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  1. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Pathetic title
  2. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    We need a pick me up and I'm telling you a new manager will give us a boost regardless of the concequences to TW.. He's had 5 amazing years as a manager and thats a great run however by his tone you could tell he'd be willing to move on if someone came in for him so time for SB to let him go show leadership and get a new manager in pronto
  3. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    Up until today I was willing to give him a chance however before he becomes hated SB should allow him to resign gracefully and give him a reasonable pay off .. We should get Mckintyre & Dodds or preferably Neilson if we can afford him anyone else except hughes
  4. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Such a hard ass Don’t believe a word he paid it
  5. Captain Fantastic

    I hear ya Just clutching straws guys .. worried for our team if we go down there will be a lot of redundancies and some hardcore working people behind the scenes gone
  6. Captain Fantastic

    I purely feel that there is a lack of Encouragement, Motivation, and dare I say it leadership... I truly feel Dave would give not only the old guard a sense of motivation but encourage the youngsters also.. I'm looking for a presence and Dave has a barrowload of that and I know he could make a difference
  7. Captain Fantastic

    People have said that come March TW should go and Callum and Clelland take over **** that if I was Steve Brown I’d sit with TW and bring back Captain Dave McKay get rid of Clelland and put Dave’s in the dug out in the dressing room he’s the one man that can not only lift TW but will lift Stjohnstone Bring back Dave McKay
  8. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    Heres me thinking you were in saints heaven
  9. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    Glad your being realistic

    Okay since we maybe focusing on the next game v Hearts I'd like to get the Motherwell away game post started with a prediction of us winning 2 - 0 ... Time to move on from Saturday and give the team what it deserves right old get into them...
  11. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    Yet again we have supporters that think we have a god given right to be in the top six. On one of the smallest budgets in the league I say we’ve done pretty good if we go down don’t be surprised as we’re one of the clubs in this league that are semi favorites to do so and the bookies hardly get it wrong. Support your team through thick and thin and let’s hope TW gets us out of this mess
  12. Michael O'Halloran

    So so grateful here wore the saints jersey and I hope he goes on somewhere that is worthy.. His goals have kept us from being basement boys..
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    oh ok
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I see one signing ?
  15. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    Your totally right i think this is the biggest game of our season and I hope TW has them playing like a cup final