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  1. Dave H

    Race for the top half...

    But we all know that would have read us on 41 points and a goal difference corrected to 0, if our game wasn't called off cos of weather. So 4 points and a worse goal difference to chase.. effectively 5 behind.
  2. Dave H

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    Hope it's on. Get the fork out!
  3. Dave H

    Race for the top half...

    I think we have a fight on to finish 8th. Wouldnt be surprised to see us 9th come end of season. Not enough confidence in the team just now. Shaky defence.
  4. Dave H

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    Not sure that'll even get us top 6
  5. Dave H

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    Never going to be easy, if you're not up for a scrap and play football when youve got the ball, then Livi know they can compete. Livi continue to surprise. We are needing a win asap this run of form is hell! Fear looking at the fixture list these days
  6. Dave H

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    Unfair. Poorer defences, could stick the worlds best keeper in those leagues and they'd concede many. I presume his contract was not getting renewed so left.
  7. Dave H

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Easier car commute to Livingston than it is Motherwell. Ive done both, and moaned. It is easier in a better spec car mind you. 1 hour is commutable, 1 hr 15 max. Anything more you got to consider moving. This is not London. Commuting is a ball ache, that is a fact. Gallacher Motherwell deal, could include a couple of nights hotel stay as required, small details matter. Or a top spec luxury car.
  8. Dave H

    Saints v Hibs 27/02

    This current run of form is fkn awful. This season of 18-19, has seen a cracking entertaining side and one that cannae play. Please bring back the 2018 style of play. Disappointed again.. let's pause for a moment and think how we can get more fans to turn out....... I'm just trying to change the subject
  9. Dave H

    Taxi for Tommy?

    At no point during this season has it even remotely been talked about.
  10. Dave H

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    Failed to string 2 passes, route 1 football, punished severely for 2 goals by gifting them the ball. It was dreadful watch, Aberdeen totally bossed the game, we were poor, reminded me of last season.... no style of play, going through the motions, too worried about the opposition. Only if we had taken 1 ofthe 2 glorious chances at nil nil, it becomes a different day. That was the worst for me this season. Team has lost how to play, following ultra defence tactics v the 4 old firm games + visit to Tynecastle. Am I nervous of missing out on top 6, yes. How we are missing Wright, no balance in the team today.
  11. Dave H

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    Stopped the rot. A point will do. Need back to winning ways soon to preserve top 6. The teams below are fast catching... hope this spurs us on
  12. Dave H

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    No points from these games next.
  13. Dave H

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    What's going on ? Rolled over yet again, horrendous run of results!
  14. Dave H

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    We've had 2 games as practice v em. They'll be complacent. We'll miraculously find our form. Tommy has been working on this match for 4 games now. Players know what is required. I was hoping to go, but now can't. Let's hope we have a good few fans there to celebrate with our players at full time.
  15. Dave H

    Hamilton Away

    Tired legs? Too much chasing v Celtic (twice) and very little ball time, tough run out at Hearts all mounting up... hoped we could get a point at worst, but a defeat is poor. Very poor. We've just not been at it since the winter break, like the season has just been paused.... guess it's slightly better than freefall like Livi. Next fixtures are tough... so frustrating as Hamilton were dog $hit a couple of weeks ago.