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  1. Until the defence is sorted out then this affects the whole team. defence too young , naive and nice. This is down to TW. holt is pish and anther Goss type experiment. matty Kennedy on the right is pointless. yer man TW is trying to change the style of play as has applied for at least 4 jobs and not got and this experiment is going to affect us massively.
  2. Until we get the defence sorted out, not confident about any game as our midfield is hesitant going forward as worried about behind them. We could easily lose 3 or 4 goals here which is my worry.
  3. Thankfully you said pitches or there would have been a whole load of hurt on here
  4. Am going but hard to get excited going on the games since the turn of the year. Think we need to get back to the set up we were playing before the winter break. trying to build a formation to shoe horn Goss in aint working. Here is a question, As this is the first year in a while where we have so many players tied up on longer deals rather than the 1 year deals normally. Have the players got into comfy mode with not having deals to play for?
  5. I visit the site regularly on a daily basis. Don’t post much as most times already been said.
  6. Sean goss to start? am outside perth and not much snow at present. Can’t confirm for in Perth
  7. Brann - Has your old man been to a saints game before? The reason I ask, we got speaking to an older guy in the Muirton Suite before a game a couple of years back, who travels over to the UK from Norway quite often taking in games and I am sure he supported Ipswich also.
  8. Surprised at Aberdeen’s interest. Definately have to eat my words as I just wasn’t seeing this and he has been brilliant this season alongside Kerr (maybe ando was the weak link?). Felt he was too weak, no leader etc etc. But he can give it the GIRFUY to me. hope he stays.
  9. Liam polwarth on pca from caley? Real or no real? if real thoughts? Can’t remember much about him?
  10. Don’t know how long watt’s contract is for but think we should be actively trying to extend that. Didnt reslise Tommy’s contract was up this season. Again would hope tali’s have been started.
  11. Pretty easy today. Good all round team performance. St. Mirren are going down. They are sh—e, worse team I have seen in a long time.
  12. Really looking forward to the fakes shouting, moaning, etc for every little thing and challenge. They are the worst and that is saying things. Oh how i have missed this. Not! Not confident for some reason, but probably because last games I was at were Hearts and Celtic.
  13. Tricky game, could do with a result before a tricky run of games coming up. Bit worried we get overrun in midfield with Muzz not there against McKinnon.
  14. Good game of football, and a draw a good result On this show we have a decent team, and if we can get a decent central midfielder that will take the ball, break up the game and let the rest play we could be in for a good season. Even if we had been beaten, I think we probably saw enough in this team to hopefully have a good season.