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  1. The best thing that could come from this pandemic is Tommy Wright phoning Cagey.
  2. I remember Paul Deas scoring one of his goals.
  3. Would Brown/Robertson be offering contracts under the current circumstances?
  4. They just want you to think that.
  5. Kilt shop on the High street also does it.
  6. Broon playing motivational mind games IMO.
  7. Yet you can guarantee that this thread will resurface next season when we have a bad run.
  8. St Chelstone. We could add the Chelsea lion onto a new badge. Playing football with the Griffin or go Old School and have the lamb again.
  9. I'm sure Steve Brown would put them off by explaining how miserable it's made him.
  10. It is when Celtic are in town. But it rarely gets mentioned. Just like the broken seats/toilets etc.
  11. We'll lose at least one today because of Tanser. Horrible decision to play him.
  12. Double the incentive for Celtic now. We can't afford any mistakes and can't lose an early goal. Tanser must not play.
  13. Ando is absolutely done as a CB at this level. Why would he be any better as a RB?
  14. rik2304

    Wage Bill

    This is the guy who focuses on the negative when we qualify for Europe or points out that a cup win doesn't generate as much revenue as you might think. Makes Scrooge seem cheery.