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  1. I salute you! I was making the statement that there are other Perth clubs out there who would be happy with the support of fans who don’t want to attend Saints games this season.
  2. Cagey, it’s not bitterness, £23 to get into a home game to watch poor football. Less than half to see a game that means something to the players and the community.
  3. Be better going to watch Jeanfield or Kinnoull, half the price of entry, better football and enthusiastic fans.
  4. It’s not worth it mate, concentrate on your business
  5. It’s always been about the coin, I understand using Randoms statement it’s a business but it’s farcical sometimes. Offering amateur contracts to boys going full time instead of £125 a week. Paying youth coaches £50 per week working out around £3 an hour. Using numerous volunteers to help run the Academy and club. Not replacing a General Manager, which they need desperately etc etc etc The thought of others going bust by paying top wages is a correct one but surely there has to be a balance. Maybe it’s the plan to go down, take the money and move on.
  6. Ross was on piss poor money and was doing everything.
  7. Popcorn and large Coke Zero at the ready
  8. He was on a decent wedge at Notts County, a pal of mine who supports them says he doesn’t do enough but can pop up and score anytime. I think Dundee will be paying around £3k plus bonuses.
  9. I know we have had our ding dongs but it’s what I have been trying to put across (probably not in the right manner) it’s a shambles across the board from youth to first team to stadium staff, all undervalued. However as you have said before it’s a business so can’t really blame the chairman. Who would sink millions into a football team for no return? It’s a tough gig. I think it’s going to be a fight between the two Saints as to who is going down this year. It looks like it’s the end of the Saints cycle of doing well, unfortunately.
  10. Nice retort after a 7-0 defeat, positive right enough. You are totally incorrect, like Rik1234 come back to me with the facts or shut yer p&&s. It’s not just one instance of issues, there are many.
  11. Where is Roddy, sorry Random and Andy Rhodes watch? Blue tinted glasses so tell us the positives?
  12. Why’s that? Enlighten me?