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  1. *drops John Sutton bomb into thread*
  2. Surprised it's not been mentioned, but linked with Jason Holt on loan.
  3. Depends, purely my opinion but first choice you'd hope would get well into double figures. Second choice between 5-10, third around 5. Kane would ideally be a 3rd choice option for a top flight team. Subbie to come on run about and help maintain leads or striker to run about and close down defenders/midfielders when playing stronger sides. Hes an awful finisher, but at the same time it's not his fault we're relying on him scoring every chance he gets.
  4. Why? We're already out a cup and the last window shut 7 months ago, they've had plenty time to sort out deals. Its now been a month since the club agreed a deal with May, since then hes ****ed about and ruined it, come back and said he'd take it, and the clubs responded by putting in a reduced offer and now a loan offer. A loan offer one month after being told Aberdeen want him gone and will let him go for nothing, we put in a loan offer. Just a week after we lost out on Hemmings, who wanted to leave his club and was allowed to leave for nothing, because we put in a loan offer. Its amateur, and pulling something out the bag (most likely we'll now finally return to the initial offer for May) doesn't excuse the absolute ****ing mess they've made over this.
  5. Why have we just tried to sign May on loan then?
  6. We also apparently cant afford to loan Oli Shaw...
  7. Just to hopefully end the rumour once and for all. Kilmarnock, who pay higher wages than us, "couldn't get near" Laffertys wage demands this Summer.
  8. Like he still plays Anderson and Craig? Mannus was replaced by Clark, Ando by Kerr, Craig was behind McCann in the pecking order on Saturday. This "old guard" myth is bizarre when literally nothing points to it.
  9. Dave Mackay is 38, and Frazer Wright is 39. Are you genuinely suggesting they could still be regulars for us? No idea how Millar is doing at Morton to comment on that, but I wish he'd been kept around, even just to pass on what he knows. FWIW we have a new signing rumour today. Ewan Henderson, a 19yo CM with 4 appearances for Celtic, being linked on loan. Only be a Celtic fan though, I'd add.
  10. The fact Celtic and Rangers sign an agreement every Summer with the other 10 clubs, that theyll be liable for any damage caused by their fans, and both end up spending hundreds of thousands sorely on that every season, should highlight why a full stadium of them isnt a good idea. Although we could always claim they ruined the car park...
  11. Hes contracted until 2021, and I doubt Hibs will let him go for free, especially if hes performing well enough that we'd try to sign him.
  12. We'd be loaning Shaw, and be in this exact situation 6/12 months down the line. That's my point.
  14. Not as first choice striker, no.
  15. Sheffield and Preston aren't top flight teams, never mind Scottish teams, so can you please stop bringing them up? I misread his Aberdeen stats as for some reason have pre and post split games in separate categories. Either way, If we use the figures you've used above, hes involved in a goal at Aberdeen every 3.5 games, despite everyone claiming hes "shite" there. Thats means, in terms of projected figures, he'd be involved in 11 goals over a 38 game season. No player in our squad managed double figures in that regard last season. For us and Aberdeen hes involved in a goal every 2.5 games. Name me a striker we can sign for free who has that pedigree?
  16. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-mays-st-johnstone-move-18858587 Scott Burns article. "The Perth side pulled out of a three year deal for the frontman last month because of last minute changes to the deal. Scottish Cup winner May then went back and told St Johnstone that he would accept the initial deal without any of the adjustments. Saints chairman Steve Brown then made a counter offer but on vastly reduced terms to what he first offered. May has now turned the deal down"
  17. We can get May. By all accounts he was willing to sign a 3 year contract on a wage we'd offered him, he'd be available on a free transfer. For whatever reason the club are now refusing to offer him a contract they'd already offered him, and are preferring to try and sign a shite kid on loan. Clueless what they're thinking.
  18. transfermarkt. They have him at 29 goals, 18 assists, 123 games. I'll believe that over your site who claims May set up zero goals with us, considering he set up 3 goals in 1 game once...
  19. Some would, but you'd push away fans from outside Perth who decide two hours travel, plus travel costs, just isn't worth it for whats on show. The game at the weekend was the most exciting home game in ages, and it was only exciting because we were absolutely shite in the first half.
  20. This. Even if folk get to have a go at Brown, whats it actually going to achieve? He made it clear years ago he'll never change how he runs the club if he feels its the best way, no matter what criticism goes his way. The fact he threw away the chance to sign a fans favourite, and hasn't bothered to tell the fans why, sums up what he thinks about our opinion.
  21. Another season of boring attempts at 1-0 wins would be dreadful. We blew the chance to sign him we tried to haggle him down, as if his career was a used car.
  22. Theres zero chance we'd sign him permanently, if you're lucky we'd have him for the full season at most, as he could be recalled in January.
  23. I've always said a tally like that would be fine, if the striker also helps get more goals from midfield. Mays overall play and assist total (10 assists in 51 top flight games) suggests he should have that ability. Shaw is a skinny 20yo laddie who can't play up front on his own, to the point Hibs play him on the wing instead of up front. For reference he has 4 assists in 39 games) Its not even a discussion about whos a better fit for what we need. The fact we're about to sign, and spend a wage on, Hibs fourth choice striker as our only striker signing this Summer is an absolute farce, and if it does come to fruition, which seems worryingly close as Thomson is reporting it, then the club deserve all the criticism they get.
  24. David McMillan couldn't get a game for Hamilton last season.