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  1. Wasn't it "we shouldn't have to work that hard at places like this" ? Perfectly reasonable imo, they shouldn't, they were pish and we were decent. He was more sending a message to his players and support, so what if he upset 3 or 4 Saints fans, get over it.
  2. You left out the most galling part, platform shoes.
  3. You seen Tanser with a bit of confidence being a player who could oust Easton? I don't even think Tommy could've foreseen his rise from a weak shitebag of a player, because that's what he was, to what he is now. Dedication and hard work coupled with Eastons injuries has improved him remarkably, there's still more to go though but I applaud him for what he's done already. Kane has had loads of game time as the main striker, has he improved? Parts of his game have but the actual job he's there to do hasn't imo. He's a decent championship level striker or 3rd or 4th choice bottom half premiership striker, all about opinions and nothing would please me more if he did a Tanser and proved me wrong, don't think it'll happen unfortunately.
  4. As in about 2 years ago? Tanser was an unknown who Saints set a timetable on and tasked him to become a player, gradually building it up to what he is today. He surprised everyone by how he adapted to what Saints tasked him, myself included. Chris Kane has had the benefit of a Saints coaching etc for 10 ****ing years, 10 ****ING YEARS SaintJet. Bookmark this, Chris Kane is a haddy.
  5. Why has Kane been getting stick over the last few years? Why has Tommy brought in a main striker every season to play before him? I'll let you into a wee secret, he's never in a month of Sundays good enough to be a main striker for a premiership side. He gets the stick when he has to play as one.
  6. Blue and white zebras? Black and white makes me sick in the mouth. Could never ever support a side that looks like the Buddies or Newcastle, I feel sick even typing that.
  7. They have strips like a zebra, it's a no from me.
  8. And folk calling for Zander to be in one right then.
  9. **** right off with this pish, that's exactly what it is, pish. He's a professional, it's his job, if you cannot do it to a decent standard by the time you're 25, having had 10 years at it then there is no hope. That's why there are levels in every job, every single job out there, he is at a different level to his company, time for him to work at his level. As for not being able to work under pressure with folk watching, having their tuppence thrown in? There are folk in jobs up and down the country under that kind of pressure, if you can't handle it, get out.
  10. Some of the fish are still in there, they couldn't move them.
  11. And they work on Saturdays as well as midweek evenings. Pish idea in a pish thread.
  12. Think you boys should show Danny Swanson some ****ing respect. Not only has he been a great servant to St Johnstone, winning games single handedly and showing great amounts of skill but the boys been in with the fans supporting Saints/his ex teammates when he was contracted to another Scottish side ffs
  13. The loan signings being talked about are deals where we couldn't dream of paying the players full wages, the loaning clubs are well within their rights to hang off to see if other clubs will. Pretty shite situation for Saints but that's the price we pay for trying for better players than we have. The Stevie May situation is a bit different, if a few players we don't want, pissed off, then that would be done quick smart. All boils down to us being a piddly wee club and Tommy already spunking the budget.
  14. And so it should be. I love it when bitter parents, who's only attachment to Saints is there kid playing a few years for the youngsters, come on here and try and tell us how bad it was for their precious wee cherubs absolutely ****ing love it. Let me soak up those salty, salty tears......mmm.