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  1. Pink

    Season Tickets

    I took an Aussie visitor to the game on Saturday who was completely amazed that cash was still the only means of getting in in the 21st Century. I've got so used to going to Tesco to take out cash to pay for a ticket I hadn't stopped to notice that there are very few if any forms of entertainment which make it such a challenge to access.
  2. Whatever Tommy's plan for the defence is, it needs to factor in the fact that Kerr is our most saleable asset and we need to have a back up plan in place if a bid comes in for him we cant refuse. Worry would be Joe leaving, selling Kerr late in the transfer window and being left with just Gordon and Anderson and a panic buy stop gap.
  3. True, but this is the first time I've looked in ages and the quality of the discussion is 100x better than when there were 10x the amount of replies. Far too much reasonable thought and football knowledge!!
  4. Not sure what those claiming lack of ambition are really looking for. Clearly unhappy with a 4th placed finish so which of the 3 sides above us do you think we should be outspending.
  5. Signed up for this the other week and so far it seems like a great way to boost the clubs Community Fund. Any time you buy something online they will make a donation to the cause. Not always a lot but it all adds up to help.
  6. Maybe, Pretty keen after missing out on Preston, Hull, Madrid etc etc
  7. Nick playing for us or the Fifers?
  8. I'm in. I like this Friday night thing!
  9. Pink

    On This Day

    My first Saints game. I dont remember much but reliably informed that some mad casuals kindly helped my Mum lift my pram over the barrier for the pitch invasion. Hearts of gold.
  10. A fine fine goal from N-Head running onto to delicately chipping through ball. I'm sure out comprehensive assists database will clear up who from. Incidentally Pete set up mine.
  11. Pink

    Perth Public

    Not sure if basing stadium location on the proximity of Wetherspoons is the best way forward. What I've seen working well abroad is much closer liaison between the local transport network and the club to improve public transport access to the ground. In Germany and Italy there is free transport for fans from city centres to the ground and back which obvisouly is beneficial for the centre and the club. Shuttle Buses running from the train station and a few more locations within the town centre in the hour leading up to a game and for an hour after the game I think would really encourage some people to get to the game. Browsing other teams forums, the distance between the station and McD is regaularly cited as a reason not to come to Perth. If there was a way of subsidising eg through free advertising for the bus company then great but if not I'm sure most fans would be willing to pay a small fee for a service that got them to the game and back which could be relied upon.