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  1. rik2304

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    Macca had a season where he only scored 2 in the league.
  2. rik2304

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    He certainly deserves the chance to sort it out. And I acknowledge that this is a poor run. Which we have been on before and come through. Just as we've had good runs. Every team does get injuries but ours have been to our two most significant and in form players.
  3. rik2304

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

  4. rik2304

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    Not worth overreacting IMO. We've been through bad patches and have come through it. We will again. The signings of Swanson and MOH were a gamble as they weren't fit and it's not paid off but I don't remember too many folk complaining when they were signed. We'll see different players next season I'd be very confident about that. We have also been hit badly by significant injuries to Wright and Zander. It's very clear how spoiled we were when we could call on Mannus or Clark and now we're seeing just how crucial it has to have a reliable number 2 keeper. And for those with an itchy trigger finger in regards to Tommy's job.....be very, very careful what you wish for.
  5. rik2304

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    The BLKEvco.
  6. rik2304

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    TW to set up 9 men behind the ball and hoping that Mikey can catch them on the counter. We'll hold a decent shape until one of the back 4 inevitably switches off for a second.
  7. rik2304

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Both of Goss's goals for Sevco were free kicks.
  8. rik2304

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not good enough. Made zero impression on the first team.
  9. rik2304

    Celtic v Saints, Premiership, 30 Jan 2019

    We were always going to PTB after trying to be aggressive in the McD game and getting wrecked.
  10. rik2304

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Better deal for Thistle than us. Especially as Ando likes a goal as well.
  11. rik2304

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Great news about Kerr!
  12. rik2304

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Great news!
  13. rik2304

    Zander Clark

    100% record for Scott Bain. Get him in the Scotland squad.