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  1. Dave H

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    Didn't expect any other outcome. We secured 7th last week, could see the players were happy with this. Accies fighting for their life at home v us, was always in favour of a home win. How they continue to be top league is incredible achievement. A score line I'm not bothered about.
  2. Dave H

    Next seasons defence

    I think Ando should just sign up at the Jags, he's doing well for them, no point returning to Saints to end his career on the bench. Love Ando! Comedy gold at times but world class in spells, some of his skills surprise himself no doubt. I'm sure Thistle are enjoying the hairy moments. Kerr and Gordon is what we should be aiming for as combo, with Joe as back up as he is versatile and can play full back or in a back 5. If Joe leaves then we'd need to sign cover suited to centre half/right back. Im also thinking Easton will not recover to this level, not sure why, but a long long term injury, going to be interesting to see how he handles preseason. I'm liking Tanser and Foster, even though they have up and down form, they are committed to winning.
  3. Dave H

    Saints all over the world

    What was the score?
  4. Dave H

    Joe Shaughnessy

    Won't be the last player pissing about with a Saints deal while head is turned in many directions apart from McD. He is now a free agent. Thanks for your time Joe, been solid, apart when interest has been shown in last few months. Coincidentally our form has been shit while Joe has been distracted. Sad thing is, he might just actually be at the best point of his career and messed it up thinking there is better deals out there to better his career.
  5. Dave H

    Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone - Saturday 6th April

    Yup, Killie are decent, better than us this season. Expected this. That's the gulf between top 6 and bottom 6, clear to see.
  6. Dave H

    Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone - Saturday 6th April

    We'll do well to get a point. Not holding much hope.
  7. Dave H

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    2 up front. 2 wide midfielders with attacking intent. Centre midfield up for a challenge. Back 4 unit strong. Goalkeeper saving shots, another shut out. From top to back, classic 442, decent, demand and expect a strong finish to the season! Enjoyed tonight, disappointing not to see the anti football in the last few minutes, where was taking the ball into the corner and shielding it?!
  8. Dave H

    The zombie view (An outsider looking in )

    If we dont win the league. You know the philosophy, sack the board Crowds = people cant afford these luxuries. Need to pay the Sky, Netflix, mobile phone bills, get that takeaway etc. Its all priorities. Football was exceptional first half of season (we all seem to have forgotten this), shite second half. That's the inconsistency that prevents us winning the league. Youth will get a chance depending on manager. When things go well the youth question never is raised. If the youth are good enough they will get a chance. As for expectations I expect us to be challenging for the title. Win a cup or 2. The club however feed bullshit into the media of just surviving, but the real desires remain tight lipped, but pretty obvious this season was to get into top6. Is the manager worthy of the sack, no. We just fell short. Not a terrible season after seeing some legends depart. Opportunity to get a few wins before the season is finished... Think we have a few knee jerk reactions.. weve had a very tough run of fixtures and clearly knocked our mojo. Just gotta look at the English Championship teams, some huge teams forever changing managers without any difference. Be careful what we wish for, not that the club woukd listen to fans anyway.
  9. Dave H

    Danny Swanson

    Yeah, dont know full story, just read the news. How the hell does that get to court if self defence. Waste of time, will be innocent for sure. Bouncer seems more of a fanny to be honest.
  10. Dave H

    Danny Swanson

    32 year old and when told to leave a pub, he kicks off thinking he will be able to stay and hope to get another drink. Ends up in court. Grade A fanny!
  11. Dave H

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Got himself a half and half scarf before the game. Just a neutral, we all know he is a Saint.
  12. Dave H

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Exciting start to season, team spirit. Best football for many seasons, entertaining, dangerous going forward. Drey Wright gets injured. Shite since the perfect performance v Dundee at Dens at New Year, 3 going on 10, and what we didnt know back then - that would be the last time we see any sort of performance for the remainder of the season. Are we 7th best in Scotland, mibee. Are we 9th best in Scotland, mibee. Not a disaster season, just failed to reach the destiny our first half of season was leading us to.
  13. Dave H

    Race for the top half...

    Was more thinking a top 6 side should get the better of bottom half more iften than not. We have failed to do that. So frustrating to free fall this season. Thank goodness for our superb run up to the New Year, when those that travelled to Dens saw probably the best complete performance ever. 3 nil going on 10 was not even an exaggeration. Now we are one of the worst teams in the league.
  14. Dave H

    Motherwell v St Johnstone 30/3/2019

    Aye, that's supposed to read StMirren not Hamilton. Not saying we played well v them. Just cobwebs blown away. Positive / hopeful thinking. Im glad its not us returning from International break to play MWell who had just won midweek. Hope that makes sense now ha!
  15. Dave H

    Race for the top half...

    Hibs beating Livi changes nothing. We have 3 games left before split, must win all of them. Edinburgh derby result is the only factor that will determine where our maximum points puts us. Our Loss away to Accies and Livi recently are major factors why we are where we are. Surely a top 6 team would at least get 2 points from those 2 teams, and if we had we'd be in better striking distance. Too few goals scored this season. It's the defence and Zander thats placing us where we are just now, if we'd had a goalscorer I'd reckon we'd be in top 6 at moment.