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  1. SlickDT

    Season Tickets

    Pretty shocked that we have sold more this season to be quite honest.
  2. Fully agree with Random here- our transfer dealings have been totally and utterly woeful. Sure it's been good to retain certain players, but it's painfully obvious either the budget has been extremely mismanaged or been cut from last season. The club's PR is dreadful and it seems to be doing all it can to kill off some of the limited "loyals" we had as opposed to attracting more. I was in conversation with a customer of mine that had been a Saints season ticket holder for years and gave it up about twelve years ago.... His statement "trust me, once you stop going, it's very easy not to return to the park and find other hobbies/things to do with your money" It's the main reason I keep my season ticket- I don't want to get out of the habbit. Whether Steve Brown knows it or not the next couple weeks is MASSIVE for this club and it's future- make a couple of solid signings, bring in a proper social media guy and look for outside help (fans that would be willing to give their expertise for free) and build a feel good factor before we lose another set of fans. We need fans to make that clear to him at the forum. Rant over.... Transfers... Oli Shaw... No thanks, but when it's all said and done I don't really have the energy to care this season.
  3. I must admit I don't share the optimism many saw in the second half. We're we better- yes, but it was almost impossible to perform worse than the first fourty-five minutes. I've said the same thing again and again since Millar left, but if you want Davidson in your team, you need a very effective partner in the middle that looks for the ball, has good positional sense and can pick a pass. Otherwise it becomes a matter of long wasted punts to an isolated striker surrounded by taller players. McCann looked a country mile away from being good enough in the first half, he was much better in the second half but there was still major warning signs with him and players found it far too easy to find space in dangerous positions Infront of our defence. Whilst the second half showed his ability to pass a little better and I though he showed maturity with the professional foul, I'd much rather see him given game time on loan to a championship club were he can get positional awareness from playing every week. Let him make his mistakes at a slightly lower level. A better team than Livingston would of really hurt us today. They seemed to press us well in the first half, but backed off in the second when there was no real reason. MOH and Kennedy looked good in the second half, but that vital spine of our team looks weak. The new lad at centre-back has to improve, if that's the best he's got to offer Gordon comes in and take his space easy (providing a voice Tommy says is missing from the team). Ricky looked off the pace and sloppy. Swanson was incredibly sloppy and lost the ball several times and Kerr looks totally unsure at points- he will come good again but our midfield left him isolated at points and the partnership in central defence didn't look fluid at all. I'm usually a glass half full type of guy and should be coming away delighted we got the two goals back, but I must admit I'm really worried about this current side unless we add a good few faces and get Wright back asap. This is going to be a long hard season.
  4. First half as bad as I've seen us play. Second half we showed fight, but we're still miles away from anything but a relegation dog fight.
  5. Surely that's what I do when I pay my season ticket!? About 6 months ago I was looking for a venue for my tenth anniversary party.... I visited McDiarmid Park as I had a biased want to use it. I was told a girl would know I was coming, she didn't. She showed me the room (which was miles behind others I looked at) but she said they'd send me pricing etc... I waited a week and didn't get anything as I expected. Easy decision and I went to a venue more suited most likely at a better deal.... The long and short of it is between what I paid for the party, food and the bar takings (which I was told by the new venue was very good) the club lost out on potentially quite a few grand. If the club can't be bothered working for business that's delivered to their door I'm not going to waste a penny above my season ticket from now on.
  6. Is anybody else interested in these players? Hooper will have been clearly on a wage higher than what we've ever paid anyone, but what are people willing to pay him now? If you don't ask, you don't get...
  7. I've gone past frustrated to not bothered any more...... This is going to be a horrible season- all the signals of relegation. An unhappy crowd watching a depleted team which has already shown a lack of fight last weekend.
  8. There is no need for an over reaction either way, but and it's a big but the next seven days are a HUGE period in Tommy and Steve's management of the club. I think the squad looks thin and imbalanced. Last year's overindulgence on the likes of Swanson and Goss could be getting used this season on players we really needed. We wasted time waiting on players like Joe when it was clear he was mucking us about. The next generation clearly aren't up to the task and we've let reliable squad players go. We are trusting in older players to be main parts of our team this season which has the potential to back fire. It all points to mismanagement for me. Tommy is my favourite ever gaffer and he's the man I want in charge of my club, but he is not immune to criticism- it's been a stinker of a pre-season, a stinker of a transfer window so far and his players are not performing. He's done fantastic in replacing our best ever side from 2014- this is his first major sticking point. I trust he will put it right, but I want to see the right sort of signings made this week ready for Livingston. I look at Motherwell's recent signings and think they've become the St Johnstone of old. I can accept us not getting top six, but with the players Tommy has been allowed to bring in last year I really think a relegation dog fight is a major failure from the club as a whole.
  9. Clark Ricky-Kerr-Drago-Tanser Swanson-Davidson-Callachan-Craig Kennedy MOH Play on the break, get players in the support the full-backs..... (I'd rather have Spoony or obviously Wright for this one) but Swanson will have to be used. We are going to get hammered and as far as I am concerned the season starts next Saturday.
  10. No doubt we will let our younger keeper go out on loan now to cover this signing, I hope it's not taking an additional penny of our budget.
  11. SlickDT

    TV Games

    Will now miss this one..... Fly to Tallinn first thing in the morning so will hopefully get it in a pub over there.
  12. I certainly wouldn't be letting Callachan go, I know he divides opinion with us fans, but he as plenty to offer and much like Alston, is a very handy member of the squad to have. He was fantastic away to Dundee last season and was pass perfect, which leads me to think that if we could get the right balance of energy with positional sense then he could be an important player for us. Whilst I don't think McLean is ready to be a regular starter I was encouraged by what I say against Brechin (granted one of the very worst and unfit sides I've seen at McDiarmid). I think he could possibly hold his own against some of the lower sides in the league if required. I don't see McCann as being anywhere near the standard to at any game time for us next season.... Definitely needs a loan to a championship side to see if he's even at that level. That leaves possible departures of four players in my eyes.... McMillan, Anderson, one of our wider players and Hendry. Both McMillan and Anderson are miles away from what we need (as much as it pains me to say it about Ando). If we could move them in on in order bring in a second new striker and a player that can cover left back I think the squad would have much more balance..... Duffy can act as our fourth choice centre back and full back cover. A player in the mould of Chris Millar would be fantastic as well and would make a huge difference. I think Hendry would benefit greatly from a loan to the Championship, but as things stand can't see us allowing him to move on unless we can magic two strikers out the budget. I'd be happy enough with Kane, two new strikers and MOH as a potential fourth option upfront.
  13. The problem that most teams of our level have (and something many people seem to miss) is that the two central midfielders can make a huge difference as to whether to the team plays in the 4-2-3-1 formation or just becomes a defensive 4-5-1. Two central midfielders that are competent on the ball and continually look to keep possession, whilst being able to pick a pass often let's the 3 Infront go forward and pick up more attacking positions.... You could have Barca's front line but if your midfield can't make chances it's going to blunt your attack... When they have to drop deep constantly to get possession and we isolate our striker it just seems a more direct route with two up top would work better. Our current best option upfront is Chris Kane and the majority of his good work is deep with his back to goal, often bringing the wider players into play.... I do wonder if his worth to the team would go up if he was in a 4-4-2 and there was another striker tasked with staying in the danger area. A Kane/May combo could well work if that was the case and Stevie was tasked with doing what he did best for us- scoring goals.
  14. SlickDT

    Betfred Cup

    I reckon we will add a better known striker and then a younger unproven loan from down south as a punt. Before Kane left for QOS I remember thinking if he could only just increase his strength and give himself the ability to occupy defenders he could be a real asset..... To be fair he has done that, but now I feel alot of his good work is done when playing deep with his back to the goal.... That unfortunately doesn't help much when playing in a 4-5-1 with a lack of goals.