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  1. It'll take a poor start to our first season in the championship to make me think about questioning Tommy.
  2. Exactly. Been a shocking set of fixtures. Most disappointing result for me has been Killie.
  3. Good point. Disappointed that Negative Tommy only started with 3 attacking players and 4 four more on the bench.
  4. The emotional cost is far more.
  5. Zander isn't good enough IMO.
  6. Let's not forget that McMillan died on his arse at Accies before people start condemning Tommy for being ruthless and cruel.
  7. Good. Hopefully a chance to shift him permanently.
  8. Only if he brings his cue to batter James Forrest.
  9. Pretty unimpressed with the signing of Ralston tbh. The FB position is going to be a massive weakness for us this season. From Cuptie and Easton to Ralston and Tanser.
  10. I'd rather not limit Wrights attacking skills by sticking him at RB.
  11. We're all disappointed after a poor loss. But does this shit stick of a thread need bumped every time?
  12. Everyone feeling a bit more positive. Return of the hero. Playing a team in turmoil. Chance to move up the league. Saints shitebag it.