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    music, movies, paranormal, mountain biking, poetry, photography, st. johnstone & liverpool
  1. USIparanormal

    Looking to move to Perth

    sorry only just seen your post, that would have been great
  2. USIparanormal

    Looking to move to Perth

    I am a big saints fan, I live in the highlands of scotland... fort william to be exact. I am looking for a move to perth asap, i lived there before and love perth plus i want to start going to saints games.
  3. USIparanormal

    City Hall

    they should not knock down perth city hall, it is a beautiful building and a part of perth history
  4. USIparanormal

    just like to introduce myself

    A big hello fae Fort William, my name is Jim. i am a 37 year old fan of the mighty sainteeeees. I just wanted to say hello, I used to live in Perth and hope to move back asap. I am also looking for a girlfriend that supports the sainteeees my last fiancee supported aberdeen... no saving some people.
  5. USIparanormal

    New keeper?

    damn so should i
  6. USIparanormal

    Thoughts on St. Johnstones performance

    Whats your thoughts on how the saints did this season?
  7. USIparanormal

    New keeper?

    bring back alan main ***
  8. USIparanormal

    Next seasons kit

    yellow and blue away top in the style of the A.C. Milan home top would be cool or anything really apart fae a maroon coloured top
  9. USIparanormal

    St Johnstone Fleece

    hi do you still have the fleece and what other saints stuff do you have for sale? email me at please
  10. USIparanormal

    St Johnstone Fleece

    Hello I am a big saints fan, I am new to this forum. I am looking for the following item "2007-08 St Johnstone Surridge Fleece Jacket" I did have one but it got nicked. i really liked my fleece and so would love to have another one.. can anyone help please?