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  1. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    You're Dave from Glenrothes, everyone kens that.
  2. St Johnstone Womens FC

  3. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Wee smiley faces are for fannies. Keep up grandad.
  4. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Oh ffs. Not everyone on the internet is entirely serious you know.
  5. St Johnstone Womens FC

    He's just moving it about a bit. We need a womans team, let's get rid of our media lassie, Aye, let's get rid of our physio too. That should cover it.
  6. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    I wouldn't be taking any risks with any players coming back from injury. 9 games before the split and I'd say we need around 10 points.
  7. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    We're paying him till the end of the season no matter what. Tommys view was that he had to take him off on Saturday, mainly because he was out thought by Levein. There were other players not having the same impact on the game at that time but to me and many other spectators, it was the wrong choice. Millars hamstring injuries were ages ago, you'd need to ask Tommy why he hasn't played more but one things for sure, it's no coincidence that our form and general playing style has suffered without a Millar type of player in the team. Denny Johnstone is a carthorse, no wonder Millar was ****ing angry being replaced by that donkey.
  8. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    He was one of the better players until he got taken off on Saturday.
  9. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Wid. Them all.
  10. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not a problem with it tbh. He's good at his job, ambitious and is furthering his career. Well played Tony, thanks for your service, now can you recommend a replacement?
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Think that was the boy we had on trial that went non league in England.
  13. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    I have noticed a few different set piece routines lately that are obviously straight off the training ground. They were pish and never worked.
  14. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Are you happy with Tommys selections and gameplans this season? I don't want Tommy sacked, but I'm definitely not one of his happyclappers and can see his many faults and have done for years.
  15. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    The club is going to make serious losses next accounts. Quite glad so many are going out of contract, only one I'd keep is Muzz, even after his mistake today. The rest can go ruin someone else's club.