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  1. Don't know about that, he seems to have a flurry then get a knock for a wee while. He missed the end of Dundee's season and that probably had an effect on the championship. Anyhow - he's a very good striker with a something of an attitude, which we've lacked for a long time now - possibly since George O'Boyle. Our last few strikers were too flipping nice. Griffiths coming to us would also be a timeless 'get it up ye' by the Saints board to Dundee - robbing their best player, on the back of a failed big-money promotion gamble and them having another season in Div 1? Chairman Broon will know all that and I for one hope he gives it a shot. Almost tempted to bid for Harkins as well, knowing fine he wouldn't get a game for us - just to wind them up - but pull out at the last minute.
  2. I believe we're looking at a left back from a rather better team than Dundee.
  3. Maybe he can't hear you for the music :-)
  4. He never did, day-to-day. Just formal announcements, which were still crossing his desk as recently as a couple of weeks ago. For once I'll use the tired old forum cliche, "FACT". :-)
  5. Except there has actually been an investigation into the equipment, rather than just some idle speculation and finger-pointing, and it might not be as clear-cut as suspected in terms of faulty USH. Let's see how things go.
  6. Big announcements don't tend to hit the official site without SD himself approving them - maybe he just doesn't want to make a fuss about it?
  7. They are shite, as we saw for 60 minutes (until the referee intervened) last month - and we've become a better side since then. In this league, as Luggy and Sandy proved last time round, you climb the table by taking points in the big games - which compensates for off-days against Kilmarnock etc. Our third-place finish in 98/99 included 12 points off the Old Firm that nobody else could match. Believe!
  8. We'll get pelters from Falkirk fans - and others - now. Barely an hour before kickoff, on a day most of the away fans had to travel early due to roadworks... I bet it would have been fine for 3pm. It's all Sky's fault.
  9. Unless you count Michael Moore, Willie McLaren, Simon Mensing, Liam Craig, etc - all of whom cost us fees up front or via tribunal. And there'll be more. Maybe not huge, but money paid out. The difference nowadays is, the club could probably afford a fee for someone but not the wages that come with them...
  10. Near to which town - Methven?
  11. I'm prepared to stake my lowly reputation, such as it is, that this story is bollocks.
  12. I'm not sure you've seen Anderson outside of centre half. As a full-back he is absolutely abysmal. On his day he's the best centre half at the club, when given a run in the team.
  13. Can't believe we're going on about standing at the game yet again, after being humped 4-1. It's simple enough - if the entire away end stands up, just ****ing stand up yourelves. Stewards won't throw out the whole East Stand.