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  1. Barnsley fans seem to love him, got them promoted from League One last season, scoring 80 goals in the league and going unbeaten at home.
  2. Hearts announce Daniel Stendel as their new manager, will take charge of training on Tuesday, with the home game against St Johnstone his first in charge. He left Barnsley earlier this season after a 10 game winless run.
  3. I'm sure he went around 8 games and only scored in one, a hat trick at home to United.
  4. Try and attract people to buy season tickets. We had 15,000 fans at the Cup Final, thousands at the parade, you have over 6000 coming to every European game. At all that, I never once seen anyone be handed a form for season tickets. Theres still not a database for fans, I buy online tickets and it doesnt store your information, I always click to revieve offers etc. through my email, again, nothing. Half season tickets advertised on FB, surely me as a online ticket buyer who is giving them my email address every week and asking to recieve offers is a prime candidate to be told about that? Not a single email. Our transfer strategy, and how its implemented, is still a disaster. This Summer simply forced into the spotlight how it works, in terms of scouting/negotiating. A competent club doesnt lose, arguably four, first team defenders in one window and replace them with a kid who's never played a senior game, and a loanee the manager has watched once. A lot of our players have been signed through the same agency, and most aren't found by scouting, just by tip offs from agents (Drey Wright, for example, was through Allan Preston). Financially, you cannot fault the club, but it's wrong to be suggesting they're succeeding at other parts. We've been a top flight side for a decade now, and in terms of cash at the bank are in the top three in the entire country, we seem on course to whittle that all away.
  5. Yes, but this allows us to negotiate our own fee and sell on clause. St Mirren have received £1.3m from John McGinn, simply through sell on fees.
  6. Chris Kane signed a 3 year deal in February 2015, so is just a few months short of what McCann has been given.
  7. Despite all that the crowds havent risen, the income hasnt risen, and the on field performances are dipping. A well run club would've built on those foundations and pushed on more, Saints seem happy to assume the same old would continue to work, and we're now being left behind by the likes of Motherwell.
  8. Next five league games, against the other bottom half sides. This run could potentially push us safe if we could pick up maximum points. 24 points from the next 23 games should see us safe, if we pick up 12 from these 5, we'll just need 12 points from 18 games. Massive.
  9. On MacLean, no idea. Love the man, he was still bagging goals when he left us, and is still play semi-regularly for Hearts. Cant help but feel it would be a backwards step though, signing a 37yo striker in the hope he can turn the clock back 6 years to link with another striker feels desperate.
  10. Santos' contract expires in the Summer. Never heard of him to rate him, but I'm heavily reluctant to see us pay cash money for a CB playing the English fifth tier. His career trajectory has seen him drop from a League One regular, to a League Two regular, and now a Conference regular. Its four seasons since he played for Peterborough.
  11. I dont think it's actually rising that much is it? "Record breaking money" the headline, but that's in regards to the overall sum, which is spread over longer. Probably wrong though.
  12. Last time he officiated for us against them was also the last time we beat them...
  13. Lowest debts, third highest cash reserves. Perfectly placed to try and take a financial gamble to stay up in January.
  14. 25yo LB who has sporadically played central. Played 27 times for Hull in the Championship season, and started their first four games this season before getting injured. Looks like they loaned a left back to cover the injury and Kingsley has never got his place back. His wage is reported at being £8k a week, and Hull paid £3m for him in 17/18.
  15. Stephen Kingsley? Someones winding you up if they're claiming we're signing him, I'm sure Hull paid £5m for him just a season or two ago.
  16. If its Clark Robertson, he's not an International above U21, we've been linked with the past three windows He's a regular for Rotherham so would require a fee in January.
  17. Papers today claiming its Browns fault the Declan Gallager deal fell through.
  18. Which side of the fence do you sit on? So far 2019 the worst in our history. 2018 almost one of the best. TW in charge for both, and another of our top ten best away seasons.
  19. Celtic played 4-6-0 away to County today, fwiw. Best we look is when we're pressing sides and forcing mistakes out them, generally only do that until the defence ships an absolute howler then it ends though. Entirely unconvinced inviting teams onto us and allowing 90 minutes of balls into our box is going to help.
  20. St Mirren continue their home form and beat Motherwell, while Hearts beat Livingston at Tynecastle and only Hamilton would be within 3 points from us, they then host St Mirren at home on Saturday while we're inactive. By Sunday we could be 3 points adrift of 11th, with our next game at Tynecastle...
  21. We've not scored against Kilmarnock since 2nd December 2017. We have 9 goals against them in the past 6 seasons. We've next to no chance here.
  22. The away crowd for this will be barely triple figures, im sure only around 200 made it to Motherwell for a weekend game. Struggling to see how we win this, Kilmarnock barely concede goals (21 goals in 19 games), and we dont keep clean sheets (2 - Brechin/Hearts). Best we can hope for is a scabby 1-0 with a wonder goal and them missing sitters.
  23. We've not been bottom at this stage since we came up. We play 3 of the bottom half before Christmas, after the break, we only play two of them until March. Time is running out if we can't beat top half sides.