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  1. An own goal which at the time should not have stood. Referee blunder more than Enkleman imo.
  2. Folk turning their noses up saying Ambrose is a bomb scare? He would instantly improve our defence, then when fit would probably be our best player. We probably have no chance of it happening anyway but some folk need a reality check on the standard of your average Saints player.
  3. Simon Horne's a wee fanny, Allan Storrar is a big fanny. I can see a common denominator.
  4. Against Elgin? C'mon tae ****. Ando was past it 2 seasons ago.
  5. Is a better centre back than Duffy? Probably.
  6. Most of the scorers are in the right CB position, most of the goals go past the keeper ...... the whole defence is shite.
  7. **** right off with this Kane shite, He needs put in the bin along with that chat.
  8. And one punt up to cosgrove and they score Rinse and repeat.
  9. This is the one closest to international football imo. As good as the Luzern and Rosenborg wins were, there were also Alashkert, Minsk and Trakai. That first half against Trakai still gets me seething, Tommy ****ed that up pure and simple.
  10. So Tam thinks he has a stand out CV for the multitude that'll apply for the N.I. job, do fellow Saints fans agree? Personally i think his CV doesn't read that great tbh, I also think he's a decent manager but would be found out at international level. Having witnessed his **** ups and sometimes masterclasses throughout his time at Saints I reckon the short 2 game bursts of international football will be to his detriment and if I was a proddy Irishman I'd be looking elsewhere.
  11. I thought it was a Dee at first, more drawn to one of either an Accie or Buddie now.
  12. We've been playing with 2 up front for weeks.
  13. Would you not be better just emailing the club?