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  1. Basically this is about selling a product to children. Marketing types long ago realised that it’s very often not the children who make the decision to buy, because they don’t have any money. What you actually have to do, at least in part, is sell the product to their parents who buy the product for them, or give them the money. So you will routinely see, for example, children’s snacks being marketed on price or health benefits or not filling them between meals, which children don’t actually give a stuff about. How does this translate to football?
  2. Is that how they vote, though? Isn’t there a management board that is weighted very heavily to the top league?
  3. I feel the modern Glasgow Rangers supporter is sufficiently open-minded and progressive to tolerate, and, indeed, welcome input from the Irish community. I think they would actively seek out an opportunity to help unite the nation by clearly signalling an end to the Sectarian divide. Wibble.
  4. The TV companies arn’t paying for Scottish football. They are paying for the Old Firm games. Any structure that reduces the number of them = shite TV money. It’s crap, but that’s the way it is. On checking, I see your structure retains that, so why not?
  5. Blimey. Is this a practise run for becoming Sevco’s owner?
  6. My children laugh at me because I keep my mobile (circa 2005) next to the house phone and never take it out of the house. “People won’t be able to contact you when you are out”, they say. “Precisely” I reply.
  7. I knew that, of course. I just wondered if it was owned by a separate holding company or whatever, a fairly common thing in business, but if it’s in the accounts, fair enough.
  8. Half the fans, including me, are of course wondering why on Earth you would “look at a phone”. Fecking millennials.
  9. “St Johnstone” may not own the stadium, of course.
  10. I see I have been promoted to thread-starter. No greater honour out there. I’d like to thank my parents, my agent, Mr Wibberly my Primary 5 Teacher, and of course my fellow Saints fans, who share this honour, and without whom none of this would have been possible.