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  1. I imagine he celebrated by talking his top off, swirling it around his head, swearing at his father in the living room and knocking down his own fence by giving it a flying karate kick.
  2. Yes, agree with that. Looks like everyone was expecting some kind of superstar signing. Tommy's made it clear it's a goalie, some defensive cover and a striker are the priorities....maybe a midfielder too...can't remember. Decent, inexpensive, experienced backup keeper now in place. Nice one, happy with that.
  3. You can just phone up and renew your existing seat if you're not local. Edit...if you're paying by card.
  4. Yes, I just assumed Johnny B was trying to be funny. I suppose if it's a genuine question then the ref will use the shirt colours a guide to who's attackers and who's defenders!!
  5. I'm not sure if this is genius or not!!!
  6. I think they would have all come out at the same time Jimmy....I'm sure I got mine about 3 weeks ago.
  7. I get that but any SFA intervention wouldn't stop them being absolute knobs outside the ground (which, I thought, was the reason people didn't attend). Maybe I'm in a minority here but I've never been particularly offended by the singing...probably because I don't care enough about what they're singing.
  8. I'm not sure how that could be confirmed already but I guess, at boardroom level, you would have to be talking about that kind of thing. It would negligent of Saints (as a business) not to be talking about that kind of thing.
  9. Drey played more 90 minute games than Kennedy!!
  10. I thought Joe was coming on slightly earlier because Jason was limping around for a minute.
  11. I think Easton's situation is quite similar to Ando in that you want to keep them for cover by neither would be my first pick for their respective positions. If they want to stay, that's fine but both might just want away to get a final few seasons of playing.
  12. Good for him....I've got no problem with this. Going to support his team is a pretty decent thing to do, no?
  13. Alston is definitely one of those players who gets better when he's not in the team. He's not really done anything to merit a long run in the team and, even now, I couldn't say where his best position is.
  14. I think we'll be a few points short but, looking at Hearts 3 games, it might be that we're chasing them instead of Hibs. All ifs and buts but it wouldn't be a stretch to think Hearts might not get much out of their games. We need 7 points minimum and, based on last night, we're not playing well enough or are confident enough to do that.