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  1. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Seen the penalty shouts from both teams. Saints obvious obstruction, clearly a foul. doesnt need contact to impede a hurdling player. Anywhere on the pitch, this is a foul. Aberdeen shout was clear contact. Thought both were pens when watching at the time, highlights havent changed my mind. Our penalty decision is clearly at a very important time. might have won 3 points at that point.
  2. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    interesting post this, but could so easily be argued that the the disagreement won us a point.
  3. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Terrible. Centre of attention, exactly what he shouldnt be
  4. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Thats the most vocal I've been for a while. Shouting at the clueless cnut officiating the game. Second half thought the ref was on SFA instruction to ensure Aberdeen did not get beat. But then he started making awful decisions that were in favour of us. It came the last 20 minutes and I had no idea what decisions were going to be taken. Thought it was a stone wall pen, obstruction. Thought it was awarded and then change decision. We played well, Aberdeen played well. Quite a fast and furious game with good football at times. Roll on next week and more howling ref decisions at Ibroke.
  5. St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    I don't fit them anymore, still got my '89 matchwinner strip, just waiting on the wee one growing up.. to around 7 year before it fits him. As for the game, looking forward to it. Another good test to see our progress, dont fear them as long as we batter there centre defence as they have worries to who can literally cope with our attacks. Make shift defences needs wripped apart. 5-0 Saints.
  6. Really useful 3 points today. Especially given the fixture hell we are to come upon after the international break. Happy days. Wins, signings, and decent entertainment.
  7. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Mccann knows a cheater, he cheated all his days just look in the mirror.. diving scroat! You're cheating the Dundee fans ya fake.
  8. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    100% correct. Last season was brutal. I'm amazed at the transformation in entertainment, just the Hibs game was more entertaining than the whole of last season. Every time we go forward we do with purpose and look like we'll score on any attack. Good playing surface yesterday helps. Next game cant come quick enough as we'll only get better
  9. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Not really that bad, its your level. Has been for a number of seasons now
  10. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Just as I seen it, glad the lino was on the line instead of sone fans
  11. Car Park

    Back to normal. The direct exit to A9 must be forever! Crieff Road new set of lights going to town still needs over ridden. Or sync with the Tulloch lights, as its slowing down exit and holding traffic at the Stadium and on Crieff Road at stadium unnecessarily.
  12. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Thought their centre half stepped up too late, poor decision making, looked good from my seat. Well on side. (Awaits tv to back up my claim)
  13. Car Park

    All you need is a map. Park anywhere you want is my recommendation, why they feel the need to complicate home and away parking matters... dummy run for Smeltic game I'd imagine.
  14. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18