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  1. souness souness wheres your wife she is getting shagged by a daego nil nil cup semi final against the original rangers also archie archie get to fcuk
  2. I am not being funny but would s may fit in with saints team now
  3. it is all about player wages and we can not compete with at least of half our league so tommy wright is by far the better manager than del
  4. hope cagey and none of his family and friends got the free scarfs that the turkish people were handing out
  5. Just to let people know there will be five Turkish fans in the muirton suite tomorrow they will be there between one and two thirty also a Scandinavian based saints fan who is on this forum
  6. is the certain team we all hate have no history as they have just recentely been formed by the way i hate the other bigots
  7. is s may a defender as we seem to be losing a lot of goals
  8. was that the pub off the main street that was owned by cass?
  9. pedantic did it not hit a iceberg and sink
  10. if he signs for rangers tribute act or either of the scumdee teams will he still be in saints chat?
  11. is that why the cars in our street are getting bashed heard you are not the only one
  12. lmsaintee


    any body going to purchase the white and black? was the original not stripes
  13. this is a forum and people are allowed their thoughts and he is talking about his clubs player stevie may is a owls player not a saints player get over it (dear god)
  14. chips you are by far the best poster on this forum i always go to see what you have posted it is such a pleasant change from the in crowd
  15. it take 17 hours to get to Murthly ?
  16. i thought he worked as a bin man and drank in the saints club at Muirton park but i might be thinking of the wrong chick sorry if this not the case
  17. sorry to hear that (leader of the the young pack) RIP