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  1. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Reckon he could do a very good job for them.
  2. SlickDT

    Stjohnstone v Motherwell 11 th may

    Second home game in a row where Murray has been the stand out player. He was fantastic yesterday. I've said many times I believe he has left us very open in the middle when playing in a central two, I also think he regularly doesn't help players out by making space for a pass to take pressure off them, but yesterday he did all those things. He looked for the ball, played some very neat passes and regularly came looking for the ball. He also won the majority of his battles in the air and was winning second balls regularly to regain possession. Seemed to be more effective moving forward as well. If he can play like this when we are playing against superior teams with midfielders that keep the ball on the deck then I'll happily eat my words. I think the centre-back pairing have made it very obvious Tommy doesn't need to go and find an expensive centre back. They were fantastic and for their age and how little they've played first team football looked very composed. If we can convince Ando to come back and play back-up (with the regular game time that will come with injuries and suspensions) we would be pretty well covered in that department and Joe's loss won't be near as hard to deal with. Thought Tanser had a good game, as did MOH who seems to be coming on to his game. Some neat play from Craig who seemed to be allowed control the game at points with limited opposition. Looking more and more like the Swanson move was a waste of money- never really adds much when he comes on and just generally looks fed up at the end of every game. Motherwell were alot poorer than I expected, was an easy three points with lots of positives for next season. A few tweaks here and there and we could have a good season.
  3. SlickDT

    St.Johnstone V Livingston Saturday 4th May

    That was a pretty dull game of football that we should of taken three points from- two workmanlike teams with only Muzz really impressing me today. I need to see the goal again, but there is no way Zander should be beaten from that distance. Tommy decided to sneak out a 1-0 win and we cruised in 2nd gear the whole second half .... He has to take some of the blame for losing two points today. He decided not to freshen it up and once the goal from nowhere came, only Livi looked like nicking it at the end.
  4. SlickDT

    Next seasons defence

    Liam and Jason are the future and Tommy has to show faith in them until the end of the season. Joe has been a good servant for us, but he's taking a chance their is a better deal out there from a bigger club than us, even if he ends of staying the commited lads should get the priority when they haven't let the club down. Liam can be a future captain for us, let's give him the chance to prove it.
  5. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Expecting a smaller squad to be honest next season, we have carried a pretty big squad this season with a few bigger earners not playing much or showing form. If we let several go and bring in 4/5 I still think we'd have a decent size squad.
  6. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    At the start of the season I thought Watt would be leaving for better things come this point, but I can't say I'm particularly bothered. I certainly wouldn't break the bank for him. He's a gifted player and has a good touch and decent vision, but a strikers job is to score goals and create chances- he's been pretty quiet on both. Here's hoping we can unearth a 12-15 goal a season striker to add to the goals scored section in the table. A 25+ goal scorer would be even better!!!!
  7. SlickDT

    Joe Shaughnessy

    Would of liked to have seen Joe stay on, but glad the club are now putting it to bed and can plan for next season. I'd be happy to give Liam Gordon the nod- he's ready to play regular football and has always impressed when he is in the team. Bring back Ando and then possibly a cheaper fourth option at CB. If it saves some money to put towards getting a striker that scores goals, it may well be a good thing. Joe started the season very well, but his drop in form has coincided with the teams drop in performance. He has been a very good signing for us. There was possibly an argument he should of been dropped a few weeks back, but I'd hope Tommy now picks a team with next season in mind once Kerr returns from suspension.
  8. SlickDT

    Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone - Saturday 6th April

    Better players with the best manager in the league were always going to be favourites against us. Tommy has a but of work to do over the summer if he wants to keep us as a top six type team.
  9. SlickDT

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    I could well be wrong, I'm just going off seeing him against ourselves and occasional TV game this season. He put in a real shift last night and was the only player I really saw "dig in" for them last night. I think we could do alot worse- my take on the limited times I've seen him is that he is trying to atleast force things surrounded by weaker players. Over the years I've heard rival fans slag players off that we've signed and they've turned out to be great players for us. As I said I think he would suit a deeper role.
  10. SlickDT

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Whilst far from perfect, it was a much better performance. Playing the 4-4-2 may have made us more open, but we looked much more threatening going forward. Matty had a great game. Kerr continues to impress and Zander pulled off two very important saves early on. Also though Joe looked much more like his old self. As a team I think we always looks better on the ball when Davidson isn't playing- Callachan is a better option for me. He picks a pass better and still gives us an energy. At times he may end up out of position (due to his fantastic workrate), but he must be a handful to play against. He also isn't scared to look for the ball and some of his runs did/could of caused Dundee problems. In the last 15 minutes or so his passing got a bit scrappy but he was knackered. Hopefully a wee run consistent in the team until the end of the season. As I've said before on another thread I don't think we are a million miles away from having a very decent side. If Dundee were to go down Id be more than happy if Wright tried to get McGowan again. He's the sort of player opposition love to hate, but he can play. Picks a pass well and never gives up. Could see him playing deeper for us, although he ended up further forward for Dundee trying to create something for them.
  11. SlickDT

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Actually went for Zander tonight. Whilst Kennedy was the most obvious choice, I think the two saves Zander pulled off earlier really changed the outcome of the game and stopped any confidence building from Dundee.
  12. SlickDT

    The zombie view (An outsider looking in )

    Some fair questions.... Here's my opinions for what they are worth. 1. I think any club has the right to aim higher than their station and so do the fans, ultimately we have achieved fantastic success for a club with our budget over the past ten seasons and it can be easy to forget that the tip six is not a god-given right. At the same time this season it looks like our chairman has fully backed the gaffer in the market. We had a very good summer and winter window and added some real quality names. We also have one of the most promising youngsters I've ever seen in a Saints top... Add it all together and I must say I thought we would surprise everyone and comfortably get into the top six. 2. Tommy tends to be results driven. His safety first mentality has served him very well in the past and the truth is will most likely always get him enough points to pass the 10th or above minimum target. I believe a HUGE aspect of our poorer play is the fact he insists on playing a central midfielder that is poor when we are in possession (many totally disagree with me and see the major benefits that Murray Davidson can bring to the side). I'd argue the biggest loss to our side over the last couple seasons has been Chris Millar- his ability to take a ball in tight situations and help our defenders make a simple pass was a huge part of our game. There is certain players Tommy really trusts and I believe they let him down at times with poor performances. 3. MOH is a player he has worked with before and is capable (when fit) of being a very good option for us upfront or on the wing. He has pace and if he can reproduce old form will be a major addition. Goss was an attempt at bringing in a player that can retain possession and pick a pass. He may well be that player but is in and out the side and it's hard to tell if he is a good addition for the long term. Bell was a back-up signing. 4. If a young player proves he is up to the task Tommy will play them. Jason Kerr and Stevie May are the prime example of that. I do believe Liam Gordon is ready to play every week and with Joe's form I'd like to see that happen starting Wednesday. Give him a chance to stake his claim for next season as our starting CB. I don't watch the reserves but from what I hear no one else seems to be better than what we already have. We have quite a large squad with established pros- there is always alternate options. 5. Maybe they ain't good enough or maybe Tommy views it as too much of a risk. 6. 101 reasons. Ultimately Perth has proven time after time they will only turn up on glory days- the rest of the time the majority have other things they want to do with their time. I honestly believe a saints team playing free flowing football and getting in amongst the European places would still not see the attendance go up much. 7. Just the way it is.... I personally wouldn't be calling for his head unless we were relegated. I can't think of a single name that I would want to replace him that I 100% believe would be better than what we have. I have family that are Charlton fans and attended games when they were calling for Alan Curbishleys head..... They needed to take the next step up.... They got rid and we all know what happened there. I try not to let a run of results turn my opinion one way or the other- I prefer to take a longer term view. The squad we have is decent, it just needs rebalanced a little in the summer.
  13. SlickDT

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Our away performance against Dundee made it clear the standard of football these lads can play to and the style of play we can put together. Keep it simple, play players on merit and one of the most important aspects of football..... Make sure ALL your central midfielders like to take the ball to feet and are able to make space for a pass for 90 minutes- amazing how that changes a teams style of play.
  14. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    TW also said a game or two ago that those that kept making excuses will be dropped- not seen that happen yet!? There always seems to have been certain player he seems happier to drop to the bench regularly and then there is certain players that are given extra faith.
  15. SlickDT

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd have Alston in my team before Spoony these days.