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  1. They play Hearts, while we play Rangers a few days after theyve had a European game against Feyenoord. Every chance we take something from that game.
  2. Worth mentioning the rumour was he left County because his wife and McIntyre had a disagreement at a club party.
  3. Did you actually watch the second half? There were multiple occasions of us playing out from the back, even under pressure. I've genuinely no idea why you've decided to ignore that to claim we're constantly hoofing it.
  4. Pish, even Man City dont do it all the time. Even Wilie Miller is saying Saints outplayed Aberdeen, and played good football. Yet here you are, saying its shite.
  5. You cant magically play through a high press, sometimes theres literally no other option.
  6. Play like that all season and we'll be talking about the top half, completely dominated the second half. Holt is a tremendous player. Ralston looks an upgrade on Duffy, but not as good as Foster yet. Holt the best midfielder we've had since Millar, maybe even better going forward aswell. May struggled to get involved much but there was a clear drop in the ball sticking up front when he was replaced by Hendry, who couldn't hold the ball up at all.
  7. Considine charges across to Kennedy, late, and smashes him in the face with his forearm. No card. Free kick goes in, Davidson about to win it, gets two hands shoving him on the back, in plain view of ref and linesman. Play on. An absolute farce now, officials have lost it.
  8. Absolute disgrace. Ref gives the penalty, then changes his mind because the Aberdeen players are surrounding him and McInnes is crying. Pathetic.
  9. Think we deserved the goal. Trying to defend as a unit then counter and its sort of working, sloppy mistakes happening but the new players need time to link with the old.
  10. You should never put any personal details into a site streaming football games, never.
  11. I'd be surprised if we dont find out Kane has a knock.
  12. He'd likely want huge wages, and hes a total bombscare. A pass from me.
  13. For me. Spoony the best winger we have at both sides of the game, so should add balance to a midfield which has been too attack minded this season. Holt should allow us to play two central again. Kennedy gets the shackles lifted and some freedom to get close to May. Wright probably isnt fit enough to start yet.
  14. Am I not allowed to criticise a player, ever, if i think they're a decent squad player? I think Clark pushes too many shots central, Kerr gets caught too far up the park, Davidson doesnt do enough on the ball etc. It's not just Kane I criticise.
  15. I like Kane, as hard as that might be to believe, but hes not ever going to be a first choice for us. As an option off the bench, and in certain games, hes useful, but as a the main outlet for goals, hes not. As Andrew has mentioned, he got some vile, vile comments on the twitter announcement about his birthday, just the day before TW made his comments, so assume that's what hes referencing.
  16. Just for the sake of the conversation, those going out of contract are... Max Johnstone, Steven Anderson, Drey Wright, Ross Callachan, Liam Craig, Ali McCann, Matty Kennedy, Danny Swanson, David McMillan, Chris Kane and Callum Hendry. In my opinion... Wright, McCann, Kennedy all stand out as cast iron certainties, although I'm sure its been admitted we've tried to speak to Wright and Kennedy but their agents are refusing to sign anything. Callachan, Kane and Hendry all have to prove themselves worthy this year, but I'd be tempted to give them all a further year as they're handy squad players. McMillan is gone. Craig and Swanson I'm not sure, probably depends how they play this year. Right now I'd be keeping Craig and verging on letting Swanson go. Anderson would be let go, hes not good enough and we've made mistakes lately of holding on to players too long (Wright and Mackay both got new deals that they never saw the end of). Johnstone I've no idea about.
  17. Hes had plenty of praise from fans, there were some lavishing him with it after his performance against Hibs. A week later he stinks McDiarmid out against Killie. Hes a 3rd choice striker at this level, no amount of bluster/singing/praise is going to change that fact. Hes 25 now, older than Vihmann, Gordon, Kerr, Tanser, Wright and Kennedy, no longer a young prospect, so I've no idea why he seems to get more slack based on apparent youth.
  18. I think we'll be after a left back who can play CB, so he fits the bill... Wish Ando all the best, shame how his time here has ended but it always has to end somehow.
  19. Struggling to see the issue at all here, tbh.
  20. If we're being pedantic, Kennedy isnt officially in the squad.
  21. On his Saints TV signing after Ralston joins he says he hopes to get another player in (turns out to be Holt), and that he has "left back options after the window has closed"
  22. His contract ends next Summer and the loan runs until then, his St Johnstone career is over, and hopefully Falkirk (who are apparently paying some players a fortune) are picking up the majority of his wage. Shame how it worked out.
  23. Are you expecting TW to come out in the media, say he thinks they're shite and he wants them punted? Cant think of a single manager that would do that.