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  1. I think May will sign for us or Hibs,Hearts, Motherwell,Ross County, Livingston,St Mirren, Killie, Dundee or Dundee United. Or he might stay at Aberdeen. Definitely.
  2. According to Mays dad he never even left in the first place.
  3. Overall he does an excellent job. But the budget fixation is certainly not very exciting. However we've seen just how badly football finance can go wrong in the last few years so perhaps he has a point! I do agree that the PR side of things is an area that MUST be improved upon. It's currently woeful in comparison to other teams round about us.
  4. It still involves players leaving in one way or another.
  5. May's done anyway. Happy to have the memories.
  6. rik2304

    Season Tickets

    Aye,but who's your Cypriot big team?
  7. Did Maybury bully anyone?
  8. Our under 18s have lost a friendly? Tommy out IMO.
  9. rik2304

    Jason Kerr

    Anything less than a world record sum for Kerr should be laughed at IMO.
  10. Every year since he left pretty much.
  11. What a glorious day that was! Never thought I'd ever see anything like it. Unbelievable. And this was my son's first year of going to Saints games
  12. Young Kane and Hendry could learn a lot from Doolan IMO.