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  1. From that training ground to the McD astro and lesser McDiarmid... no brainer. May return (if it goes ahead), not up or down by it, can see why but also wonder why.
  2. Need loan signings, so can chuck them back at Christmas if they are no better than we have. Then get new loan signings in at winter.
  3. Dave H

    Betfred Cup

    Montrose away, Ross County home. 2 defeats - fkn shyte!
  4. Dave H

    Betfred Cup

    I though Kerr was shockingly bad, rushing out, out of position, losing his man. His fault for the goals. Cursed captaincy. Enjoyed the game very much till they equalised, expecting a reaction second half and didnt get it. You can see the bickering on the pitch, its not a happy place just now, so back to basics we must go. Feel sorry for Kane. His errors are highlighted more easier than some of the defending by Ando and Kerr. That two are not good together. MoH and Swanson still living on their first stints with us... they left us and did nothing, why are we surprised they do nothing most games. Exact reason we should stay well clear of signing May.. just not performing to the levels they once did. Im not interested in the next 2 friendlies in the league cup. I've already booked myself a dark cave for the weekend when we play Celtic... no light at the end of tunnel and our opening league fixtures are very tough. TW has killed the confidence of his team, come on, fix the bloody changing room, style of play!
  5. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    Just bought ticket for first home game of the season, easy, straightforward and instant pdf sent over. Good to see no admin fee added, unlike EPL clubs down souf. Only criticism is that you need to enter all details for every game, so need to develop a login so your profile can be remembered, make it easier.
  6. Dave H

    Betfred Cup

    Totally! Can laugh at St Mirren and other poor results but we need to focus here, comparing one of the worst results in our history to others dismal showing makes little sense Nothing but a win v Ross County is satisfactory. Any kind of win, forecast looks damp/wet so the excuse of a sticky surface can not be used by fans, we might need to blame the new dugouts if we don't win.
  7. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    Anyone got their car park pass, was not included in season ticket posting. Card looks good, much better than the booklet, just waiting on melt down when the gates crash and we cannae get in.
  8. Dave H

    Euro Memories

    Great away memories above, but Tam Scobbie penalty winner was awesome.
  9. I always think we should go for seat pattern that makes the stadium look like its full, the scatter coloured mix up.
  10. Dave H

    Betfred Cup

    Neither were beaten, both got a bit of positivity. Neither were laughing stock of Scotland like us (for those who knew it was on). Shouldn't be comparing ourselves to a top flight relegated side and a play off survivor... in your comparison we are worse off than these two teams. It's abysmal to contemplate any positivity from a defeat from Montrose. Its not the end of the world but a few years back we were playing in Europe, shows the massive change in emphasis. Don't care for league cup now, players clearly cant be arsed either.
  11. Dave H

    Betfred Cup

    We were never going to win the cup anyway. Fkn embarrassment, no top team should ever be beaten by Montrose. 3 more cup friendlies till we face Celtic.. really looking forward to the start of this season!! I'm more than nervous of what will entail. I have no confidence. If the manager or players arent trying to score goals, how are we supposed to get results.
  12. Waiting on some Man City or Newcastle out of favour youth players on loan.
  13. Was there MLS scouts watching?
  14. £900 for a punch. Less than a weeks wage. Back to business, he will be excited for the bew dug outs, comfy chairs hopefully.
  15. Close season excitement, I cant wait to so them. Big comfy leather seats as opposed the 1989 canteen style seat. Hope it has a see through roof and not a 1939 air raid style top.