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  1. Richard Foster

    I'm not sure how it works after the game, tbh, sometimes refs seem to just report players instead of carding them as it opens up a harsher penalty than a red card would bring.
  2. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Unofficial twitter showing O'Halloran still in a protective boot. Chance I'd reckon that means he might struggle to start on Saturday. Would be interesting to see whether we'd return to the 4-2-3-1 with Thomson replacing MOH in that set up, or whether Scougall will come into a four and we'll play Cummins/Johnstone beside MacLean
  3. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Unofficial Twitter has a photo of him taken today, he's wearing a protective boot. Would suggest he'd be a doubt for Saturday as he won't be training
  4. Richard Foster

    Depends. If the referee includes it in his report then Fosters ****ed. If the ref had completed his report and sent it in before he done it he might get away with it. Pure speculation but I'd suggest he done it straight after the match in the way back to the dressing room, so he'll be in the report
  5. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Fosters an idiot, the club will likely end up fined aswell for "failing to control" him. Not sure about the Mannus/Clark thing. Mannus wasn't convincing on Saturday and arguably cost us any chance of points by handing away the first goal in such a fashion. Not convinced dropping keepers every time they have one bad game is a great idea though. I'd be dropping Foster, Craig and Johnstone for Comrie, Davidson and Scougall
  6. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Dundees penalty is absolutely laughable, a ****ing disgraceful decision which will just be blas├ęd over but if it happens to Celtic/Rangers get talked about for weeks. The disallowed goal is a total nothing aswell, both sets of defenders spent the whole game winning that type of header without giving away a free kick yet he disallows a goal for it. Strikes me as a ref who shat himself thinking he got the Cummins penalty wrong and not wanting it to be a game changing decision, so then went and wrongly made two game changing decisions.
  7. A Lackluster Murray Davidson

    Surely trying to play a game you're not fit enough to play in is the opposite of an "attitude problem"?
  8. Goalies in the SPFL

    He's been getting better at that, tbf. Sadly he returned to it after his gift for the first goal.
  9. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    He's not honest at all in all his interviews, he regularly speaks pish on purpose. His "we won't be signing anyone", two days before signing someone, has happened in about three of the last transfer windows. He seems to be blaming the ref for yesterday aswell. Far be it from me to dare criticise him, but every single game we've played against struggling teams near the bottom in the past 12 months has seen us out fought. If it was once, maybe twice, I'd blame the players, but it's the managers job to get them in the right mindset, if he's aware they won't be, and he's plenty of experience of seeing them not be up for it, then it's his job to get them focused. The attitude of the team yesterday was almost identical to the 3-0 loss last year, the only difference was yesterday we got two penalties.
  10. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Scougall is a central player. Let's not blame him for being the poor sod who gets sacrificed after an hour regardless of performance, we have a player like that every season. He needs a chance in the position Wotherspoon has been playing in lately, I reckon.
  11. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    It can only be the fault of the management, it happens far too often for it to be anything else. We seemed to approach this game with an arrogance our performances didn't actually warrant.
  12. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Cummins wasn't good at all, the fact folk are claiming he is just highlights how poor we actually were. He made one good run in the lead up to the first penalty, and spent the rest of the time failing to win headers.
  13. MOTM Dundee 3 - Saints 2 - 16/09/17

    Paton. Only players who's performance was anywhere near acceptable
  14. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    What a game football is, btw, second half was great entertainment. Scenes upon scenes when within seconds we'd scored an equaliser, had it disalloweded and then conceded a penalty. Raging at the time, but the adrenaline is braw. We deserved nothing from that match, limp performance against a Dundee side who simply wanted it more. Starting line up didn't really help, and Johnstone, as expected, looks an absolute huddy. Second half much the same until Bain decided to absolutely clatter Cummins, who was never ever going to get close to scoring if he'd simply let him attempt to control the ball (it wouldve bounced off his shin and out for a goal kick). No idea why Andersons goal was ruled out, it meant he had no choice but to give us a second pen when O'Dea randomly decided to bear hug his man down, in plain view of everyone. We'll respond to this, and it'll give a few players a decent kick up the arse. Easton, Foster, Craig, Wotherspoon and MacLean were all absolutely dire
  15. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Strange team, strange tactics, strange performance, strange goal. Can't see us scoring two without reply unless there's a massive change from us. Too many players off the pace. Unforgivable