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  1. Dave Mackay never had to choose Saints or the Dundee clubs. Contrary to what some folk will tell you. Stevie May has a straight choice between 3 or 4 clubs.
  2. It will tell you all you need to know about Stevie May if he joins a Dundee club. Don't you dare show your puss in Perth again you ****.
  3. Who actually cares about this? So what Danny punched a doorman, woopty ****ing doo basil.
  4. Punch above our weight? Absolute ****ing pish. We maybe got our return on what we bought/outlayed others simply didn't.
  5. At least we know the folk on here who use the banter page.
  6. I'm not impressed by your post.
  7. Scott Brown and Armstrong were better young players imo.
  8. Kinnoull in too, potentially 3 Perth teams in the professional set up, no shortage of derbies for my great grandkids.
  9. 2 similarly rated keepers, 1 for 50k the other for over 1M. I know which one I'd enquire about.
  10. Shankland isn't Saints class, it's a no from me. None of the forwards on the books are Saints class either by the way. Olly will be in a few years but is not ready yet.
  11. I'll miss his song more than his football.
  12. Power, Dicker and Mulumbu(I know) are better than Saints options imo? Brophy is better than Kane, their LB and RB are better than ours. Our centre backs and Keeper are better imo but that's it.