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  1. RandomGuy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Barnsley apparently made an approach for Jason Kerr. They signed Liam Lindsay from Partick for a tiny amount, so should be scared off when we quote a fee which should be nearer £1m.
  2. RandomGuy

    Saints Tv

    Have you changed the setting for the image? When you're watching, click on the HD button at the bottom right and choose the highest number. For some reason it defaults on the lowest.
  3. RandomGuy

    Scottish cup

    Scottish football's issue in a nutshell.
  4. Solid enough. Tony Watt seems to get a lot of abuse off them, I don't know if that's because his Airdrie/Celtic links, or something else. I think Kerrs just been brought up in a squad alongside the likes of Craig and Macca, and takes any chance to wind cunts up.
  5. Strolled it, you'd never have guessed it was a cup tie based on Hamilton's performance, 2-0 for an hour yet didn't ever have a go. Not much to say, solid performances all round.
  6. O'Halloran hasn't trained with the squad so "unlikely to feature" today, and is looking at next weekend as a starting point.
  7. RandomGuy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I wouldn't imagine so, all we've done is replace Wright with O'Halloran. O'Halloran is apparently earning the same as Scougall, so once he's gone it's all completely evened up. O'Halloran has played all across the front line for us before. I think McMillan might want a move if he's not playing regularly come Summer time though, apparently a few Irish teams have asked about him this window.
  8. Hamilton have never won at McDiarmid while Canning has been manager, their last win here coming in January 2015. Tony Andreu, who they just signed again, scored the winner, with McFadden being sent off. Some talk that Shaughnessy won't be in the squad for this, confirming his impendimg departure to Aberdeen you'd imagine. Gordon beside Kerr if that happens, keep the rest same as Dundee. Only thing I might want is Swanson in for Kane, but not sure how Hamilton set up these days.
  9. RandomGuy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Best squad in my lifetime. Shame Scougalls been shite.
  10. RandomGuy

    Saints Tv

    I thought my point was obvious, tbh. Regardless, you'll be able to watch games live from the UK, via a VPN.
  11. RandomGuy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Don't see what benefit we'd get swapping Joe for May, sadly.
  12. RandomGuy

    Saints Tv

    Yes? He asked if he could watch games in Cyprus, Saints TV is available in every country on the planet.
  13. RandomGuy

    Saints Tv

    As far as we know, it's available to anyone in the world. First live match will be on Wednesday, 23rd, 7:45 UK time. I'm not sure how they work out what you pay in other countries, hopefully an overseas subscriber can clarify it. You've to enter your country before choosing your package, so it maybe changes to your local currency after setting up your account, but that's just guesswork.