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  1. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Thats me fooked for away leg, Daughters graduation!
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would have liked us to try for Hendrie, ex Hamilton and west Ham, but wages might be an issue.
  3. Season tickets on sale on friday

    Slambrother. You need to start turning up before the game starts if you want to get your season ticket pack. You are right that they stated they would be at the turnstiles. This was changed to the Muirton suite, think I may have got an e-mail about this. You should have asked me at the game, but probably to far away as someone would have taken your seat by the time you arrive.
  4. Accies away!

    Big game, first of a few coming up. Will not be easy. They are desperate for the points in the relegation battle. Would take any positive result today and try and put the pressure on hearts. Had heard Cathro reported as stating fourth was the least hearts would expect. Get it right up that puppet. CMON
  5. The Motherwell away thread.

    C'mon then saints. Hearts getting beat. Let's go into fourth. C'MON
  6. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Well there u go. What do I know I am going for the old reverse psychology Paton been great so far. Keep it up
  7. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Not looking forward to our defending of crosses/set pieces. Not been great anyway this season but scobbie. Mmm
  8. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Starting Line up a bit worrying. Would have liked to have seen Watson with Joe with ando out. Rather than scobbie. Paton in and Murray on bench. We will see what happens
  9. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Good point, forgot he was captain
  10. Big summer coming up

    Ok, Would have been nice to have read some more of your thoughts on this, but hey ho
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    You are right he was total shite against Partick and Killie, can't comment on County game as wasn't at it. We miss a fit Chris Millar
  12. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Yes agree he needs a Fraz type player alongside him. Joe ain't that. Dave MC, Joe gets stick as probably feel Ando is our main defender. But to be honest I don't see Joe as our main defender with or without Ando, as still think he is not that great a defender, and not strong/tough enough, just feels a little bit too nice. You don't have to be in your face with aggression but he needs to be able to put the foot in, etc when required, and to date not seen this at all. I agree Joe is probably a better player, but not a better defender So there is the conundrum, Is Ando our main defender or Joe? Who do you want our defence to be built around. All our defence has been poor this year including Ando and are missing Dave and Fraz.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    ITK or your own guess?
  14. Big summer coming up

    No fishing here. Thought this was a forum for discussion, but hey ho
  15. Big summer coming up

    We are starting to look like time has caught up on the squad. To much dead wood, players been to long and to comfortable. What do we need to change and who would you like within reason to bring in. Defence we need another left back. Easton gets worse every season and his lack of pace costs us. I was not bothered if he hadn't re-signed. Not seen anyone I can think of to come in. We need another centre half. Joe to soft for me. Need another Frazer Wright. Tommy Wright won't play kids. So would go for Davies from county. if Watson replaces Joe then need cover at right back. Foster is not a good defender, ok going forward but has cost us goals by not defending crosses either cutting out or in the air. Midfield for me major changes required. I think millar is done (maybe proved wrong), Paton no, and need cover for muzz as injuries getting more frequent. I would go for draper (Inverness), Mckinnon (Hamilton), Longstaff (nr 18 for killie). And we need a playmaker, the boy forgot his name we were linked with from Hamilton possibly Up top. Just need players in. No idea who as we can't afford anybody I would probably go for thoughts everyone?