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  1. Apparently only around 300 tickets left for Hearts fans in the North and Main, not sure if theyll be offered the Ormond at this late stage though. Hopefully the Saints fans respond to the recent form (4th best team over 6 games) and the importance of the game.
  2. I'd imagine Dunfermline would look for over £100k for him just now. Dont think we can afford to spend that on a, relatively, unproven striker just now.
  3. He gave that interview on Saturday after their game.
  4. Daily Record "exclusive" last night. They get it from Scott Burns who was first to reveal the McCart PCA, and every stage of the Kennedy saga.
  5. As you, just last week he said he was staying put and had no interest in returning to Scotland, on his Twitter. Football rumours are funny things.
  6. Unfortunately hes joining a team in the Scottish third tier... Watt would be a huge upgrade on Kane. I'm not sure we should be spending as much, wage wise, as we presumably would be on another striker who doesnt really score much, but if we could get Swanson out and use that wage for Watt, I think it would be a smart move. Hes more than capable of noticing May's runs and playing the ball through defences for him, he done it for Kennedy.
  7. No idea. Manager seems confident enough about it.
  8. His Saints TV interview has him "hoping hes signed in the next 24-48 hours". He's their first choice centre back, but sat on their bench today...
  9. I said nearly 4 year deal. I got it wrong, thought it was earlier than December he signed it.
  10. Hes contracted until 2023, having signed a near 4 year deal earlier this season...
  11. Deserved win, a travesty if we'd lost that. Still not perfect, and not sure what to make of the new set up, but we never looked in danger of losing I think. Ali McCann is some ****ing player.
  12. Depends on the position you're dropping. ICT have lost £750k in income due to getting relegated. Add in us losing 4 home games with 3 stands of OF fans, home games against United, and the increased prize money, and it could reduce our income by close to £1.5m. But £70k seems reasonable.
  13. Hopefully the fans dont take their frustrations out on the players at the game today, they have nothing to do with off the field issues, and probably as frustrated as anyone that they're not getting any help on the pitch with new signings. Worry the atmosphere could be rotten today when it's an important game.
  14. Inverness got more for Coll Donaldson, who's thrown a strop in each of the last 3 windows trying to force through a move, and who signed a PCA with County, than we got for Kennedy, who was happy to stay and play.
  15. I dont think her role has ever officially been made clear, but my understanding of the one article its discussed in makes it clear shes taken over the majority of Steve Browns jobs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-johnstones-head-football-kirsten-21229989.amp Eerily similar to Steve Browns "bulletproof" interview.
  16. Steve Brown handed control over to Kirsten Robertson earlier this season, I'm sure. It's her this is directed at. She was hounded out of Kilmarnock for over reaching into too many departments and over ruling experienced members of staff despite not having any knowledge of the department. Sound familiar?
  17. Hes leaving at the end of this season, by the sounds of that. I'm sure everyone on here who seem determined to pin the blame on this entirely on him will be delighted when we start a Championship campaign with no manager and only 6 players.
  18. O'Halloran a doubt. 16 senior outfield players for tomorrow if he doesnt make it, not even enough to fill the bench.
  19. A great attitude. Shame the club have spent today selling our main attacking threat, telling the fans not to have any hope we'll be signing anyone, and not even bothering to advertise the game through Twitter or through Saints TV interviews.
  20. He'll demand a six figure fee, and youd likely have Kilmarnocks and Motherwells also after him.
  21. One of their main complaints were she couldnt do the whole contract thing. They reckoned they missed out on multiple signings in the Summer due to it, and will also lose Stephen O'Donnell for nothing as she didnt even offer him a pay rise to extend his contract...
  22. Kilmarnock fans hate her. Be prepared for a plastic pitch appearing at McDiarmid with her in charge...