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  1. Again not denying that but my contact is good and that’s not far off the mark.
  2. Not saying my contact but apparently £3000 a week with United
  3. as I said looking better now as in not bottom
  4. One point muzz did with header back LAUGH OUT LOUD
  5. As I said few seasons ago we maybe won before now but we’re still bottom of the league but looking better now.
  6. Is this the highlights form tonight’s match
  7. Again we were here three or whatever seasons ago give tommy a chance we aren’t worse in league
  8. We were here few seasons ago finished 8th so do t getting hasty
  9. shows most games live
  10. I was on that bus as well was my mate who shouted first pub stop the corrina.
  11. original poster says tasted international football as in zander at u21
  12. Fort William have at least nine on loan.
  13. Apparently there a body in there as well.