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  1. Aristotle might have said it a tad earlier than Bobby Brown, but point taken.
  2. Whilst it’s not remotely as important as Hannah’s situation, Tommy sent my wife a hand-written card signed by the players (with free, genuine sweat smudges) just to mark her retirement. These are the wee things that mark out Saints as a special, different club, and why we will be Saintees for ever. He did, however, refuse my request to explain the offside rule to her, on the grounds that he didn’t understand it either.* *That bit probably isn’t true.
  3. Haven’t seen a game played in conditions like that in along time. I think if the ref had abandoned it, though, he would have been lynched.
  4. Never thought I’d say it, but couldn’t give a shit. No fight, no passion. Apparently they get paid nothing for playing - they don’t even deserve that much......
  5. I think we are unlikely to do much worse now if we play ACTUAL grannies.........
  6. And me, forty years ago. With the right coaching, I could have been another Rory Fallon.
  7. I know this is a forum and all, but how many times do we need to say Kane is shite? Even if he is, a bit. It isn’t going to make him any better, and might make him worse. Can’t help thinking his mates, family and bird probably see this as well. It’s becoming a bit of a shame. Hasn’t the point been well and truly made now?
  8. Never had any doubts, personally. Back on target for a top-11 finish!
  9. Michigan. Thought you would know that. Roll on the international break - at least we don’t get beat during them.