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  1. no problem, just had no idea what you meant. Del sold the game with his negative subs and tactics.
  2. Papa Jack

    Im steaming

    I genuinely only came into this thread because I saw a different poster name....I won't be the only one either!!
  3. I think the two points are linked though. There's no point in punting it straight to May because Berra wins it every time. Instead we play the goal kick out to Spoony (v's Hickey) which was something they've obviously looked at and 2/3 times Zander's over hit and put it out. To be fair to Clark, he's probably hit his target 4 times out of 5...not bad when you consider it's a 50 yard pass played towards the touchline. The worst that could happen is that Hearts get a throw somewhere in their own half.
  4. Next one up definitely took cash.
  5. There are already more taking cash. We wandered past 100 disgruntled fans at 2.50 and went in the next entrance 20 yards up a bit.
  6. Is that not a "meet the manger" type meeting. I'm not sure you can blame Brown for Tommy's squad building...if anything, he's been over generous to Tommy over the past 12 months. As for saying nothing, Brown had a meeting and never dodged a question. What do you want?...weekly meetings?
  7. I think if you get past all that, there's a player in there somewhere...
  8. Swanson's pass was a belter but I think May actually still takes a touch before scoring...something Kane just couldn't do. Just different levels I suppose. Probably explains why May has had £1m in transfer against his name and Kane won't.
  9. A summary of the loss and finances in general was discussed by the Directors at the open night thing a month ago? An excellent summary of the finances/meeting in general was posted on here (or maybe it was Paulo on P&B). Anyway...yes, clearly relegation wouldn't be great but our finances are such that we would be in a better state to deal with it than most clubs.
  10. Where was this with Zander? I never saw anything like that.
  11. Our record when doing this is fairly good to be fair...