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  1. He has, Simon Horne is apparently closing down aswell. Vastly different reasons for the two of them though.
  2. ITK guy on P&B says we've been speaking to Ambrose for the past month and its not looking likely, so that maybe puts into perspective where the budget is. Hes been without a club since the Summer and hasnt playing since January.
  3. Papers this morning saying we're competing with Hibernian for Efe Ambrose. Hes clearly experienced and a huge upgrade on Duffy, but hes never really seemed like a "leader" to me, and always seemed prone to absolute disasters.
  4. Want me to quote our average attendances, or will you just admit you're talking absolute pish and save me the bother?
  5. I'd say theres almost no chance.
  6. He can't play for us until January
  7. The biannual RG transfer wishlist... Out: Vihmanns loan ended, nobody will notice hes gone. Booths contract expires in the Winter anyway, let him go. Callachan punted, hopefully accept a termination since hes in his final 6 months, should pick up a club who will play him, so everyone wins. Ideally Swansons decent wage is also taken off, either by getting him out the club, or negotiating a wage cut, hes not contributing enough to be worth it. Not convinced this is realistic. In: Get Anderson back from the Raith loan, he's not top flight standard anymore, but he'd be a huge benefit off the pitch especially in training. Let him work with Duffy. At this stage, we'd ideally have 3 (maybe 3.5) wages to play with, and we'd only be a LB (who hasn't played a minute) and a CM (sixth choice) down. That should give a fairly decent chunk to sign a CB. Ideally an experienced CB who can cover the left. Perfect if they've played at this level before. Players that might fit?: (TOTAL SPECULATION WARNING!) -- Liam Ridgewell (CB, has played LB before, vastly experienced. At Southend and contract expires in the Summer, has only played one match for them, a six month deal to get himself playing regularly might suit all parties). -- Alan Sheehan (33yo CB, played LB in his early career. At Luton, contract expires in Summer and has barely played. Over 250 in Tier 2/3 of English football). -- Sol Bamba (CB, hugely experienced, and had over 70 games in the Scottish top flight. Isn't playing for Cardiff, six months left on his deal and approaching the end of his career). No idea how realistic those are, financially. Ridgewell would be my first choice, huge experience at higher levels, and can play on the left side. Then Bamba who has the benefit on playing at this level before. Sheehan is a total no nonsense ****er, his pedigree is the weakest, but hes the most affordable. Any of those for 6 months, ideally Ridgewell, and while we're at it, offer Rickie Lamie a contract offer for next season. Problem solved. Clark Ralston - Kerr - Ridgewell - Tanser Wright - Davidson - McCann - Wotherspoon Kennedy May Reserves: Parish, Duffy, Anderson, Gordon, MOH, Holt, Craig, Swanson, Hendry, Kane
  8. Completely agree. Vihmann on loan so youd hope that could be ended early, and Booth is only contracted until January so that's two easily away. Callaghan I've no idea, suspect he'd find a Championship team (maybe even a Hamilton/St Mirren club) so could potentially agree a cut price deal for his final 6 months of contract. Not convinced Swanson will go, big wage with us which he wont get anywhere else. That's three players away that have barely played. Get Anderson back (I think hes done, but off the pitch and in training would be far more use than Vihmann). So we're a left back and central midfielder down. We've got McCann, Holt, Davidson and Craig for the middle, no worries there. The absolutely ideal, perfect, signing is an experienced, quality, centre back who could also play left back in an emergency. If they've experience of this league, it would be incredible. I think Ralston would be passable if the defence around him wasn't a complete mess. Would give us a chance.
  9. We'll have the same issue we had this Summer. Who's going to take them? Vihmann should be easy to get rid of, the rest might need released, which costs money which defeat the whole point.
  10. I'd add that a fair few of them are due to Tanser being doubled up on, and the spare man there getting a cross in. Watch Rangers 2nd, and Hibs 4th, for examples of the midfielders not bothering to defend.
  11. A, really basic, overview of the goals we've conceded against top flight sides this season.
  12. I completely and utterly disagree, but we wont agree here, so it's pointless trying to debate it. All I'll say is going full out attack against the best sides in the league is nothing short of suicide. We are one of the worst teams in the league, people need to accept that.
  13. We played two up front for an hour yesterday. Absolutely clueless why people are so obsessed with it. It worked for Hibs yesterday because Kamberi has the ability to take balls in, beat men on his own and create chances. We have no strikers anywhere near his quality. You also had two wing backs able to get up and down the park, four central players who are comfortable on the ball and able to pass around our team. It's all relative anyway. Aberdeen next. Everyone here will be screeching for a front two, we do that and you leave our central two playing against three players as Aberdeen always go one up front. What happens there? Aberdeen dominate the ball and are allowed to build attacks, unless we drop a striker in to help the midfield. They always have a spare man when we try and build attacks, which means we end up going long. Hows that going to work? Who are folk even wanting up front? May and Hendry havent linked together once yet have had plenty of minutes together, I cant remember a single pass between them in the second half (you know, that 45 minutes we played with two up front and never got a shot on target until May scored with about the last kick, exactly the same as the St Mirren second half, where we played two up front and couldnt get a shot on target). Other than that you're back to Kane, who whenever hes played in a front two has been playing the exact same role Kennedy has been for the past few weeks. Folk are forgetting how poor Hearts and Hamilton were. We are the worst side in the division defensively, theres zero question about that. I'll never, ever, understand why so many people see our defence absolutely shipping goals every single week and then claim the best approach is to have less protection in front of them and just go for it. Just now we're conceding over 2 goals a game and that with us apparently "being negative", if we open right up it's going to be even worse. Crack on though.