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  1. Looking to see the signing news on the horizon...
  2. I've no idea what Vine is tbh. TW seemed to confirm he was an agent as he joked about him being at the Montrose game and how he "could be talking to them about May aswell"
  3. RandomGuy

    Betfred Cup

    He sprung an offside trap, as the centre halve near him was standing square on while Kane was running towards goal. He gets the ball, runs towards goal, begins to dither. Centre halves start to catch up, keeper comes out to the edge of the box and gets time to set himself, and he blasts it straight at the keeper. It didn't look like he had too many options to me, or that he over thought it, he just panicked. A quality striker either hits it earlier, tries to loft it, or tries to dribble past the keeper.
  4. Feruz isnt anything like the type of player we sign. Hes played about three senior games in six years, spread over 15 clubs, and has never had a loan spell that hasnt been cut short due to his behaviour or attitude.
  5. It seems pretty well known an outside investor pays the majority of his wage at QOS, he also still lives in Blackpool with his family and doesnt go to training every day.
  6. Dobbie won't leave QOS, and he currently earns more than any player in our team.
  7. RandomGuy

    Betfred Cup

    You can't qualify on 6 points. Only the best four (?) second placed teams go through, We're out.
  8. By the sounds of things, by the time the window shuts in 40 days, you'll know where that moneys been directed..
  9. Don't think thats as desperate, to me anyway. We create chances but never capitalise on them, and the whole team gets bogged down as they know we won't win the game if we concede, as we so many. We just need a striker to score the easy chance, who that May be, I don't know.
  10. A strikers agent spotted about McDiarmid today. We also need a CB.
  11. RandomGuy

    Betfred Cup

    Strange old game. Ran over them early on, got the goal and Swanson and MOH missed open goals. Their player dives, gets a penalty and scores, and we become a completely different team. Everything becomes rushed and panicked, and the second goal was just disgraceful. Second half we couldn't muster a decent chance until Kane got clean through, 1v1 with the keeper, you all know the script with how that went by now. Really need a striker, if we keep missing chances it absolutely piles the pressure on the defence to be perfect, which isn't happening. Its a rut we've got stuck in and could lead to a battle down the bottom if its not resolved. Sadly Steven Anderson looked done, and he looked like he knew it judging by his body language.
  12. RandomGuy

    Betfred Cup

    O'Halloran left and Swanson central behind Kane, if anyone not at the game is wondering.
  13. RandomGuy

    Betfred Cup

    Keith Watson seems to be started at RB for County. Hopefully we can get MOH/Swanson running at him.
  14. If the rumour going about is true, and its something I've now heard and that Broggy posted about a few days ago, then no transfer fee will be getting paid. All contract offers are on Mays table and its simply a waiting game on Aberdeen agreeing a pay off figure with him. He then chooses the club/offer he wants.