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  1. RandomGuy

    Zander Clark

    Grant was apparently at Clyde v Stirling on Saturday
  2. RandomGuy

    Zander Clark

    Jack Hendry, who's played 3 league games all season, and not played in 2 months, has been called up ahead of Kerr.
  3. RandomGuy

    Zander Clark

    Because he's 22, playing for the weakest team, yet has kept the most clean sheets in the league?
  4. RandomGuy

    Zander Clark

    Scott Bain has been called up by Scotland to replace Craig Gordon. Bain has played in one league game this season. Clark has more clean sheets in the last month than Bain has appearances all season. Bain plays for Celtic. Bizarre how McLeish looks at one of these things as more important than the others. Scotland National Team holds zero interest to me now, it's pointless.
  5. RandomGuy

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Just wait until Swanson gets a chance to join in too... Agreed about the crowd, the figure seems low. Not sure why there's been a few snide wee digs at Shaughnessy, you need captains all over the park, and they don't all need to shout and bawl. Agree Craig was superb though, completely ran the show and has the experience to know when to slow play down and when to speed it up. Best performance I've seen at McDiarmid I think. So much hunger to win the ball and total fearlessness when they got it, we'll probably concede a few from getting too cocky, but if it gives us games like this, I'll take it. Signing Wright and Kennedy, for nothing, is incredible business. Give Tommy a new contract now, Broon, and please sign it Tommy. You both trusted each other this Summer and this is what that brings. Genuinely feel like we could win the Scottish Cup again this year..
  6. RandomGuy

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Expecting a loss. Not because we're poor, but because winning five in a row doesnt sound St Johnstone-y, whereas losing at home when we're favourites does. Not sure where I stand on the "keep the same squad/mix it up" debate. All I know is Murray Davidson has to come in to the starting line up. Not sure how it worked away to Accies, maybe end up with a similar idea with McMillan back in beside Watt.
  7. RandomGuy

    Zander Clark

    Sums up the attitude of Scottish football towards St Johnstone, McLeish probably still thinks its 2010 and MacDonald is up and coming. The fact you can the likes of MacDonald and Michael Devlin, whos played 11 games in 18 months, called into the squad while Clark and Kerr are ignored just baffles me. Quickly losing interest in the National Team.
  8. In Countries who have switched to it, crowds have stayed the same, with some having marginal increases, and some marginal decreases. Imagine a game that coincides with Summer holidays and a World Cup, the support would be tiny. Folk just make excuses because they don't want to go. Some moan that £23 is too high, then say £15 would do it, as if they rely on that £8 to survive. Some blame travelling costs. Some blame the weather. Some blame the results. Some blame the style of play. 99% of them have no interest in going but just make some desperate scramble of an excuse to deflect from not wanting to support a team who won't win every week. It's that simple. You could make it a perfect Summers night, entry for fiver, kids in free, free alcohol and no other game on, and they'd still find a reason not to go. Best hope we have is the people trying to get their kids into the habit, that's the future, the "adults" who have walked away won't return, no matter how hard you try, so just give up wasting time on them.
  9. RandomGuy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Sense of authority? Everyone I've said has clearly been an opinion.
  10. RandomGuy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Are you expecting me to attend Livingston games? I seen him when they played against us, and I'm certain they were on TV in the Cup a few times when he played there. He used to come deep, take the ball off defenders and drive forwards with it. I never said he can't post on the forum, but at least the last ten posts I've made on here have had him quoting me with different used of the word crowbar, so I asked him to stop.
  11. RandomGuy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Please stop this, I don't mind you but you're making it a chore for me to use this forum.
  12. RandomGuy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    League clubs, clubs without transfer windows can still loan players.
  13. RandomGuy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I'm sure I seen him three or four times for them, a few times for Sheffield United, always looked better central and our of place wide. Sheffield United seemed to play him more on the left wing than the right, with a full back supporting him, and that's the best I seen him play wide. I've asked Livingston fans where his best role was for them, so interested to see what they say. Bringing the ball through the thirds is pretty obvious really.
  14. RandomGuy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Just a guess but I think he was signed as a cheap back up to Muzz, in the "easier to destroy than create" midfield role. I'm a huge Scougall fanboy but don't think he could play the Millar role. He played quite deep for Livingston a few times but that was more through choice, he was never a holding midfielder. I think him, Davidson and Craig central could work well, with Muzz/Liam sitting deeper/moving forward and Scougall bringing the ball through the thirds.
  15. RandomGuy

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Maybe it's one of these injuries you pick up when you're 5-0 down before half time and can't cope with any more.