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  1. Fault? Its the lack of fans turning up each week.
  2. Ando, The Legend! Please don't throw him in the lions den!
  3. Not strictly true, we got the better of Hearts hoofball, they thought exactly that tactic and had little threat. Cant explain this one off though v Hearts though. 100% poor stuff, we are all sick of it!
  4. Only 4 points off top 6. Get a little run reignited and let the rollercoaster of a season drive us up the table. Utter shite to bang average so far. Gifted St Mirren 3 points still annoys me.
  5. Right centre half, bullied? Out of position?
  6. 2 up front for 60 minutes you say yesterday? was that at 2 or 3 down?! To even remotely have the stance that 2 up front doesnt work because it didnt work when we are 2 or 3 down is mind boggling. Clearly 451 is the root cause of the defeat, the extra man in the middle for us didn't give Hibs any problem. Play to your strengths, not your weakness, our weakness is defence so let's invite the opposition on, as every time we go forward we lose the ball easily as one man up top has no support. Go all out attack v Aberdeen, dont give them a chance to settle by knocking the ball about the back and picking passes at ease, dictating the play. We dont tackle. High press, and they'll be the team adapting formation not us man marking their team.
  7. I think he would do well as NI gaffer. 2 aspects, will he apply? (I'd think he might be interested) And is it likely NI offer the position to him? (Impossible to know, I'm not convinced but do worry of the distraction it will cause... recall the Rangers distraction a few years back handled very poorly and to the detriment to the team) Think his CV is good, guessing a couple of manager of the month awards, record breaking run shut outs, record breaking undefeated run, exceeding expectations with continued high placed finishes, a trophy, results in Europa home and away, Not scared to discipline players - freeze them out or sack them. Well spoken in the press. Good guy by all accounts. Also has legend status.
  8. Oddly, stumbled across Hibs fans pre match comments, '2 up front please' '2 forwards starting' 'I'm going, best pies in the league' 'trust May to pick 2 forwards' quite a few similar thoughts. Their front 2 bossed our defence. Guess they've been playing 1 up front most of the season. Post match Hibs players saying 'we were all out attack today' Guess Hecky, sacked, strangled their style and became too scared to play attacking football.. Oddly, I can relate to the Hibs supporters, our pies are braw. Not many teams come to McD and thrash us.. guess attacking football and the desire and fight to win actually gets results.
  9. We sacked our no.1 right back.
  10. Damage done 451. After 2nd goal you say? I seen the switch but was not anything like last 2 games 442, Kennedy wasnt up far enough in first half today.. I'd argue all day long with you it was 1 up front first half, but cant be arsed just like our defence. TW got it all wrong.
  11. 60 minutes of dug shite, I'm not wasting my time watching shit poor defending. 2nd game in 30 years that I have walked out early, where do I go to get a refund for todays ticket, players should have their wages docked. Abysmal. Pop star wannabes. 4 horrendous goals to concede, Christmas is next month for gifts. TW aint going no where he was never offered jobs when successful, doubt he'll get offers just now on last 12-18 months of anti football. Well done TW for playing May alone and isolated, so entertaining!!
  12. May and Kennedy impressed me wirh the high press all game. Better two pressing than one. Nullified any time on the ball for Hearts defenders, ultimately leading to a long ball or passing sideways to defender or back to keeper. If it were not for their efforts it could have had Hearts finding more forward passes wide or through midfield. Clearly a thankless task they played. 2 wins in 2 games.... could you not have waited till we lose again before posting flaws that you see.
  13. First quarter done, 10 points. Forgetful for most of the season in quite possibly the hardest start to a season any Scottish club has ever faced. Being bottom of table nearly every week, patience was wearing thin. Players and management getting slated. Rightly so as it was shyte at times. BANG, couple of hard fought wins and fans right behind the team, and surely we are all looking up. Glad to see there is fight in our last 2 games. I do think we are just as good or bad as any team outside the old firm on any day, so looking forward to Quarter 2. How my thoughts have flipped in just a week. COYS!
  14. Great battling win. Fully deserved 3 points, only one team trying to play football. Shut out. 3 points. Off the bottom. Thought we controlled the game, everyone working their socks off, good press all game. Hearts are cheating their fans, long ball looking for second ball. Kicking opponents at any chance. Completely nullified by a Saints team. They are utter dug shyte! The only passes they could make were backwards ha ha ha. Ref was abysmal. Really bad. No protection for our football players.
  15. Im going to put a reservation out there.... don't think he has got it in him for 2 good games in a week. Hope he's fully recovered from his knock he took v Hackies.