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  1. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    I read a book about it. Did he not admit later he wished he'd never done it or that he'd cried afterwards or something? Can't remember if there was a credible source for it or not, must've been in my early teens when I read it.
  2. Friendlies

    Free parking at the ground aswell apparently. Only downside is it's such an early kick off
  3. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    I think that's actually the start of that season. Was Law not only there for one season?
  4. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    Do you remember what year? Found a report on it. Rodney Marsh scored, Denis Law played the full match. http://www.citytilidie.com/latest/st-johnstone-away-friendly-1973-to-74/
  5. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    Bristol City. Rowan Vine. I also remember Arbroath away, my dad got in a slanging match with their bench as we sat in the stand and couldn't see the far away goal due to their coaching staff standing. One of the subs came on, done something good and blew him a kiss.
  6. Rory Donnelly

  7. Rory Donnelly

    That's a bit ****ing boring though isn't it. What a Summer if we sign a French Winger with a goatee and an (alleged) gay cross dressing striker. Far better than the usual signings.
  8. Rory Donnelly

    We tried to sign him but chose Swansea instead. He'd barely broken through when McInnes left us.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    TW saying he'd rather play youngsters than sign someone who isn't good enough. Hopefully means we'll avoid Fallon/Iwelumo/Morgan scenarios again.
  10. Hartlepool

    It's a pointless comparison. Leagues have different requirements. English leagues seem more physical, up here it's more technical. I think it's right to suggest you'd be in the top half of the Championship, Lee Clark built a team at Kilmarnock filled with physical players a bit low on technique and they managed beat Falkirk, top four regulars in the Championship, over two legs. Thought Hartlepool were alright, they never really threatened and even when we stood off and let them control proceedings they didn't seem to have a particular focal point to take them that final step towards goal. Your front man (9) was willing to put himself about but was pretty isolated, wide men never beat their full backs and those in the middle were more hustle and bustle than any skill.
  11. Friendlies

    Tansers taken more than a squad number off of Scobbie, he's now the obvious defender to start slating. I thought he was perfectly fine tbh, he's not as good as Easton but very few at this level are. He'll be fine as a back up player. Biggest worry is he seems to beat himself up after a mistake, having folk screaming at him when he fails to control a neck height ball at full pace probably won't help. Kane had more than enough pace to beat the defenders today, even if he gave them a head start, there was no need for him to be going as early as he was.
  12. Friendlies

    Only problem is the striker. Kane had his audition today and flunked it. Cummins has never been pretty good that way either. MacLean is the best option, especially since Scougall would take a huge amount of pressure of him. Rather have a pair option though.
  13. Friendlies

    And then he'd fluff the shot..