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  1. Would help if I read the article.... just reading the chat on here. Good news!
  2. Livi were awful at the weekend and were lucky to beat Raith in the cup. Hoping they struggle again v us. But they are sitting in 5th so likely favourites to win. I'm feeling a shock win for us, love a smash and grab. Don't forget where weve been all season, 12th until recent weeks so would take a point, but just imagine what 3 points would do. Still looking around us and their fixtures, really dont want Hearts to win. StMirren will get beat. BIG BIG GAME!
  3. Curtis Main?...... we only play with one up front most of the time and we're losing a player that creates... that would look a backwards move and a waste of a wage.
  4. Happy with away to Ayr. That should be a proper cup tie in what is a dump. Terracing, ya beauty!
  5. Any lower league team... there are not many left in the hat.. hope the draw is kind!
  6. A game we may have struggled with at the start of the season. No games in 3 weeks with the winter break, Morton finding form in recent weeks - I was expecting a tougher game. To win 3 nil and could have scored more is very pleasing. Thought we played well enough, to remove any rustiness. Still a few mistakes and how some players cant make simple passes is beyond me or knock it out of play that frustrates the hell out of me. Gulf between the teams was evident from my seat. Worthy winners. Good game to dust the cobwebs off
  7. Confirmed. End of season. Kennedy becomes a sheep shagger.
  8. Not for me, I get no coms. Used to get a Tommy prematch email a couple of years back but sod all for a long time. Can you copy and paste onto here?
  9. The money is 'greener'. Aberdeen is a shithole though, having worked up there for 2 years, I'd have struggled with another one. So Matty, if you go only sign a 2 year deal. Stevie May will tell you all you need to know, and why he bought out his remaining contract to flee the dour city and crumbling stadium.
  10. I read that and got a lump in my throat...... plastic pitch must not arrive in Perth! I would literally not return until we played on grass again. Really odd that the club have went about it given the importance and interest in the appointment.
  11. Yes. For the trial but next season I hope it remains. As there is no reason for us to ever be in the East stand for OF games going forward. Took a lot of fans effort to reclaim the East, and we will be giving it up forever
  12. Didnt say pay at the gate. Buy a ticket gets you in to sit where you want. This to include e-ticket sales, you pick a seat on the system but you sit where you want. Only STs have the allocated seat.
  13. Dont like the idea 1 bit. Was terrible before, wonder if my older age makes it more acceptable. I hated the allocated Main stand seat, just make it a general admission and we cant sit in reserved seats, might get groups gathering for a sing song. At home surrounded by away fans, my stomach churns. Clearly it's for the cash, and maybe the books are showing we must do it for longer, so I'm not buying a 'trial'. An insight: Last year I only bought 1 x £10 OF ticket. This season I'm season ticket, but will not be going to Celtic midweek. And my kids aint going, so that'll be 3 STs less for the midweek game.
  14. 19 games in 20 points, 5 points off top 6 and 2 points of relegation playoff. Very tight and we've spent most of the season rock bottom so happy to be 7 points clear of 12th. Hoping the winter break can kick start our season and we get a good cup run and secure top 6 finish, but my heart says just avoid 11th & 12th and that'll be a good season given the chaos at the start. Recovery still in progress
  15. Being involved isnt related to trying though. Never questioned any of the players efforts or 'trying' at any moment so cant be made any clearer. Read from that what you want. Kennedy did more with the ball than hes done in months. Tell me why?