and his expected income probably wouldn't match his ability.
  9. Bemusing that some people would turn their noses up at Efe Ambrose. He would be fantastic for us and there's consequently no chance we'd be able to get him. Hibs fans loved him.
  10. How on earth is Swanson for McCann ‘like for like’?
  11. A Celtic loanee who is contracted there until 2022 isn't 'building for the future'.
  12. I'd be surprised if he's genuinely in the best shape of his life, but he certainly looks fine at the moment. But a lack of playing time can affect anyone, even younger players at peak fitness. At his age, I just feel like he needs to be playing regularly in order to maintain the improved performances he has been putting in recently. I never criticised his contribution today. I think he's a valuable member of the squad. But hypothetically, if we were looking at potential departures in order to stand any chance of freeing up funds for a decent incoming striker, he's obviously someone who springs to mind.
  13. The problem with Danny Swanson is that he's the type of footballer who desperately needs to be playing regularly to maintain his fitness and performance levels. He has started this season well enough after a full pre-season, but I can see his form and fitness quickly dropping off if he's sitting on the bench every week (which he probably will be, let's be honest). At the wages he'll be on, is it worth it?
  14. In the first half, we were playing some sexy passing football without providing any cutting edge in the final third. We were as potent as a 90 year-old man. We addressed those issues in the second half and fully merited at least a draw. Matty Kennedy and Michael O'Halloran were playing at the level I'd hope and expect from them. A few sloppy passes aside, Ali McCann is developing into a mature and technically impressive young player. Liam Craig provided a lovely assist for MOH's goal. The defence looked more settled with the central pairing of Gordon and Kerr, although the former understandably took a wee while to warm into the game and made a couple of mistakes with the ball at his feet in the first half. Tanser and Duffy made very good use of the ball and I'd be happy to see the latter getting a run in the team, even if Foster eventually works his way back into contention with consistently good behaviour. With all of the negativity surrounding the club at the moment, the players deserve a lot of credit for showing immense character once again. Sure, there were negatives that I'm glossing over somewhat. It wasn't acceptable to lose our concentration and concede a goal so soon after scoring. I mainly feel positive today, but this doesn't change the situation. With a couple of decent signings, we could do very well. Without them, we could struggle over the course of a season. This is a very tight league and there's such a fine line between achieving top six and becoming embroiled in a dogfight near the bottom.
  15. At the time, it seemed quite a strange decision to make Richard Foster a vice-captain. Being vocal shouldn’t be the decisive criteria unless the player is also a well-liked person who provides a positive influence within the dressing room. Don’t want to make assumptions, but I’ve never envisaged Richard Foster as being that type of guy.
  16. I’d presume that’s the plan. Would expect to see him back in the squad after September 2nd if we haven’t brought anyone in.
  17. Are they different from his Courier quotes?
  18. We need a striker (possibly two), a central midfielder and a left-back. Definitely not a right-back (unless we’re planning to send Wallace Duffy out on loan).
  19. Presumably because some Saints fans might be gay? Or some Saints fans might know and/or be related to someone who is gay? Or some Saints fans might just want to show support? Or some Saints fans might want to see Ian McKellen in their hometown, hear his speech and possibly meet him? These are a few of my suggestions.
  20. Don't think Tommy said anything publicly about Hemmings? As far as I can see, we've offered a loan deal for Hemmings. He and/or his club would prefer a permanent move. Meanwhile, Steve Brown has completely ****ed up the negotiations with Stevie May after offering him less than before. If the same deal had been offered which was previously turned down, Stevie would be a Saints player now. This has developed into a total farce and the chairman has dealt with it shambolically.
  21. Tommy Wright was Lisburn Distillery manager before arriving in Perth. What a small world.
  22. You're speaking as if the Stevie May deal is a lost cause. Have you been keeping track of things lately?
  23. Would you really consider it an embarrassment? If anything, I'd say that Cove will be comfortable favourites.