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  1. Some folk have noted that a lot of the most dodgy decisions have been going the way of the teams “supposed to win”.
  2. And I take it “Cover Rangers” play like favourite old Sevco sides from the sixties? They’ll be more than a few stalwart Labour/SNP types boycotting this. Tunnocks are huge Tory donors and popular hate figures on the margins of both parties.
  3. No. It’s when we expect to sign a decent striker.
  4. Your picture is still in the museum.
  5. Oh right. The flag thing again, I suppose.
  6. You’ve made my brain hurt. Why 9?
  7. Can someone give us a heads-up when they go bust and we can buy half a dozen shirts for the price of a pint again?
  8. Celtic have to be at home for the flag thing. But there were ten other teams they could have been paired against.
  9. Count yourself lucky. I had a tenner on Rory Stewart.
  10. Had a quick look on there. Small number of people arguing with each other and taking the piss out of Random. So just like WAP, really.
  11. Part of the problem is the understandable desire to use officials from all parts of the world, but this means using folk from areas where officials are undeveloped and inexperienced. You saw that in the last Scotland game, where some of the decisions were comical. The men’s game went through this phase as well.
  12. This change was trialled in Brazil last season, and apparently this is what is now happening.
  13. Don’t forget fecking up the group stages.
  14. Netball. Try and keep up.