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  1. fazman1977

    Scotland's shame

    too right, they would. you just need to look at heavy handed stewarding telling saints fans to sit down when bigger teams go to grounds and stand up all game with nothing said.
  2. fazman1977

    Your Auld School Teachers - Like and Dislike

    Nice story of a nice man. Never knew him, but my wife did and said he was a lovely guy. RIP
  3. fazman1977

    Lifted over the Turnstiles

    out of stock now
  4. fazman1977

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    where was the Hal o' The Wynd again?
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/4884500b-8be7-492d-86fd-470a8c785f47 Roddy with a Bonar
  6. fazman1977

    Neil Lennon

    me too. he's a decent manager and full of passion.
  7. fazman1977

    2018/2019 Fixtures announcement

    OS still showing last years fixtures. laughably shyte
  8. fazman1977

    Neil Lennon

    not that it would happen, but would you have him as manager at saints?
  9. fazman1977

    World Cup 2018

    not sure if England won or not. was it on the news?
  10. fazman1977

    New Assistant Manager required

    Neither can I. Plus they've moved out of Perth and stay in Dundee now. A combination of being a bit closer commute for him and easier for his young family who do a lot of country dancing in the Dundee area.
  11. fazman1977

    Ibrox latest...

    and Hibs, well, Hibsing it.
  12. fazman1977

    Hamilton v Saints Tuesday 8th May 2018

    Foster is a weapons grade bell end.
  13. fazman1977

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    yes, he did.
  14. fazman1977

    St Johnstone Kids Room

    My sister in law's pal did a cracking hand painted mural on my nephew's bedroom wall, was basically a massive saints badge and it looked fantastic. If you're interested, PM me and I can put you in contact with her to see if she could do the same. It really was impressive. The wall was painted royal blue and the badge in white. Probably cheaper than custom wallpaper too.
  15. fazman1977

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Peter Wilman was my grandad, nice to see his antique shop where I spent a lot of my early childhood. He was originally from Buxton and left Perth in the early-mid 80's eventually retiring to Guernsey. My granny died there around 25 years ago and he passed away just shy of 5 years ago now.