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  1. Tv have breached contract to punters. Should just get round a webcam and talk common sense in crisis conditions. The season will not commence and end anytime soon, then clubs will go bust before that hsppens and TV dont get any games to show.
  2. How did we have him.... awesome. Doobs too..... how does that happen.... now we are last day gambles
  3. Season void, divide the cash equally between all clubs. Who knows if we will see football this year...
  4. Ach they could have had the players do it for their home in a DIY draw from a hat, just those on standing order only. No new weekly entries. Id be happy to keep paying during this testing time
  5. Where is positive case numbers found? I'm reaching my tipping point to thinking this is going to be lethal in Scotland as we are all about in busy supermarkets infecting each other.... town centre is quiet, but then I read Fife Farmers market is on Saturday and going ahead... must be a baw hair away from lock down...
  6. You dont know nothing.
  7. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    I, 100% do not want any cash back from my season ticket. Happy to pay normal for the forthcoming season, no matter what plays out for 19-20 season.
  8. Not sure the country can self isolate, work from home and do nothing till August. Country is just delaying the Covid-19 so there is less overlap with the seasonal flu so NHS have more beds available during the summer months, delaying it till Autumn would be crazy. Can't shut down for months on end waiting on a vaccine.
  9. Is this time to reshape our game. Call this current time off as the close season. When ready to resume, May?? have 4 weeks training (pre-season) then complete the fixtures, or start a new season... If we complete 19-20 season we have a period of say 2 weeks to sort out the next season fixtures and play summer football. In that 2 week break you could have 2 or 3 rounds of league cup, lucky dip draw, no seeding and everyone in the hat. Play right through summer. Time to change! Trial summer league. Can implement a step change approach so come 2022 we are committed to summer football.
  10. Just cos we play Liquidator, made Jody Morris the man he is now... why would we get involved with some dodgy business? They'll buy Rangers for a £1.
  11. Sportscene saying Livi only won 2 games on grass in 2 seasons, remarkable... clearly Livi have an unfair sporting advantage when at home. Players, managers and clubs should be putting an end to plastic in top flight!
  12. Nice 3 points to move ahead of Killie setting up an interesting few games before confirming the split. Really hope we make top 6 so to silence the board following the public comments of over spending, and needing to cut costs as under achieved. Come on lads
  13. Better result than last time out here. A nil nil isnt the end of the world. No gain by St Mirren. Can't believe the bottom 2 won this set of fixtures, not that it is that noticeable. Never have thought Hearts win at Hibs and Accies win at Rangers. This bottom 6, who ever it involves will be a nervous fight. Fingers and toes crossed we do enough to get top 6 but happy tonight with a shut out, decent form continues. Do not forget where we have come from in this rebuild season. COYS!