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  1. Aberdeen fans reckon they're going to approach Matty Kennedy in January.
  2. I'm assuming these things based on the fact we ended up with a back up right back, and shite loanee, as our only options at CB behind Kerr and Gordon. No planning brings you to that situation.
  3. I've literally pointed out every single source I've taken things from. From paper interviews that you yourself can search for and find within a minute.
  4. Johnstone isnt a loan. Sinclair has conceded 20 goals in 8 games. In his last two he conceded 8, and hes twice conceded 5. Brechin cant just play him forever if hes not performing. Trying to fight his way back in is a learning experience anyway.
  5. Most are what TW himself has admitted. 18 months ago he admitted we have no scouts, something I've had PMd to me too. TW actually broke the news of Gallagher joining Motherwell, in the first days of March. Duffy admitted in an interview TW told him he'd be fighting with Foster for the right back spot when he agreed to join. Vihmann admitted TW seen him in March against Northern Ireland, and that he only became available when Staebek changed manager in June, one month he before joined us. Shaughnessy had been rejecting contracts since November, confirmed by TW in an interview. Watt claimed on Twitter he rejected a contract in January and was then forced out the first team picture. It was widely reported Blair Alston wasnt offered anything until May. Over a month after Polworth, rumoured to be a target by Robert Thomson, was confirmed as joining Motherwell. Just me, but I look at Shaughnessy rejecting deals in November, Gallagher being targeted, Gallagher agreeing to join Motherwell in February, TW watching Vihmann playing against NI in March, Vihmann becoming available in June, Vihmann signing for us in July, and feel likes it's a case of them missing out on a ****ing obvious target, them having no idea where to go until TW spots someone at a NI game who he keeps an eye on, before getting them in because they're available and we've no idea who else is out there. I'd actually prefer it if we were in this situation due to negligence tbh, the idea that pre-planning brought us Duffy and Vihmann as back up CBs is terrifying.
  6. Forgive me for refusing to believe we actively wanted Vihmann and Duffy as our CB back up players.
  7. "Numerous throughout the team"? Will the knowledge we knew Shaughnessy and Watt were away in February, had obviously decided Easton and Alston were to be let go off, and knew Gallgher and Polworth weren't options. May was still playing regularly at Aberdeen, and Holt playing regularly for Fleetwood, and we'd never heard of Vihmann. What were the club actually doing at that time?
  8. We didnt have numerous targets, that's my point. We should have a list of potential players 6 months in advance, at least. In January we moved for Gallagher, we missed out and didnt sign a replacement until July, someone we hadnt even heard of until March. Theres no forward planning.
  9. St Johnstone are a top flight Scottish side, have been for the past decade. Their turnover is in the millions and they have £2m in the bank. We have less scouts than Annan Athletic. Direct your anger at me if you want, but the clubs lack of professionalism in terms of recruitment is obvious. This time last season we sat 3 points off 3rd and only needed replacements for Shaughnessy and Watt. Since then we've approached Gallagher, missed out, then signed Vihmann on loan six months later.
  10. We identified Declan Gallagher, and literally nobody else. Meant that when the Gallagher deal fell through, as deals do, we had no other targets so started from scratch, we didnt sign anyone else until Vihmann joined on loan at the end of July. TW found out in February Gallagher had agreed to join Motherwell, are you telling me we approached a number of similar targets, none of who's names reached the press (remembering that even the deal for Wallace Duffy, a complete nobody at the time, was rumoured for months before he joined) and they all said no due to things out of his control? Or is it more likely we have no list of targets, and simply go for players the manager rates, and when one of them fall down, we start from scratch with TW asking his friends and agents for potential players? Motherwell are light years ahead of us. They have four scouts around the UK watching games. One of their senior CBs suffered a major injury on 27th July, within a week they had a CB on trial who signed for them just a month after that. Hes stepped in and looked comfortable at this level. They done this before with Cedric Kipre who got them £1m previously. That's what we should be doing, we should have a main target, and a list of fall back targets, all in place months before a window comes around, all players the manager wants and are gettable. We lost Shaughnessy, lost out on Gallagher, and ended up with Vihmann on loan 6 months later. Its embarrassing.
  11. “The staff have been really good since I got here. It’s a lot more professional than what I was used to last year. “Everything is a lot more organised. I’ve really enjoyed my time so far. “Already I can see benefits to my game working with the sports scientist here. “And the coaching and information I’m taking in every training session is definitely affecting my game already and I can see it improving. “I’m getting my proteins in me, better food and a wee bit more one to one time, more things that are specific to what I need to on the pitch instead of doing it as a group collectively.” How professional do you think Saints come across to prospective signings, considering what happened with May this Summer?
  12. That's what I've been told. Either an agent letting them know, or a player known to the manager who gets enquired about. They aren't staff, I'm sure we had a "scout" who watched Drey Wright, but that was after a tip off from an agent. Nobody is actively scouting games for us weekly. Dykes signed for Livingston for a minimal fee 5 months after that game. We can out spend Livingston in fee, and wages, if we want to, so if we'd wanted him, we wouldve got him. Failure to spot these type players right under our nose, who are cheap, young, and capable, is putting ourselves under huge pressure to find quality. Done right a proper recruitment set up pays for itself after a year or two.
  13. For the sake of comparison, Kilmarnock have a Head of Recruitment, and four permanent scouts. Motherwell have a Head of Recruitment and three permanent scouts. Hamilton have a Chief Scout and another permanent scout. We have nothing.
  14. Glad to see journalists calling them out on it. A lack of forward planning has completely ****ed us this season. Easton, Anderson and Shaughnessy were all set to leave us this Summer, yet the only defender we proactively signed was Wallace Duffy, its embarrassing. I love MOH and May, but in January we could've agreed a PCA with Gallagher, and signed Lyndon Dykes for £10k, I refuse to believe we'd have spent more money doing that, nor that we would be in this position if we had. Sometimes feels like we're just signing the players we think are the best out there rather than scouring the market and picking the best option out of that.
  15. Barnsley fans seem to love him, got them promoted from League One last season, scoring 80 goals in the league and going unbeaten at home.
  16. Hearts announce Daniel Stendel as their new manager, will take charge of training on Tuesday, with the home game against St Johnstone his first in charge. He left Barnsley earlier this season after a 10 game winless run.
  17. I'm sure he went around 8 games and only scored in one, a hat trick at home to United.
  18. Try and attract people to buy season tickets. We had 15,000 fans at the Cup Final, thousands at the parade, you have over 6000 coming to every European game. At all that, I never once seen anyone be handed a form for season tickets. Theres still not a database for fans, I buy online tickets and it doesnt store your information, I always click to revieve offers etc. through my email, again, nothing. Half season tickets advertised on FB, surely me as a online ticket buyer who is giving them my email address every week and asking to recieve offers is a prime candidate to be told about that? Not a single email. Our transfer strategy, and how its implemented, is still a disaster. This Summer simply forced into the spotlight how it works, in terms of scouting/negotiating. A competent club doesnt lose, arguably four, first team defenders in one window and replace them with a kid who's never played a senior game, and a loanee the manager has watched once. A lot of our players have been signed through the same agency, and most aren't found by scouting, just by tip offs from agents (Drey Wright, for example, was through Allan Preston). Financially, you cannot fault the club, but it's wrong to be suggesting they're succeeding at other parts. We've been a top flight side for a decade now, and in terms of cash at the bank are in the top three in the entire country, we seem on course to whittle that all away.
  19. Yes, but this allows us to negotiate our own fee and sell on clause. St Mirren have received £1.3m from John McGinn, simply through sell on fees.
  20. Chris Kane signed a 3 year deal in February 2015, so is just a few months short of what McCann has been given.
  21. Despite all that the crowds havent risen, the income hasnt risen, and the on field performances are dipping. A well run club would've built on those foundations and pushed on more, Saints seem happy to assume the same old would continue to work, and we're now being left behind by the likes of Motherwell.
  22. Next five league games, against the other bottom half sides. This run could potentially push us safe if we could pick up maximum points. 24 points from the next 23 games should see us safe, if we pick up 12 from these 5, we'll just need 12 points from 18 games. Massive.
  23. On MacLean, no idea. Love the man, he was still bagging goals when he left us, and is still play semi-regularly for Hearts. Cant help but feel it would be a backwards step though, signing a 37yo striker in the hope he can turn the clock back 6 years to link with another striker feels desperate.
  24. Santos' contract expires in the Summer. Never heard of him to rate him, but I'm heavily reluctant to see us pay cash money for a CB playing the English fifth tier. His career trajectory has seen him drop from a League One regular, to a League Two regular, and now a Conference regular. Its four seasons since he played for Peterborough.