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  1. It's flats now. Not been a snooker hall for ages.
  2. Papa Jack


    Look at the stands!!
  3. You're defo not the only one...I have a friend who hasn't received his. Unless you're one and the same person!!!
  4. Busy 2 or 3 weeks coming up I think. Ideally, I'd like 3 or 4 out - Callachan, Ando, McMillan, maybe Hendry out on loan. In - May, another striker, left back and a midfield cover.
  5. Apologies, I've not read through the rest of the recent posts....has he now left Aberdeen and is a free agent?
  6. Which is why Gort (a Dundee fan) posted it...
  7. I'm thinking Johnny might have a fairly valid excuse to be honest...
  8. I imagine he celebrated by talking his top off, swirling it around his head, swearing at his father in the living room and knocking down his own fence by giving it a flying karate kick.
  9. Yes, agree with that. Looks like everyone was expecting some kind of superstar signing. Tommy's made it clear it's a goalie, some defensive cover and a striker are the priorities....maybe a midfielder too...can't remember. Decent, inexpensive, experienced backup keeper now in place. Nice one, happy with that.
  10. You can just phone up and renew your existing seat if you're not local. Edit...if you're paying by card.
  11. Yes, I just assumed Johnny B was trying to be funny. I suppose if it's a genuine question then the ref will use the shirt colours a guide to who's attackers and who's defenders!!
  12. I'm not sure if this is genius or not!!!
  13. I think they would have all come out at the same time Jimmy....I'm sure I got mine about 3 weeks ago.