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  1. Dave H

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Tough game, too much attention on ourself. It doesnt feel right... a tad uncomfortable. we'll get kicked all over the park, going to be a tough watch I feel. Could be an early red card for us, beat 1-0 on a dodgy pen. Any team can beat any team in this league. But I'll take any manner of a win.
  2. Dave H

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Anyone heard from Neil Lennon? Giruy!
  3. Dave H

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    This is a test. Up at McD the game was decent, either team might have won it. This time around I feel it has the making of one of the goalfest games, that sometimes pop up from time to time at Easter Rd. 5-3 Saints. Lennon sent to stand for good measure. No one likes his antics or indeed his whining if it doesnt go his way. Come on Saints get it right up the junkies! A win would be huge and put us back in contention to win the league.. oh yeah! Would put down a marker for the rest of the league.... but be rest assured the media/press would still not see it.. we'll go about our business in a professional manner!
  4. 3 wins in a trot totally eclipses the 3 league defeats in a trot. How many still dwelling on 3 defeats from the 3 best teams in the league... not me! 9 points in 3 games... great work!
  5. Dave H

    Spurs Ticket

    Anyone know a Spurs fan who is registered on the ticket database? I'm in London for the Champions League midweek game v Inter - 28 November. Long shot, but is anyone on here a Spurs member?. Any help appreciated.
  6. Is that a bottle I hear smashing? 4 nil Saints, Livi in free fall till end of season.
  7. Football has been good this season though. More attacking, exciting. Might have forgotten that, given what the fixtures spat out of late. Turn back 5 games or so we were all shouting how positive we are and getting entertained. Once you break the habit of going, other things fill the 2-4 hours on a Saturday afternoon
  8. Heres my insight. Ive not renewed my season ticket this season. Cant get to midweek games due to work, not value for money. Missed Saturdays StMirren match as was away to Glasgow a gig. The young family deal is good to those only with kids, where is the help to others? Ive shouted about 5 or 10 game passes to get punters signed up, with a bit of a saving, in the past, and now I'm in a position to buy one.. there is no incentive to keep going for example; I'll buy takeaway coffee as after 6 drinks I get a free one. (It works, I collect stamps and points to reclaim a reward) can surely introduce a stamp reward that after so many PAYG games gives you something in return. Eg 3 games, 3 stamps gets you £5 off entry and a free pie on your 4th game. Which also carries forward to next season so you keep your loyality card with you in your wallet. That could result in a couple of thousand cards in different peoples wallet.. maybe.. hit the festive period and get cards in circulation. Sky TV has a lot to answer for. The arm chair fan is the expert, you'll not get them leaving Soccer Saturday to watch Saints. I hear old Saints fan telling me about Saints and performances (negatively) yet havent been to 1 game this season! And only attended 1 game last season, which we lost, but reinforces negativity. Our recent live tv games, albeit on BT Sport, have both v Celtic - not a great advert to get fans along. I missed yesterdays win, but still happy at full time, but reality is that it's not anywhere as happy as if I'd attended. Itching to get to next game, where as others will easily find a reason not to.
  9. Dave H

    Stefan Scougall

    Is he struggling with diet? Wellbeing? Everything is pointing at Saints but could be the player. The question needs asked anyways by our Saints TV interviewer, even if the answer is scripted, the silence needs broken. If the answer is vague then confirms he's going. He was the best player last season in many games, to not make the squad will certainly not be helping the player's health.
  10. Dave H

    Stefan Scougall

    Whats going on with freezing player out. Same happened last season.
  11. Dave H

    West Ham ticket

    Sorted, cheers to GMac! Mon the Hammers!
  12. Dave H

    West Ham ticket

    Anyone know a West Ham fan with a good ticket history? I'm in London for the Carabao cup midweek game v Spurs 31 October. Signed up to the Hammers database but tickets only available to those with 4 match ticket history. Long shot, but recall some West Ham Saints / Perth based fans. Any help appreciated.
  13. Dave H

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Also read today a match report that started off with this... .....landmark day for the Saints manager, Tommy Wright, who set a club record as manager with his 198th game, overtaking Willie Ormond, who was in charge between 1967 and 1973.
  14. Dave H

    MOTM Game 14 Saints 0 v 6 Celtic

    Oh boy, another defeat and another man of match for Zander... prefer it if all his team mates turned up too.