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  1. Goalies in the SPFL

    Mannus is like a Fifa 17 keeper. Makes a worldy one minute then palms a trundler back out into the six yard box a minute later.
  2. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Sounds shite.
  3. Goalies in the SPFL

    Every team does it. Macca loves to timewaste. Lee Croft was a master as well.
  4. Goalies in the SPFL

    I'd have Cerny over Mannus or Clark.
  5. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    How does one get on these committees?
  6. MOTM Saints 1 - Hibs 1 - 09/09/17

    Mannus was excellent. Even came for crosses
  7. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    A peebles carrier. LAUGH OUT LOUD
  8. Top Manager Best Player

  9. Top Manager Best Player

    0-2 Hibs.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm not too fussed. Ciftci might have been a good watch but he'd also have been pretty frustrating as well.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It'll be very interesting to see what happens in January all round.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It was Ciftci seemingly.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm quite happy that we got our business done without having to scramble about on deadline day tbh.