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  1. Your new year resolution should be to try and not get into an argument with other Saints fans at a game. That is asking a lot though.
  2. Thought this might poll be fine on Saints Chat during international week as not a lot else is happening. Where do you stand?
  3. I would have thought a "proper" fan like you would never miss a game. Since you think you are better than other Saints fans.
  4. Non reflective glass? WTF! No wonder there is no money to sign players.
  5. Why are Saints laying a new pitch from seed when Lionel Richie will be covering it and 000s will be standing on it in about 2 weeks time? This seems absolutely mental.
  7. What time were you there? There was about 30 people when I was up a little while ago. I was told that when you take out comps for business club etc that there are about 700 tickets and they expect them to go today.
  8. A new record for not scoring and only 1 point from 6 games. How long should Tommy Wright get to turn it round?
  9. McInnes to Sevco, Tommy to Aberdeen but who to Saints! Jim McIntyre?
  10. Results versus entertainment, your view.
  11. Which three players have disappointed you the most after 11 games?