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  1. 2-1 home win. The manky mob already have their excuse ready for playing in Europa on Thursday, their gaffer already aired that poor team has to play on Sunday lunchtime... We better be on it from the 1st second. Great opportunity to get the first win in league this season
  2. Small step in the right direction. Happy with a point up at that dump, off the bottom of the table. Got a good feeling for next weekend.
  3. 1 up front, TW needs change the system. No matter who plays as lone striker they will never be given any respect by majority of fans. Thank less task.
  4. May's last goal from open play was over a year ago! 12 months - August 2018. Sure he'll do a job too just as well as Kane. We'll have May up top as lone striker. So how long before the fans turn on May like they get on Kanes back for not scoring? I watch, I know players limitations but that's our level, we dont have international class of player. Still support and encourage as sure as hell I wouldn't perform any better at my work if people, manager are on my back.
  5. Not a direct quote to to ya, but my general thought on Kane, is that's what May was doing in Aberdeen shirt. Effort but no end product, eg goals. Lets be fair, May record at Aberdeen was abysmal. So we've got 2 similar players who cannae score goals. Magic, cant see howling criticism and shout from the stands to how awful the team is has ever helped... Kane does a job, played well for me apart from the two times he double backed on himself as no one was up quick enough. The first occasion he did it, not sure what he was supposed to really do, being isolated and was always going to lose the ball if he ran on solo so trys to slow up and lost the ball. We lost a point due to our defensive mistakes. Killie big mover this weekend in table off bottom really annoys me as we should have been reading the table in top 6 if we won. Really poor result for us Killie have been far worse than us this season to date yet come get 3 points.. argh!
  6. Certainly wont be getting that on the dole... is he not a free agent? He's earned his crust, come enjoy your football at Saints. And give him vice captaincy as the deal clincher. Great coaching potential too...
  7. Could be big movement in our league position tomorrow with a win. What a boost to shake off the abysmal going ons of the last 2 months. The dark cloud has lifted. Show us goals. 3 nil Saints.
  8. May has already done the photoshoot.... just saying. Shambles!
  9. Goal difference, wtf! Imagine posting about goal difference in a negative way, did you forget the opening game?! Posting live league table positions are just as pointless. means nothing. Two points on the board, two character building results, the embers appear to still be alive just waiting on the fire to reignite. Feeling more positive than a few weeks back, just need that first win. As for goal difference, I predict a negative goal difference at end of season.. sack the goalie!
  10. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    I am a new season ticket holder. Was paying at the gate last season.
  11. Bonkers. When May eventually signs, no one will give a $hit. What a shambles, makes me laugh. Can we afford him, if not move on. Wait a minute, can we sign him but loan him to Aberdeen so he can get match fit. Thats surely what happens next, some storyline this saga is.
  12. A point, that'll do, we are off zero. All 4 goals down to piss poor defending. At least got a glimpse of some fight. Brutal to watch long balls into a lone striker who was dominated all game. Take away the entite hostile negativity on our lack of signings, to come ftom 2 down in this league to get a point is bloody well done. There'll be few teams that will repeat that. For that alone, pleased with a point. Probably fair result, no team deserved a win.