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  1. Only if we sign an experienced defender though, I think. He was pretty clear that "the clubs focus is more on getting players out than getting them in"
  2. Hearts signing today means we're now the only top flight side who havent made a signing. Window shuts at midnight on the 31st, 11 days left...
  3. Apparently Murray Davidson is suspended for this.
  4. Excellent news, can tick another stadium off the list. Only Alloa will be left from the top two tiers. Will be a tough game though.
  5. Arbroath, Ayr, BSC Glasgow or Clyde away pls. Ayr especially as it's a ground I've not been to yet.
  6. I dont doubt some of them are/were Saints fans. I do doubt that majority weren't just kids who couldnt support a lower tier side who hid behind Saints until Rangers made it to the top flight.
  7. You still dont see the "coincidence" in the majority of the FCU vanishing the exact same season Rangers win promotion to the top flight?
  8. I imagine theres a difference between picking a piece of paper out a bin, and playing football for 90 minutes, tbh.
  9. Less than 2000 home fans at the game today, second lowest home support of the season. Against a team we havent played in around 5 years, with reduced admission prices... Further evidence against these fans that stay away but would return if "we didnt play the same teams all the time and didnt pay a fortune for it". Wonder what their excuse will be for not going today?
  10. Well yes, surely that's how every club on the planet operate?
  11. Neither, he was seemingly genuinely ill. Dundee are likely to be knocked out by Motherwell tonight anyway.
  12. Yes, a winger who's been put injured for 12 months, let's release him because hes not instantly come back flying.
  13. Sort of comfortable game, I think. Got the early goal, then the lack of game time seemed to harm us as no real fluency to anything. Morton came out flying in the second half, did nothing, Saints got on top, scored straight away. Game over. May's finish for the goal was absolute quality. Outpaced the defenders on the halfway line, controls a ball over his shoulder, continues to outpace the defence and then dinks the ball over the keeper with his weak foot. The quality is still there, hopefully the missing confidence can return with finishes like that.