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  1. Stevie is probably beginning to feel that WAS the mistake........
  2. But wouldn’t May be a better signing than Shaw, Random?
  3. Why wouldn’t you shake hands with ByebyeDundee?
  4. Broon might have been holding back to see if Saints were getting Champions League money this year. They’re not.
  5. At 1%? I could get more than that tomorrow.
  6. I think it is exceptionally unlikely the money is literally sitting in the bank, or earning just 1%. The Broons don’t button up the back.
  7. I once walked 5 miles to watch a midweek Highland League game which was actually scheduled for the following midweek. Surely loads of folk have done it pre-internet days?
  8. A better way of doing this, which is done elsewhere, is for a rich individual or business to pay for a player. Some of the wee clubs have hung on to their star player this way - heard it was the case with Dobbie. The player, not the House Elf.
  9. Weir hasn’t “pulled” any money out of Thistle, he’s chosen not to gift them any more. He did so because the new owners have not been open about the direction they intend to take the club. If that makes him petty, you obviously have higher standards than the rest of us.
  10. Ooooo I think we can agree on that one.