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  1. MOTM Game 10 Saints 1 v 1 Aberdeen

    I think McMillan played the passes for Alstons chance, and the Callachan penalty incident too.
  2. MOTM Game 10 Saints 1 v 1 Aberdeen

    Alston for me, times his runs into the box well and has completely proved me wrong with how well he can defend. Think he's finally found a role at the club. Didn't see much about Tanser to be raving about tbh, got beaten a few times by allowing GMS time on his left foot, and doesn't really get as many good balls in as last season. I'm happy to admit I'm likely to be wrong as the vast majority have voted for him here, and it's far more likely I'm wrong then all of them tbh, but it's an opinion.
  3. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Collum told Callachan he didn't give the penalty as "there wasn't enough contact"... Good ref though..
  4. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Get this Collum lauding in the ****ing sea. He let Considine go right through the back of Kennedy when already booked without as much as a word, gave a free kick against Alston for being kicked by four Aberdeen players, he booked Swanson when the player he was chasing stopped and caused Swanson to run into him, but let Lowe getting away with wrestling McMillan to the ground off the ball on a counter. I'm still completely convinced we should've had a penalty, Callachans progress was impeded, and he gave similar non contact fouls in the middle of the park.
  5. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    He's got a point tbf, Alston and Tanser both had the chance to take him out ten yards back, and you doubt McGinn would've scored from there. Not sure it's worth applying blame to anyone though, it was a complete wonder goal.
  6. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Disappointed if it's personal why Craig was taken off, we looked poorer without him.
  7. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Can't complain at all, frustrating as feel we should've had a penalty, but overall when the rage at Collum calms down you can't be unhappy with a point. It took an absolutely top drawer goal to beat Clark. Promising signs for the season yet to come.
  8. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Usually is with Red TV anyway, watched their games on that against Burnley via a stream.
  9. Celtic Allocation for Betfred Cup

    I'd hope that Saints have a process in place to avoid selling to away fans. A database of some sort that tracks your ticket purchases so those who only ever purchase tickets for Celtic games are ignored. It would then be the fault of Saints fans if a Celtic fan ended up in there as they must've sold them that ticket.
  10. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I think prices are so dear because its the same gear the coaches and player wear, I've definitely seen them pre-match wearing that polo shirt. Dont why it makes it more expensive, but it seems a common approach from companies to do that.
  11. Accounts 17-18

    Would the last three be in these accounts? Its last seasons squad you'd be looking at, unless Brown has said its the current squad who have a few earning over that amount, I've not seen his comments. Scougall the obvious one, wouldn't be stunned if O'Halloran earned a fair whack while with us on loan.Maybe Easton, Davidson, Wotherspoon and MacLean too? Just raw speculation as they're the ones who'd be most likely to deserve a big contract from Brown.
  12. Hamilton & the Plastic Pitch V St.Johnstone 1st Sept

    Swanson had a great pass for Kane away to County aswell.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Well yes, nobodies claiming he'd reject Barcelona for us, but of the realistic teams who'd be interested, I doubt he'd have given up his chance of making it at Hibs for any other club/manager than Saints/TW.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright has revealed that he was not expecting to re-sign Danny Swanson until transfer deadline day. "We got a phone call at four o'clock yesterday saying Hibs were releasing Danny," he told BBC Radio Scotland. "I asked the chairman a question and he said 'go for it'. The chairman's done well for us in the transfer window and the one surprise for us was getting Danny."
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's a common thing said amongst those ITK tbf, suggestion is Saints were the only club he'd give up on Hibs for. Same way that the only club he left us for before was Hibs.