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  1. The end of June seems to be getting mentioned widely as the "cut off point" on deciding what will happen. If it doesnt seem like plans to play the rest of the season are in place by then, then the clubs will have to vote on voiding the season or calling it as complete.
  2. The top 3 are the only ones guaranteed to finish in the top half, so the minimum payment they could receive is higher than the rest. The rest of the money will come when final positions are decided.
  3. You either void the season, or you call it as final. Get the clubs to vote on it. Either that or you scrap the Betfred Cup for a season, delay the start of next season and use the first month and a half to play the final 8 games of the league season/final two rounds of the Scottish Cup. I dont see that being possible the longer this goes on. I dont, and never will, like the idea of a 14 team league. You either end up with a split of 7/7, which is ridiculous as one team is constantly not playing, or 8/6, where one half of the league plays more games than the other, which is daft. Extending it to 16 isnt possible as you need the four OF games for the TV deal. Best option is definitely to finish this season before starting the next, without a doubt. Only issue is timing.
  4. The TV deal, which is a contract they can back out of if their terms arent meant, requires 4 league games between Rangers and Celtic. If the TV money goes, the vast majority of us are absolutely ****ed. This is why I find all these wild theories about reconstruction ridiculous. If you dont factor in 4 OF games, then you're not going to be right.
  5. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://vimeo.com/280072094&ved=2ahUKEwi1j-2nv7XoAhXUEcAKHUMDDm8Qo7QBMAB6BAgAEAI&usg=AOvVaw3DgBjhg4fbqSyeN5MWyer5 This help?
  6. Agreed with above, a great idea. It can be hard to find footage of games when we first came back up, though. I tried to find some last year and could only discover clips of games through what seemed to be a compilation Collin Samuel's agent had put together to show him off.
  7. How many folk need to disagree? Cant remember tbh, but youd say Rangers and Hearts would definitely vote against the season ending now and league being left as it is.
  8. Sure all the clubs voted for that outcome though, simply wouldnt happen in our division.
  9. Is it fair though? Youd have situation where Partick get relegated, costing jobs, when they're 2pts from safety with a game in hand over the team above them. Raith would then take their place while only 1 point clear at the top too, which will probably cost jobs at Falkirk. I'm not even sure the league rules would allow it, but that's based on what others are saying that actually looking at rules. Ann Budge has already claimed she would take legal action if they're relegated before all the games are played. Voiding the season altogether would be an even bigger issue, contract disputes would be rife, over lengths/bonuses etc., youd have teams who've already planned for next season and promotion (United) spending money based on a secured promotion only to then have it taken away from them. FWIW I've no idea how they do it. Ideally they finish this season off somehow, even if it runs into the next season. Cancelling the League Cup for next season and starting the league season later makes sense, but depends entirely on when football is able to restart. Changing to Summer football/extending the leagues, arent something I want to see.
  10. Why? The government need to be supporting businesses at this time, at the moment it looks like British Airways are going to get billions of pounds as a pay out while small businesses all over the UK crumble.
  11. Do players not catch coronavirus from each other like?
  12. Take a wild guess. We'll be absolutely fine, every chance we could play Hibs with Shaun Rooney in the starting line up though... Clubs who will suffer as the part time ones. Zero income coming in yet still paying wages. This could devastate the lower tiers if it goes on too long.
  13. Theyd lose their license fairly quickly.
  14. It would closed door, zero fans. Not a case of 500. The whole idea is to have the emergency services in more important places than a football match. Pubs will remain with their 3PM blackout, but hopefully club TV channels would then be allowed to broadcast during it, until fans are allowed back to games.
  15. So you think its fairer that over half the league get ruled out the chance of qualifying for Europe after half a season? And if the split was after 26 games, you want home/away for each side. Top 6 would play 36 games, while the bottom 8 would play 40 games, over the course of the season. How is that fair?