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  1. Got the job done early and then just went into preserve mode. Wasn't the most enjoyable game, but good to get some minutes into the lads legs after the break. Defence never looked under any threat (Hamilton's new striker looks like a fat Sunday League Player). Callachan continues to prove to myself he should be in our starring XI even when Davidson returns and Watt linked up well at times. Was pretty dissapointed in Kane, I'm a big fan of his and certainly can see what he usually brings to the side, but at times his play was sloppy, he slowed down play on a couple.of occasions and had a very weak attempt at goal. All in all, glad to be in the next round of the cup. Expect us to put in a better performance against Livi, but with the same type of result.
  2. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Certainly would, but in Gordon and Ando we'd be left with a decent pairing compared to what any of our rivals would be forced to play with if there first two choice CBS were sold? I dont want to lose either player, that said I'm sure Tommy will always have players in mind for the future.
  3. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Another great signing this season. Shocked at the quality that Wright has been allowed to bring in by Brown. We have a very, very strong squad now with options in pretty much every season. I reckon we will see Jason Kerr leave in the summer to balance out the books a bit, but the way he is playing there is bound to be a big club coming in soon, I'm just glad there's a quality squad that can cope with the loss of any individual player.
  4. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Chuffed we have kept Gordon. I do believe he has a big future in the game if he can get a regular run of games.
  5. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I can't see any major arrivals unless Scougall finds a club and the gaffer can secure a player he's had his eye on. Don't see any real pressing need for any additions on the right side. Plenty of our players can play wide right and we've got Joe who can move over to right-back if Forster is out for any reason. Still wouldn't mind seeing us adding ball playing central midfielder if there is a decent one available. Been very impressed by RC lately and Craig's been fantastic centrally, but still would love a player in the mould of Millar who can pick a good pass when under pressure.
  6. SlickDT

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    That was an easy win. Some of our build up play was fantastic and really we should of got four or five. I'm going to throw this one out there- Callachan is a better player than Davidson, especially when playing a 4-4-2. Having two central midfielders looking for the ball made a huge difference. The whole team were brillaint today
  7. SlickDT

    Saints v Sevco 23rd Dec

    Very good performance against a bang average Rangers side. Kennedy was fantastic and once again I thought Kerr had a great game. Lafferty added some presence upfront for them and it unsettled us. I actually think Tommy was too slow today with his subs. The tide was turning and I felt the game was crying out for Watt and Kennedy to get a bit of time together. Unfortunately Matty didn't last too long after Watt came on as he was absolutely spent from the power of work he did. Really disappointed not to get the three points, let alone one.
  8. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Certainly hope that's the case, but for some reason I just don't think we will see him back in a Saints shirt again. Love to be wrong.
  9. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd much rather we focused on getting a central midfielder that looks for the ball and is willing to pick a pass. We have good players in the side now that make themselves available further forward in the park, so a quick footed player that can pick a pass and take pressure off our defenders would be fantastic. Whilst our strikers aren't getting goals, I would say I'd be happy enough if we go for the rest of the season with the three men we currently have. Watt will get the goals again soon enough, McMillan when given a chance as an out and out striker can score and I still think Kane is a useful player to have in the squad- hard to judge him when he's been coming in late in games recently and more or less trying to be the first line of defence. Also a little worried about if Tanser was to get injured. Easton really doesnt seem to be getting closer to a come back and I don't think it's fair to ask Forster to play there for an extended period of time.
  10. SlickDT

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    A very poor performance in horrible conditions. Certain players didn't live up to the high standards they've set lately. We just couldn't control the ball centrally and the 4-4-2 didn't work. McMillan in the 10 role just doesn't work for me. I'd love to know what Scougall has done wrong to merit his complete freeze out the team. We lot out on the second ball time and time again. Weatherspoon was terrible and Murray Davidson was completely out battled and for the first time ever I actually thought he lacked his usual fight. At points he seemed to simply give up. That said we could of got something from the game had we converted the penalty or one of the couple of chances we had at the end. The run had to come to an end eventually. Onwards and upwards.
  11. SlickDT

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Hearts came to frustrate, break up play and try to get a result. I think Tommy and the lads should take those tactics as a compliment to how we are playing just now. Kerr was once again fantastic. Really turning into a great centre-back. Gordon also impressed again in the second half. Another point on board, even though it feels like two points lost.
  12. SlickDT

    Drey Wright

    Put Davidson by mistake- in fact meant Weather spoon. My bad.
  13. SlickDT

    Drey Wright

    Name me one player that has been at the level of Wright. I think the reasons many believe Scougall can help the side has been discussed on here several times. I also don't want him to be given Wright's role in the team, rather in a central position where he plays best. It will likely be the job of Davidson or Swanson to play on the right hand side. Going off the same reasoning why would you want McMillan in the team? He's never hit the same levels as Drey either. The good thing is that we now have options pretty much in every position- the chairman should be applauded for that as the Swanson deal was a luxury that has now turned into a very smart bit of business.
  14. SlickDT

    Drey Wright

    Huge loss. Our best player this season. If I was Ricky Forster I'd be gutted- a fantastic player to have in front of you. All round good at going forward and helping out defensively. I really hope this gives Scougall the chance to push his way back into Tommy's plans. I still genuinely believe there is a great player for us in Scougall. I think Watt would benefit from having him in a central position.