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  1. Dave H

    Scottish cup

    I never go there for league business. Scottish Cup is different in my eyes, I'm going. Hope others also make the exception.
  2. Dave H

    Scottish cup

    Would have preferred to play them after a Europa game. Hope we travel with good support, and those who never make this trip for good reasons opt to support us this cup trip. It's the 3 midweek games in the trot, beforehand that worries me and will we recover from niggles and knocks.
  3. Job done. First half good, superb start. Second half just an endurance training session. Get the minutes under the belt. This winter break in league needs mothballed, waste of time. Looked like too much turkey and lack of sharpness second half. One thought, why the players were winding the accies fans up celebrating the goals in front of them. Dont recall many home goal celebrations in front of the main stand away fans.... In the hat, fingers crossed we avoid top flight team.
  4. Dave H

    Michael O'Halloran

    As per first post, unsure but happy. Always been a fan. Lets hope he kicks on where he left. TW going to have to keep happy a few egos. Question, does he know his best team (only joking)
  5. Dave H

    Michael O'Halloran

    Welcome home!
  6. Dave H

    Big Noise In Perth Tonight

    Hope we wine and dine the refs, nice brown envelopes under their dinner plates... every little helps.
  7. Think Accies and us have the hardest tie, we didnt want them and they didnt want us. 2 top flight teams, surely has to be game of the day. Expecting extended highlights of this on Sportscene. Hoping we take off where we left v Dundee away, if so this could be 3 or 4 nil. But I doubt it, I'm expecting a battle and them playing for a draw, time wasting from the first minute.
  8. I have the same problem in London. Tried and failed to buy West Ham, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Millwall, QPR tickets as not registered. I have done what this poster has done and used fans forums and sourced a ticket from kind souled members. Then when in the ground you see spare seats. Really annoying that neutrals are forced to pay over the odds on the secondary market or simply can't get in to watch. As for the neutral, welcome, happy that you have sorted your tickets, but as you might see, we hate Celtic and Rangers, just remember you all need to be cheering the blue shirts on.
  9. Dave H

    Saints exiles Flag

    Could have just stuck to countries on it? Just a thought
  10. Dave H

    Michael O'Halloran

    Not sure to be honest. I've always been a yes welcome him, but not in our current team who are doing great. Similar thought to Stevie May.. when we not as entertaining (aka last season, then sure sign em up). Has MoH actually had any form or a run of games since he left us? Think he made one shocker of a decision joining Rangers, did we ever get paid a transfer fee? Doubt he'll be as good as he was first time around. 50/50 undecided, but would by happy if he does sign, he just better start assisting and creating like he did all em years ago
  11. Dave H

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Danny needed a schit. "Touching cloth" was the quote
  12. Dave H

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Every single time we went forward, we looked dangerous, ah the joy. Listening to the radio after game, Willie Miller noted 12 great chances for us from his notes. Im sure he missed a couple of other half chances. Dominated em! One sided, bossed it, take 3 points. Good pitch, good weather, good support, good game. Good day. Dundee have been poor for seasons now, avoiding relegation playoffs by skin of their teeth in recent seasons... today they simply couldn't cope by our skill, energy, running, strength, desire... Could say men v boys. However hope they survive as easy trip away.
  13. Dave H

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    Cold cold sleety day. Freezing yer nads aff. Caught cold with a goal conceded in 90 seconds. Just as we were starting to look ok, bang another goal. Bossed the rest of the first half, few shots, couple of headers and penalty save, thought we were unlucky to not score first half... second half we didnt lay a glove on them till late on, probably one of Motherwell best performances this season, but we were just cold, off the boil. Guess we are allowed that 1 game. 3 points in our next outing will make up for this sore loss.
  14. Dave H

    Winter Break

    Remember last year and the crying from our players and management as couldnt get away. Horrendously embarrassing. 'Look at the neighbours... bla bla cry cry.' Really hope it's not repeated this year
  15. Dave H

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    that weather forecast will scare a few 'maybe's'. They've updated the forecast, to all day rain/sleet/snow. Game hopefully played, but wouldn't think any extra will be through the gate. Motherwell prove a test. We've drawn with Killie and Hearts last home outings, decent points and performances against teams above us. Mwell hot and cold, going to be a decent game. A win would keep up us challenging for the title. Great season for entertainment, hope we see more this Saturday.