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  1. I think if you get past all that, there's a player in there somewhere...
  2. Swanson's pass was a belter but I think May actually still takes a touch before scoring...something Kane just couldn't do. Just different levels I suppose. Probably explains why May has had £1m in transfer against his name and Kane won't.
  3. A summary of the loss and finances in general was discussed by the Directors at the open night thing a month ago? An excellent summary of the finances/meeting in general was posted on here (or maybe it was Paulo on P&B). Anyway...yes, clearly relegation wouldn't be great but our finances are such that we would be in a better state to deal with it than most clubs.
  4. Where was this with Zander? I never saw anything like that.
  5. Our record when doing this is fairly good to be fair...
  6. As long as Clark (or whoever) is consistent in what they're going to do, that's fine for me. If he's going to stay on his line and punch most of the crosses then the defenders know what to expect. I think he's better than most in our league and that's probably a pretty decent level for us to have.
  7. To be fair, I did post that more than a year ago but I still feel the same. Weirdly, I feel quite positive about this group of players....I think it has a lot of potential. Tommy just needs to decide how it works over the next 4/5 games when we'll have a bit more of the ball. As others have mentioned, I would have Kennedy closer to May with MOH and Drey out wide.
  8. For me, it’s as much about protecting the player as anything Poor game, slack pass gives away a goal, giving away a penalty, OG.....all sorts of innocent things could be misconstrued.
  9. Cheap, experienced, knows what he's doing, more than adequate back up to Tanser. Welcome...
  10. Doubt it, the Chairman's on his holidays this week.
  11. It's flats now. Not been a snooker hall for ages.
  12. Papa Jack


    Look at the stands!!
  13. You're defo not the only one...I have a friend who hasn't received his. Unless you're one and the same person!!!
  14. Busy 2 or 3 weeks coming up I think. Ideally, I'd like 3 or 4 out - Callachan, Ando, McMillan, maybe Hendry out on loan. In - May, another striker, left back and a midfield cover.