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  1. We'll not have to worry about being born in Perth anymore as 90% are Dundee. Will be 100% for the next few months as well.
  2. Where's all the very vocal gobshites now? Ghostie? All the Banter boys?
  3. Rooney wasn't first choice at Aberdeen anymore and couldn't be guaranteed it, he was on his way out. You've been fooled into believing something by the press, much like everyone thinking we're going bust after Browns gloomy rant. Sensationalism at its finest.
  4. Why does he focus on all the negatives and not on the positives? He says we've got a top 8, then top 6 budget, he doesn't even know himself. We all know why we have over spent this season, there are several top earners who won't leave. There's no need for him to come out with it. We have several young stars in the making, why not promote that rather than the doom and gloom shite? He again puts the boot into the fans, nice one Steve, good way to entice them back. He goes on about budgeting for a cup run and top 6. We are in the last 8 of the cup Steve you moron, also with an outside chance of reaching top 6. Doom and gloom is really going to entice the fans to come out and the players to go for it against Celtic. In summary, Steve you're a fanny, shut your mouth until you can say something positive, you're helping nobody.
  5. Ffs. You need to count the renewals as well.
  6. The more Steve Brown speaks, the more I think he's cagey.
  7. Ibrox still had a standing enclosure at the front of their main stand at that time. Pittodrie was the first all seater, certainly in Scotland, excluding kilbowie because nobody actually sat on those benches, we all stood on them. It was the first after the Taylor report and a leading light for most small clubs.
  8. As we should all know by now, especially being Saints fans, fans don't win you trophies. Stop ****ing moaning and support your team.
  9. This is my favourite Wright tells his players to dive, cheat, injure and abuse other players. He'd be happy to ruin someones career if it makes him look good. If you want that at Hearts you can **** off as well. utter zoomers.
  10. Someone who calls out negativity when there really isn't any need for it.