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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Nobody cares about him joining Hibs. It's the fact hes strung the manager along for months, forcing us to hold back some of the budget next season in hope he re-signs (apparently Mannus has signed a PCA with Motherwell, arguably Swanson mucking us about has led to Mannus' wage being considered "cuttable"), forcing us to hold off approaching targets for next season and he's made the manager look foolish. If he'd said from the beginning that Hibs were his first choice then nobody could complain, instead he's been in the paper, and telling the manager, that we were his first choice. It's now being rumoured he actually agreed a deal with them in February but it wouldn't be signed until they got promoted, which means he's been stringing us along with no intention of signing for us unless Hibs failed to get promoted. It's shite behaviour, especially toward a manager who's twice saved him from sitting in a stand.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yup, it's considered an unwritten rule to inform a club you plan to hold talks. I think it was Coulson who we also talked to a club about first. Hibs, and Swanson, have been sleekit here.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    As far as I know, there's no legal obligation for Hibs or Swanson to tell us they're in talks
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    TW in the papers today saying Swanson has signed for Hibs, as Hibs have now contacted Saints to let them know it's been completed. Hes "keeping his thoughts to himself" though
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    That's very true. Doesn't change the fact there's no rule about informing the "selling club" though
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    There is no duty for Hibernian or Swanson to tell Saints they are in talks. It's considered a form of gentlemans agreement to do so, TW phoned Houston to tell him we were interested in approaching Alston before we spoke to Alston, but it's not a written rule. When Brian Graham signed a deal with County we had no idea they'd been in negotiations.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Kenny Miller would still be a good signing, but you'd imagine he'd still be on a decent wedge. Be surprised if Rangers did allow him to leave though, he's easily been their best player from what I've seen.
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Start of this year he was mewling about his "contract nightmare"
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Interesting to see the Unofficial Twitter hinting that Chris Millar has been fit for a while but issues with his contract limited his appearances. Just a few weeks back someone had claimed he was being left out so his automatic extension clause wasn't reached.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Imagine there's a strong chance we won't see Swanson play for us again. He's clearly been telling TW he wants to re-sign with us, and yet has once again gone behind his back to sign elsewhere. I can't imagine TW will happily accept that. Nor can I see him giving Swanson a third chance if he flops at Hibs.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's Robert Thomson reporting it, so it's 100% true. Can't blame him, he's getting a substantial pay rise, he's been promised first team football and its the club he's supported his entire life. Naturally disappointed but at least we've got a few months to identify replacements
  12. Swanson and fosters money

    Barossa bus is also being paid for according to twitter
  13. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    I thought Paton far outperformed Muzz yesterday.
  14. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Much improved second half, makes the first half all the more annoying. Lack of a fourth choice striker coming home to roost though, hopefully reinforces it in TWs mind that we need one with some actual quality next season.
  15. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Absolutely pish. Taken us 40 minutes to press Aberdeen up the park and then we gave up on it straight after. An utterly average team being made to look good as every player is allowed five yards of space. Tactics are all to f**k, and no idea why Alston came off while Coulson, who's only touches take him five yards back the way, remains. Scobbie giving us a reminder of why he's third choice. Leaving aside that mental own goal he's losing headers to Shinnie and running into Shaughnessy. Proper clownshoes stuff.