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  1. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Give him a chance in the side now we that we have decent attacking players that could link up with him would be my solution!
  2. SlickDT

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    If you would of asked me before the game if I would of walked away happy from a game with the negative tactics we used, I would of said no and yet I was very impressed by our lads tonight. The players were fantastic in closing space, shutting down superior players and putting their bodies on the line for my club. I thought the middle three in particular worked their socks off. I was a little annoyed to see Spoony get a start and yet he was very, very good at doing his defensive duties. Sure I'd like to see us go guns blazing against Celtic, but I think Tommy's plan to steal a result tonight was more realistic. Onwards and Upwards, with the players we have we will get to see plenty of attacking football and goals. Glad to see Kane get some playing time (I prefer him to McMillan in the supporting striker role if we are to accept Scougalls time here is done). Joe and Kerr looked solid. Fosters good form continued. Callaghan looks a good addition. Times are good.
  3. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Fair to say we dodged a bang average player there.
  4. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    What an extremely good window for us. We now have attacking options. Kane's return will also boost things- he looked like a new player at points last season.
  5. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    There is certainly something off, but I just can't see in any way what so ever how he wouldn't have been a better option than McMillan in the 10 role last Saturday. He has vision and now when we finally get players in the team with good movement it seems he is no longer needed. I'd argue Wright's persistence in putting him wide rather than giving him a run centrally has been the biggest issue.
  6. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I couldn't disagree with you more. Scougall is a player I think has a great work rate and regularly fights to regain possession. I really hope these are just rumours, as Scougall has the potential to be a great player for us. Especially with two wide men moving forward for him and Watt's footballing brain.
  7. SlickDT

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    One thing I'd say is I'm surprised by him much work Watt is actually willing to do. I had him down as being a lazy player before he arrived.
  8. SlickDT

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    A solid performance from us today. I thought Liam Craig had a belter of a match today, he looked composed and picked out some very good passes. He protected the defence very well and showed alot of concentration. Once again Foster impressed at right back, Kennedy had the beating of his full-back on several occasions and Tony Watt's quality was clear to see. Watt is good running the channels, good with his back to the goal and you fancy him to atleast make the keeper work when he has his chances. His quality could be the difference between a draw and a win in a few games this season. Dundee looked neat on the ball in the first half, but lack any killer touch up front. McCann must shoulder alot it the blame for the defeat today- McGowan was controlling the game from deep and he pushed him further forward with Kamara dropping deeper in the second half. They struggled to get any foothold in the game after that- Alston and Craig started to win alot more of the second balls in the middle of the park. Scougalls admission continues to surprise me. Watt would benefit from his intelligence behind him. MacMillan offered very little when asked to drop deeper. I'm beginning to wonder if Wright wants to use his wage on another player or two in other positions?
  9. I was pleasantly surprised by how the game went. Thought Foster had a cracking game, as did Wright in front of him. Watt played well, he had alot of work to do at times being on his own. Craig did well in the first half. Hibs started to dictate play a little more in the second half and the fact we desperately need the new central midfielder became a little obvious again. Thought Tanser gave Boyle far too much space at times- just before his cross for the goal I commented that it could punish us if Tanser didn't start to get tighter and block crosses. Was a little bit disappointed by Tommy's subs. He seemed happy to accept the point, when I thought the game was crying out for Scougalls energy in place of Alston. A good point and good to get off the board.
  10. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm afraid Tommy has to take a huge chunk of the blame if we don't get the centre midfielder we REALLY need.
  11. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Totally agree with this post. Before I'm accused of over-reacting to one result, this has been my feeling before a game was played. Whilst I'm happy about our additions this pre-season- there is a glaring weaknesses to our squad which was there last season. We need a player in the centre of the park that can control the game, especially when Davidson is in there (a player with plenty attributes but helping us play a possession style game it is not). Spoony is not that guy, Craig is not that guy and Alston is not that guy. I'm all for having two of the three of them in there as squad players. They are good options to have, they give 100% when they are needed, but they lack the quality needed to cover Millars place in the team. I'd happily let one of them move on in order to bring quality into the centre of the park. Millar did the work of two men at times in his prime and made up for the fact that in Davidson we have a central midfielder that is often better when the opposition has the ball. We need someone who is brave on the ball, who is willing to help his backline when they are under a little pressure and a player that can read a forward pass. I think that's vital to unlocking Scougall in a more advanced central position. A quality player in that role all of a sudden can improve several players around him. How many times did Millar drop back into space taking pressure off MacKay or Easton and allowing them to 'pass and go' wide. How often did he pick up on MacLeans movement into deeper positions starting attacks? How often did he give Anderson a simple 10 yard pass and take away the lack of distribution he sometimes suffers from. I'd go as far as saying a getting the right player for that role could be the difference in 5-6 places in the table.
  12. Some very good performances from a few of our lads in a match where Falkirk were pretty blunt and lacking any real quality. Liam Gordon continues to impress and Ando was rock solid until about the 70 minute mark when he started to lose a little concentration. Foster had a good game at full-back (great through ball for the goal), Wright looked good on the wing and Watt showed glimpses off quality. We didn't create an awful lot, and very little will come from the left any time Liam plays there. He gives 100%, but we never look anywhere near a threat with him on that side. Pretty vital we get another central midfield option in a similar mould to a Morris/Millar type. I just don't think we can rely on Spoony to play that role with any sort of consistency. Good win- hopeful with a bit more time playing together we start to look more threatening going forward.
  13. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think the fact that Tommy made a move for McGowan a while back, probably tells you he is aware he needs a replacement for Millar. Neither Alston or Spoony have shown they can play the same role as him with the same effectivness. Spoony shows he may be an option is spells, but he must do more to become a regular starter in the middle of the pitch. A left sided midfielder and a central midfielder and I'd be happy enough with the squad.
  14. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's a risk, but the lad has no doubt got a load of ability. It's his mindset that seems to be the problem and if Tommy can do similar to him as he seemed to do to both Swanson and O Halloran then I think we could have a player on our hands.
  15. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would be very happy with both.