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  1. Time for Tommy to go?

    A new record for not scoring and only 1 point from 6 games. How long should Tommy Wright get to turn it round?
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    McInnes to Sevco, Tommy to Aberdeen but who to Saints! Jim McIntyre?
  3. First Round of Games - Final Poll (Honest)

    Where will Saints finish?
  4. First Round of Games - Poll #3

    Results versus entertainment, your view.
  5. First Round of Games - Poll #2

    Which three players have disappointed you the most after 11 games?
  6. First Round of Games - Poll #1

    Which three players have impressed you most after playing every team once.
  7. WAP Exit Poll

    Votes are anonymous.
  8. Pre-season word association Part V

  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    St Johnstone must be the tightest ship in football as nothing leaks out. There has not been a single rumur on here that comes from our end. Does everyone live in fear f Tommy?
  10. Our New Council

    It's a foregone conclusion they will get a coalition majority unfortunately. We can only hope strong voices like Dave Dougan hold them to account. What a step backwards for Perth because rural types are so small minded. Those that need and deserve it most are going suffer intolerably I worry.
  11. Our New Council

    I am surprised there has been no discussion on our new council with the Tories taking over from the SNP. What is clear from the result is that the Tories do not speak for the town, only the rural areas so how can they justify making decisions that affect the town? It is very worrying that all the good work of the council could be ruined by the Tories do others not agree?

    Boozy football fans — some wearing balaclavas — alarmed passers-by and forced traffic to stop in Dundee city centre. The group of St Johnstone supporters were on their way to see their team play Dundee at Dens Park. Some of them walked in the middle of the road, causing disorder — including Liam McCallum, 23, of Viewfield Place, Perth, and a 17-year-old male who can’t be named for legal reasons. McCallum, who was wearing a balaclava, also walked across the top of a parked car. The pair appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court charged with disorderly conduct and breach of the peace. They both admitted the charges against them. Fiscal depute Colin Wilson said the duo were walking on the road, along with other members of the group, causing traffic to stop as they moved through the city centre. The pair caused disruption to motorists and fear and alarm to passers-by in Marketgait, South Marketgait, Nethergate, High Street, Murraygate, Cowgate and Princes Street. The younger male has posted photos on social media of the St Johnstone “ultras” group Fair City Unity — which was warned by the club last month over its behaviour.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Can i ask? Do you work in football? Don't think i have ever seen someone who knows so much about every player. Do you work as a scout? Keep up the good postings.
  14. Alan Storrar Cars

    If Alan Storrar Cars is to be our sponsor again next season, surely he needs to provide a better logo?
  15. Signing About To Be Announced

    It's frost on the pitch mate.