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  1. I'm not desperate for him to leave I would however be happy for him.. Time to make the statue...
  2. StJohnstone till I die.. i'm in tears
  3. If I was Tommy I’d gracefully resign and tell the fans thx for the best time ever and be quite clear that I’ve done all I could he’ll get the fans respect rather than get sacked and Brown goes and gets Ross
  4. Your ****kkin brilliant
  5. Didn't know.. I hope your back on the road to your very best we may have diffrences in opinions sometimes but were all Saintees take care
  6. I do think the overseas fans get a raw deal better to have 1000 fans subscribe for 50 than a couple hundred at full price
  7. He’s had plenty time and knows his level
  8. Well I'm sure everyone on this chat is more than willing to give TW the next 4 games and unlike stated 7 points from the next three games is a tall order I'd take one win and 2 draws from the next 4 .. More than realistic and then It's a sad but neccessary time for change...
  9. Clelland needs to go and bring McKay as assistant, Have a chat with Levien and get McClean back to assist May..
  10. Scrappy 1 nil win and back against the wall
  11. Stop this Bullshit when he's done with the next 5 games then and only then should our man Tommy be subject to any kind of discussion regarding his future.. SB wont hang around that's for sure his dad did it and his son is in my eyes is far more direct...