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  1. Is there a Melbourne in the USA? Never knew that.
  2. I know of another 2, maybe 3, canny mention where from though, the less you know less the polis know.
  3. Some of the FCU were advised to stay away by the police, they had been a bit naughty and were known to the police, on the other hand they were also getting unjustly harassed at some away games, I've seen 15 police containing 8 FCU members. Nanny state in full effect.
  4. The Rangers will get 1 more round if they're lucky, not worth the drama of looking ahead.
  5. Olly Hamilton isn't ready for premiership football, he would be the first to admit it.
  6. If I recall correctly they deliberately keep the land value to a minimum, think it's valued at something stupid like £300,000. Which for the size of plot and facilities on it is quite amazing. I'm sure someone will be along to correct that if I'm wrong.
  7. He's trying to be dramatic. Either that or he is as thick as pig shit, as both do deserve to be in the top league.
  8. Nope, not for me. We were still in that bottom division when Totten took over. I personally loved that period for Saints, my uncle kept taking me to Tannadice to try and entice me but I preferred the barren scapes of Muirton.
  9. None of truly know the ins and outs of everything that goes on at McD. Tommy may well be taking care of a lot more shite than most of the other managers in the division and Broon may be cramming the work of 3 people into a 3 day week all to save cash for an extra couple of players on the payroll. This is all fine when it's working well, as soon as it isn't it can quickly get on top of even the best of folk. This is why we need proper structure, to maximise the potential of everyone involved, sadly it may take change of ownership for that to happen.
  10. If there is anywhere in football that May should be given leniency and time to recapture his form, if able, it's at Mcdiarmid.
  11. The structure of our club is amateur, it's run like Jeanfield with a bigger budget, not like a top 10 side in a country. Now that has its pluses and minuses, we can all see this. There are several reasons why it is taking lifetimes to bring it out of the dark ages.
  12. As I said, Tommy deserves some stick, not it all.
  13. This part of your post should help you win post of the week so far. Never a truer word said, they are all complicit in this but only Tommy will carry the can and get the stick which is wrong imo. He does deserve some by the way but he's not the only one.