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  1. It’s often said that even Duckworth and Lewis didn’t understand the Duckworth Lewis method.
  2. Aye, he has impressed. But I’d be impressive too if I was giving away a couple of hundred billion pounds or so. Give it time. Guy’s a millionaire banker married to a billionaire’s heiress. He’s not on our side. Without boring everyone with the details, the notion that Scotland has to vote Labour for Labour to win in the UK is a complete myth which they keep pedalling even though They know it is a lie. It has never really happened, ever. Either Labour hasn’t needed the Scottish seats for its majority, or they wouldn’t have been enough. If every single person in Scotland had voted Labour in December, Boris would still be UK PM by a country mile. Once you understand that, there isn’t any reason left to vote for the eejits. Anyway, too much politics, sorry.
  3. Sadly, I think you could be right. Much depends on whether Labour in England get their act together (they are beyond resuscitation in Scotland).
  4. That’s the question. Thing is, there turned out to be a magic money tree after all - in fact, a forest of them. Remember Theresa May told the nurses there wasn’t one as she denied them yet another pay rise - and then weeks later gave MP’s one? The same nurses who are now putting their own lives at risk for us? The BMA estimated that austerity shortened the lives of 120,000 people. At a fraction of the cost of the virus measures, austerity could have been much less severe, and arguably more lives could have been saved than the virus will take. But the virus kills and impoverishes rich people too. Spot the difference? Some are already saying no British government will get away with austerity, designed to make the poor carry the cost of greedy rich people’s mistakes, ever again. But who knows? Now is not the time. But there will be a reckoning.
  5. No one thinks the companies should keep paying wages. That’s why the government are paying their wages. There is no reason to cut anyone. Everyone who thinks under 65’s should just carry on as normal is an idiot. Stay away.
  6. It does show how much transfer fees have outstripped inflation. Impossible to say how much Saints could get for a Buckley now - possibly 2 million, to the EPL/Championship? But of course nowadays we could never have competed against Celtic for a player they really wanted in the first place - up until the early sixties, the wage cap for footballers meant all the medium to large clubs payed pretty much the same (officially at least). It’s also hard to remember that Celtic at that time were not a particularly successful team anyway (relative to what they are now) - they were in the middle of a spell when they won the league 3 times in 40 years. Changed times.
  7. No, that’s not part of the rules. It isn’t conditional on the company's cash balance. Companies seem to be reacting in a number of ways: 1/ Keeping folk on, with some cuts in salary, hours etc, costs which they will get back from the government (up to 80%). Hearts appear to be in this group. Decent. 2/ Keeping folk on, paying 100%, 80% covered by the government and absorbing the 20% themselves. Saints appear to be in this category (we don’t really know). Good guys, remember them & use them afterwards. 3/ Laying folk off, regardless of the 80% commitment. These guys are c***ts, remember them and don’t use them afterwards, eg Weatherspoons, Britannia Hotels, Gordon Ramsay. What would be superb is to see the very highly paid at Saints and elsewhere take a cut so the low paid can keep their wage.
  8. If they don’t do relegation, the only team likely to protest is Rangers*. Even they might realise how bad it would look. The various bodies all have different voting rules, and they can also vary according to the nature of the decision. But as I say, I’m pretty sure there is no vote of any kind that requires100% - that would be daft.
  9. I don’t think there are any decisions that require a 100% vote in the SFA or the SFPLFPLL.
  10. I think they will almost certainly look for the way out that will cause the least tantrums and legal action. That points to ending the season as it stands, and allowing promotion but no relegation. Celtic as champions. Whether the resulting league reconstruction is temporary, or the opportunity is taken to try something new on an on-going basis, will be up to the clubs. It would give us something to talk about, at least. With no relegation, and with Celtic so far ahead, I can’t see Rangers* getting any support for an alternative proposal. They could try the courts, but they haven’t got any money, and would find that very difficult if UEFA raise no objections and most other leagues follow the same path. I think they will wait as long as they can to make a decision, in the fervent hope that someone makes it for them. On the wider COVID situation, it does seem that the UK Government strategy for a longer, shallower curve isn’t working. We are following an identical trajectory to Italy. That means a shorter, sharper curve. That means that, over the next week to ten days, UK death rates are going to rise to horrifying levels, possibly eventually towards a thousand a day. Parts of the NHS are going to break down, some old patients are going to effectively be chosen to die, and the UK government, one step behind as always, will then announce a full lockdown - either in a sequence of steps, or all at once. A near complete or complete lockdown by next week is a probability - maybe sooner if Johnstone finally decides to get ahead of this thing. Guys, if you can, stay at home. Do the garden, watch Netflix, have a wank. Just don’t go out and kill someone’s maw. Or the nurse that might have saved your maw.
  11. The guy’s a well-known nut job with some very dodgy views (eg he has repeatedly said everyone who voted Remain is a neo-Nazi). He hasn’t practised medicine for forty years and makes a living pumping out conspiracy drivel.