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  1. It's an absolute fact that the majority of the young ones were Sevco fans. They were also starting to cause unnecessary trouble. Particularly the away games. Not a miss IMO.
  2. Any changes will have to benefit the OF. And that arse Doncaster will always try to get TV deals based on as many OF fixtures as possible before anything else.
  3. I would suggest that his profile and ability surpass Michael O'Neill when he took the job. Your disdain of TW is utterly bizarre.
  4. Nah. Plenty of experience granted but he's well past it at this level. He'd also be in quite a hefty wage.
  5. Yeah. Same as Stevie May after the cup final and Danny Swanson twice. The Welsh guy from Fulham as well was quoted as saying how much he and his family loved living in Scotland.
  6. He upped his creative output by a significant percentage because he's out of contract shortly and knew that scouts from other side's were watching?
  7. The decade that has seen us under the stewardship of our greatest ever manager. Great times!
  8. I'd be very, very surprised if we hold onto Kennedy.
  9. Good job Tommy signed him and sticks him on to make an impact then.
  10. Big win and another clean sheet. Excellent stuff!