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  1. How many of the committee are members of the saints club,as you have to be a member to vote on any motion,as well as anybody attending the agm,did Larky check this at the start of the agm as per the constitution.
  2. Time for a currywurst mit pomfrits mit mayonaise and a herforder.
  3. Ist the bus still going as there is not many names down to make it financially viable to run it .
  4. So far there is only 4 names down at the moment.
  5. The police commander sets the number of officers inside the stadium his say is final as he has complete control of stadium.
  6. Why should I give up my seat in east stand,icommited to a season ticket for a seat in stand for whole season nothing about being move when I bought it,so why come up with this when there is only 5 games left where is your loyalty to the fans who commit to season tickets,money isnt every thing.
  7. Ok we still make top six,we have been lucky,other teams have failed to make it but we had 32 points by christmas only got 11 points since ,totaly unexceptable,we have a forward line who have failed miserably to score and a back line who have leaked goals the management team have failed to rectify this problem,so big changes have to come,either a clear out of underperforming players or we will have major problems next year.
  8. The club have a bar in the main stand at the car park end and is open before and after the game
  9. The club has a new chairman Aly Stirton and is very approachable,and is looking for ideas to take the club forward all ideas will be welcome from the members.
  10. Never gave up followed the team for over sixty years seen some shocking games but also great games.
  11. There is company's who take soil samples and analyses it and tells if you are over fertilizing,watering ,over cutting and what to do to get it back to t-shirt best.
  12. The sports club in Leonard street is running a bus give them a phone call.
  13. most folk these days don't have lumps,and reeking lums pollute the atmosphere,but happy New year to one and all.
  14. You kept that a secret is that why you are not going to the football on a Saturday now.
  15. Tony don't have to many wife may not let you go to game tomorrow as punishment for having to many shandie.