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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Wouldn't surprise me. We nearly got hm before he signed for Hibs. Having said that, I think today's result means Dundee would be favourites to sign him.
  2. Craig Thomson ruins another game

    You blamed Thomson for making a monumental cock up. I'm blaming brown for cheating.
  3. Craig Thomson ruins another game

    I’m not sure what Thomson does wrong through. He sees Kipre kicks Brown (which he did). Brown makes out that it’s a nasty kick by flinging himself about...and the ref send Kipre off. First time I saw it, I had Kipre getting sent off too.
  4. Craig Thomson ruins another game

    And yet you're blaming Thomson for Browns cheating? Refs just get hung out to dry by the media
  5. Paul Paton

    I'm not sure he would have got many games though. Maybe he was thinking that too. Millar/Muzz playing, couple of new loans in, manager likes Liam and Spoony...not much room for Paton.
  6. Paul Paton

    I think that's exactly what happened. "Paul, you're not getting a new you want a chunk of your next 4 months wages up front if you just go now?"..."aye, ok then"... If I was confident that I'd get a half decent club, I'd do the same.
  7. Paul Paton

    Exactly. Paul's choice to take the settlement and find a new club. If anything he put himself in a good position by being a free agent and I'm surprised that he's not got a club. Correct decision by the club...he was never going to get a new deal (regardless of what the article says) and he was wouldn't be in many people's first 11. Saves some money over the next 3/4 months.
  8. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Surprisingly, the official website hasn’t confirmed it but I’d be surprised if there were any left. There was about 25 folk there at 9am yesterday so I think they would have sold those 70 tickets pretty quickly. No confirmation anywhere I’ve seen though.
  9. Ross County v St Johnstone, 27 December 2017

    Yeah, but they reduced the crowd figure to hide income. I’m maybe being thick, but what’s the point of adding 1,500 to the actual figure?
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I heard that we were interested in Henderson a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't sure how the loan rules, could we keep MOH and get Henderson? Having said that, this might not be an issue, given the MOH situation.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Kyle McLean, not seen him play much but looks average. Great stuff...
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Apologies if this has been discussed before,but how many loanees can you have at one time? Is there a limit that you can get from teams in the same league?
  13. Craig Thomson ruins another game

    Exactly this....Sinclair (and loads of other players in every game) cheat and all we do is moan about the referee.
  14. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Great pic. Few current Bankfooters still around. (Ian Wallace and Donald Cockbill) and that's Mooners dad as well.
  15. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    We changed after about 35 minutes. Tanser was much more effective than Liam in that role, he played really well and put in some belting crosses. As Broon said, Mannus' save was a great block and we might not have recoverdd if Hamilton had scored at that point. Really pleased with that...