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  1. As bad as it may seem, I'd be happy with a 0-0 draw and Aberdeen pummeling our defence but our guys standing resolute. Our defence has to be able to withstand a decent attacking force. Keep a bank sheet and the confidence will return.........We live in hope..!!
  2. It's a basic requirement to have a sound defence........We need to get off the mark quick in the January window and get 2 experienced defenders in and possibly a goalkeeper. Hope that it's not too late by then....
  3. You have every right to make your post. Your points are valid and point to long term problems within the club which have never been addressed.
  4. Not really wanting to drag fans away from Saints but they are making it hard to go to McDairmid every other week. Once you make the break and support a non league side, you get into it and the pull of the senior game dies away.
  5. If people believe that they get better entertainment for a much lower cost then they will go to the non leagues, irrespective of the standard of football.
  6. OK! Here's another............Steve! ...How much do you think it will cost the club to escape from the Championship League!...........Answer! He hasn't a clue...........Neither do we!............ How many years will we be in the 2nd tier?.......Erm no idea.....I really don't want to see Saints rattle down the leagues but it's happened before and it can happen again with bad management.
  7. Are you concerned with all the negative vibes coming from supporters?
  8. How much revenue do you expect to lose if we get relegated?
  9. Look..We're in the shit...Where do we start!!! Get the defence sorted...........Then the midfield problems...You always build a team from the back....IMO..of course!............What's the point of a striker who gets no service!!
  10. Have you lost interest in the wellbeing of this club and are you in negotiations with a potential buyer
  11. Got to wonder the cost of bringing in players versus the cost of going down. Dundee United are in their 4th season in the championship so it's not an easy league to get out of these days. It will cost Saints a lot of money getting relegated.
  12. Scott....I can't claim any credit for this article but I've just posted it here because I thought it would be of interest to those who have followed Stevie's career down south. I don't think the article is critical of Stevie. On the contrary it seems to point out that too much was expected in too short a time. The writer is suggesting that he could come good at Preston. Shame he got injured.
  13. Must have a bet with Corals that Barton will play again.
  14. First of all can I apologise if this post should be in the fitba chat but all things Stevie seem to end up here.