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  1. My view is as long as we show heart and a good display I'll be happy , Aberdeen was a bonus point so 1 point out of six from these two games was acceptable providing they gave their all...
  2. Who FKIN cares is this the dear john segment
  3. I'm personally not expecting anything from the next 2 games however I'll be happy as hell if there is a good response from the players...
  4. No report on how many season tickets sold... I do however find it a surprise Livingstone sold over a 1000
  5. Great point but nobody is bigger than StJohnstone so criticism / opinions should be voiced regarding the two most important people looking after OUR club
  6. I'm in tears of JOY... Give him time watch him time waychhim gel and CMON Saintees Bring your buddies for Saturday... FANTASTICCCCCCCCC
  7. This is more exciting than the champions league draw
  8. What a stupid idea that is.... The club has a 2 million credit balance why the **** should we pay for players wages instead of sitting on all that money get a couple of gems in and watch the money grow surely 300K would get May and another descent player...