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  1. Again not denying that but my contact is good and that’s not far off the mark.
  2. Not saying my contact but apparently £3000 a week with United
  3. as I said looking better now as in not bottom
  4. One point muzz did with header back LAUGH OUT LOUD
  5. As I said few seasons ago we maybe won before now but we’re still bottom of the league but looking better now.
  6. Is this the highlights form tonight’s match
  7. Loved his get in there slide tackle on the big lad up front.
  8. Again we were here three or whatever seasons ago give tommy a chance we aren’t worse in league
  9. We were here few seasons ago finished 8th so do t getting hasty
  10. shows most games live
  11. I was on that bus as well was my mate who shouted first pub stop the corrina.
  12. original poster says tasted international football as in zander at u21
  13. Fort William have at least nine on loan.
  14. Apparently there a body in there as well.
  15. No way did they save all the fish.
  16. Tell u what we looking for a striker at just a quick look and yes I know it only queen of the south and yes I know it’s reserves but John Robertson with a second half hat trick get him in first team.
  17. Club saying they have sold more season tickets that last season. Imagine what they could sell with a decent striker or few decent players.
  18. Maybe we couldn’t meet his wage demands but do we not pay well with bonuses you never know unless you are in discussions.
  19. Jody Morris for one maybe not tommy but someone at the club.
  20. I know he won’t just go telling g everyone but bumped into Roddy he says hopefully a signing this week obviously not said who but hopefully he is right and we get someone in
  21. Can’t go by all names mentioned her. For example I mentioned Mitch meggison he scored at least one. Also the rapist was spoke about he scored today. Shanklin scored last night all players have been mentioned here. Possibly more if we look into it. I think even Gormly mentioned and he scored today but might be wrong on him being mentioned.
  22. Not just us with agent problems. Dyballa transfer to Man Utd off due to excessive wage and agent demands.
  23. Are all the tables still in there?