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  1. Should Hibs and Rangers be banned from Europe for their fan's Scottish Cup exploits yesterday........could the euro place be given to Saints for 4th in the league?
  2. Any idea of the winning numbers for the 50-50 tickets yesterday and whether it was claimed? (Didn't hear them yesterday and can't see anything on the saints website),
  3. Can't see game going ahead either - any idea if the ref is clued up enough to inspect the pitch before Aberdeen fans start travelling?
  4. 1 points for each correct placing. Clubs are: Celtic Aberdeen Dundee United Inverness CT Saints Hearts Dundee Kilmarnock Partick Ross County Motherwell Hamilton
  5. It was at about 16:30 ...... would that tie in with the RTA?
  6. Anyone know what happened this afternoon? Drove down Glasgow Road into Perth and 2 unmarked polis cars with blue lights blasted up Glasgow Road and then by the time I reached the Ice Rink three marked cars were heading out of town too.
  7. SairNuts

    Perth Pack

    Mike doesn't look a day under 80 :-0
  8. SairNuts


    Did their No 11 not get booked in both the first half and again in the 2nd half and yet stayed on the park?
  9. Good so far I wonder how much of Mr Lomas's success was down to him - will be interesting to see how Mr Lomas gets on without him.
  10. The 9:56 choo choo on Tuesday for me :-)
  11. That is asking a lot of the staff
  12. Another 2 seats on the Ghostie bus booked tonight
  13. Braw night. Can't wait to hear how Mr D explains to his wife why he brought a plank of wood home last night!